94% of BlackBerry users traded in for a different device -- report

T-Mobile's $200 trade-in deal reportedly snagged a lot of BlackBerry owners. But 94 percent of them opted to switch to a rival device, according to the folks at TmoNews.

Announced on February 19 and ending today, the T-Mobile promotion promised $200 to any BlackBerry owner who traded in their device for a new phone. As part of the deal, customers could opt for any phone -- another BlackBerry or a different device, such as an iPhone or Android phone.

To sweeten the deal in BlackBerry's favor, T-Mobile slashed $50 off the price of a new BlackBerry Q10 or … Read more

Can Samsung phone trade-in values ever match Apple's?

Savvy smartphone owners know that trading in their existing smartphone can help finance the purchase of their next device.

This is especially true of Apple iPhone owners. But what about Google Android users? Samsung has seen great success with its high-end Galaxy series of smartphones. These phones typically costs as much or sometimes more than the Apple iPhone when they're first introduced. Do these devices hold their value as well as the iPhone when it comes to reselling them?

I asked the folks at the gadget trade-in site Gazelle for some help to answer this question. And I offer … Read more

Walmart sale slashes iPad 2 price to $299

Anyone interested in an iPad 2 can save $100 through a new sale at Walmart.

As of Thursday, the retailer has trimmed the cost of the 16GB Wi-Fi-only iPad to $299 from the regular $399. The sale will stretch for the next 30 days and is good both online and at retail stores.

Walmart shoppers also can get money back by trading in their current iPad.

Trading in any model of Apple's tablet will score you at least $100 and possibly more depending on the condition. That means people who give up an older iPad for an iPad 2 … Read more

Microsoft could give you $250 in credit for your phone or tablet

Microsoft has a new trade-in deal designed to get you to shop at its retail stores.

Running from February 2 through March 2, or while supplies last, the trade-in offer promises up to $250 in Microsoft Store credit for a mobile phone or tablet. The offer seems open to any device though it has to meet certain criteria.

The device must power on and be fully functional. No broken or missing parts or cracks on the screen or housing. No liquid damage. No password protection. (Hmm, that one seems like a no-brainer.) And it must include all of its original … Read more

Buy an iPad Mini at RadioShack, get a $100 gift card

Anyone who picks up last year's iPad Mini at your nearest RadioShack will get a $100 gift card in return.

Available now, the offer applies only to the 16GB Wi-Fi iPad Mini, which sells for $300. You can grab the gift card at any RadioShack store but not online.

How long will the deal last? A RadioShack spokesman told CNET that the end date will depend on how inventory holds up. But he promised the offer would be good at least throughout this week and the coming weekend.

At $300, last year's 16GB iPad Mini is only $100 … Read more

Apple's MacBook Pro, MacBook Air on sale at Best Buy

With Cyber Monday on the near horizon, Best Buy is already starting in on the shopping deals.

For two days only -- Friday and Saturday -- the big box retailer is offering customers $250 off of Apple's 13.3" MacBook Pro with 8GB memory and $100 off all MacBook Airs. Additionally, in a deal that extends past this weekend, people can trade in their old Apple laptops for an average of $75 and computers in good condition can fetch at least $100.

While the trade-in gives users a deal, it's interesting to note that Best Buy is … Read more

Best Buy will give you $200 for your old iPad through Nov. 9

Ready to trade in that old iPad? If so, Best Buy's new offer could be pretty appealing.

Best Buy will give customers a gift card for at least $200 for any working third or fourth generation iPad or iPad Mini that they trade in. Some customers may receive a higher trade-in value depending on the tablet's model and condition, the company said.

The offer, which lasts from October 22 to November 9, is valid at all Best Buy stores in the US.

The iPad for trade-in must power on to be considered working. Any tablets with cracked screens … Read more

Best Buy promises $100 trade-in credit for new iPhone buyers

Smartphone owners willing to give up their current phone for a new iPhone can save a few dollars through Best Buy's latest trade-in program.

Starting Sunday and ending October 19, you can trade in any working smartphone for a $100 credit. If the phone is judged to be worth more than $100, Best Buy will dole out the remaining amount through a gift card. Your current smartphone must be able to power on and be free from water damage and cracks in the screen, according to Best Buy.

You can apply the credit toward the purchase of an iPhone … Read more

Apple's iPhone trade-in program reportedly headed to Europe

iPhone users in the United Kingdom and other countries in Europe may soon have an easier way to trade up models. According to 9to5Mac, a program at Apple retail stores that allows customers to make the swap is expanding abroad.

The "Reuse and Recycle" program, originally rolled out in August, let's users coveting that new model go into an Apple store and have their current phones appraised. Employees take water damage, hardware damage and screen condition into consideration when naming a buyback price. That credit is put on a gift card and applied to the price of … Read more

Microsoft to offer $200 for iPhone trade-in, reports Forbes

Microsoft will try to lure iPhone users to Windows Phone by throwing in a financial incentive, says Forbes.

Citing information from an "inside source at Microsoft," Forbes reported Wednesday that customers who trade in an iPhone 4S or 5 will receive a minimum of $200 of in-store credit at a Microsoft Store. The trade-in program will launch Friday at select Microsoft stores in the US and Canada, Forbes added.

Microsoft confirmed the iPhone trade-in deal in the following statement sent to CNET on behalf of Jonathan Adashek, general manager of communications strategy for the sales and marketing services … Read more