Wi-Fi, wireless service to reach more NYC subway stations

More subway stations in New York City will get Wi-Fi and mobile service this year.

Wireless hardware provider Transit Wireless has unveiled the start of Phase Two of its wireless rollout project with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. The new phase will start by setting up wireless service for 11 stations in midtown Manhattan, including Grand Central Terminal, 34th St. Herald Square, and Bryant Park.

From there, service will expand to Queens as construction of a Secure Base Station Hotel begins in March. That base station will provide a home for the necessary equipment from AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, … Read more

The latest Keynote is a complete overhaul that will improve your presentations

Keynote is Apple's presentation software that lets you choose a template, create and edit slides, add animations and transitions, and has numerous charts, tables, and graphs to get your message across. Keynote is one of three apps from Apple's productivity suite that also include Pages and Numbers.

Like the other new iWork apps that were released in October, 2013, Keynote was built from the ground up for both iOS and Mac, with the iOS version seeing improvements, while the Mac version has lost some features to give both a level playing field. Due to a backlash of user … Read more

First, smart cars. Next, smart transport grids

Editors' note: Be sure to catch the other stories in this package: on how Google's robo-cars mean the end of driving as we know it, on self-driving cars bristling with sensors, and on real-world experiments with platoons of connected cars.

Haunted by the nightmare of global traffic paralysis, Ford Motor executive chairman William Ford Jr. has a global dream.

Given current growth trends, the world's population is expected to reach 9 billion people by midcentury. That also means a quadrupling in the number of cars to 4 billion by 2050 -- and that, said Ford, is a recipe … Read more

Apple buys transit-app maker Embark

Apple has picked up another mapping company, its third this year.

The tech giant recently snapped up Embark, a company with myriad localized transit apps for cities like New York, San Francisco, and London, reports Jessica Lessin.

Apple confirmed the deal, saying it "buys smaller technology companies from time to time," but would not go into detail about the future of the service. Embark CEO David Hodge declined to comment.

Embark was one of several location app makers who got a big boost following Apple's rollout of its own mapping software in iOS 6. Within the first … Read more

How to use Transit App to find your way around town

In a spurt of perfect timing, I discovered Transit App almost immediately upon arrival in Chicago, where I was totally unfamiliar with the city's awesome public transportation system (make that systems, plural). In short order I was riding the CTA and Metra buses and trains all over the place with the ease and efficiency of a Chicago native.

I used the app on my iPhone, but Transit App is now available for Android as well. It can be a little confusing at first, so here's how to use it to navigate from point A to point B, with … Read more

At Oshkosh, Terrafugia's flying car finally soars for the public

OSHKOSH, Wis. -- It's not from a James Bond movie, it's not the Jetsons, and this isn't Disneyland. That really was a flying car soaring overhead as thousands looked on Wednesday evening.

Known as the Transition, it is Boston-based Terrafugia's real-life flying car. An airplane that can take off just minutes after being street legal, the Transition is a $279,000 experiment in bringing America's roads and skies together through a single machine.

The Transition was one of the headliners for the Wednesday evening performances at the giant EAA AirVenture air show here, where it … Read more

Apple updates Hopstop iOS app after buying company

Apple's plans for Hopstop may be a mystery following its recent acquisition of the navigation service, though the iOS app is still alive and kicking.

Hopstop provides directions for buses, trains, taxis, bikes, and pedestrians around the world. It offers real-time transit maps and schedules across more than 600 cities.

Apple bought the company more than a week ago with the possible intention of integrating Hopstop's technology into its own Maps app. Such a move would likely mean the end of Hopstop's dedicated mobile apps.

Apple has already pulled the plug on the Windows Phone version of Hopstop. … Read more

Apple acquires navigation service Hopstop

Apparently Locationary isn't the only location-based company Apple's bought up recently.

Citing sources, Bloomberg on Friday reported that Apple has acquired New York-based local navigation company Hopstop, which specializes in local transit directions.

Apple confirmed the purchase late Friday afternoon, though did not go into detail about what it intends to do with the company.

"Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans," an Apple spokeswoman told CNET.

Transit directions are currently one of Apple's mapping weaknesses since the company rolled out its own … Read more

FCC again balks on telephone network shutdown

Six months after wireline telephone operators and trade groups asked the Federal Communications Commission for permission to begin shutting down their aging switched networks, the agency responded late Friday, calling for further study.

In a public notice (PDF) issued by an agency task force created in December 2012, the FCC reiterated the importance of accelerating the transition from switched networks to native IP infrastructure. But rather than approving limited trials to test technical and regulatory obstacles to a full conversion, the agency instead raised more questions about the trials and called for more rounds of comments.

The task force also … Read more

NYC subway expands wireless service

In a press conference held today in New York's Times Square subway, the MTA announced that 36 train stations now can access wireless data. This newest update is the latest installment in the organization's project to bring wireless networking to the complete transit system. The actual wireless hardware, however, is supplied by Transit Wireless, a subsidiary of Broadcast Australia. … Read more