Gawk at this life-size Lego big rig

Goodyear decided to kick off this year's IAA Commercial Vehicle show in a gigantic way with the reveal of a life-size Lego big rig. While you cannot drive this mock truck, at least we can marvel at the fact that it weighs 1,631 pounds and contains a quarter of a million Lego bricks. … Read more

Monster truck racing

Monster Trucks Nitro 2 is the sequel to popular game Monster Trucks Nitro, both with the object of racing through courses littered with obstacles to compete for the best time. In Monster Trucks Nitro 2, you're challenged to work your way up through the ranks by completing early novice courses on up to championship races using different types of vehicles depending on the race. The control system gives you a throttle control across the bottom of the screen (which you'll rarely change from full power) and the accelerometer to control flips while in the air. Though MTN2 is … Read more

Zero emission fuel-cell tractor coming to U.S.

The world's farms may get a little greener with the introduction of hydrogen-fueled tractors that emit only heat, vapor, and water.

New Holland announced that its NH2 tractor prototype will appear at the 2010 Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa, on August 31. The NH2 uses fuel cells to convert compressed hydrogen to energy that powers the 106 hp tractor's motor.

The company manufactures a wide range of agricultural equipment and sees farms as the ideal candidate for this technology. Many have enough land to build alternative energy generators, such as wind and solar energy, that can be … Read more

The world's first hydrogen-powered tractor

Taking the lessons learned from the development of hydrogen-powered cars and applying them on a larger scale, New Holland Agriculture has developed the impressive NH2, the world's first hydrogen-powered tractor.

The NH2 was developed as part of New Holland Agriculture's Energy Independent Farm concept, a framework for future agriculture in which farmers produce their own compressed hydrogen from water using electricity produced by wind farms, solar panels, or biomass and biogas processes situated on the farm.

The experimental NH2 tractor replaces the traditional combustion engine with hydrogen fuel cells that convert compressed hydrogen back into electricity to drive … Read more