DoNotTrackMe for Firefox review

DoNotTrackMe gives you control over your online experience with its vital security features and privacy options, but this may come at a price of reduced browsing speed. Its unobtrusive design makes using this application easy, and its blocking tools are some of the best on the market.


Helpful and informative: DoNotTrackMe offers explanations for why services are being blocked and how they may be harmful. Its online guide and blog offers assistance on securing your identity through other means, which displays the helpful nature of this program.

First-rate toolkit: The blocking software of this application, with its customizable blocking … Read more

DoNotTrackMe For Chrome review

DoNotTrackMe is a helpful and integral application that prevents online trackers from collecting your data while your surf the web. Neatly blending in with Chrome, this add-on gives you control of your browser and provides security tools to protect your personal information.


Awesome performance: Upon loading a new Web site, we noted that DoNotTrackMe's blocking capabilities were fast and reliable. While most tracking services are blocked with this program, an innovative feature suggests which trackers may be beneficial for you, preserving your online experience.

Privacy protection: Aside from blocking trackers, DoNotTrackMe also masks your personal email address from … Read more

Perfect Diet Tracker for Mac review

Perfect Diet Tracker for Mac facilitates safe and consistent weight reduction. It features a growing database of food items, a food diary, and the ability to create a personal diet plan.


Intuitive interface: Filling out all of Perfect Diet Tracker's fields (food diary, diet plan, and food database) and configuring things can be a little tedious, but it's certainly not difficult. The straightforward main screen presents the food diary and provides quick buttons for viewing and updating results, adjusting diet plan targets, and editing settings.

Informative food database: The food database offers a host of useful information … Read more

DoNotTrackMe for Safari review

DoNotTrackMe for Safari integrates with the Safari browser on your Mac to help you protect your privacy while you're online. You can use this service to block trackers, or you can mask your phone number, credit cards, and email address.


Great installation: All you have to do to install this app is download it and click one button. It completely integrates with Safari on its own and is immediately available to use.

Intuitive controls: The dashboard for DoNotTrackMe is straightforward, with a box for each type of protection you can turn on or off. Selecting one takes you … Read more

Shoeboxed Receipt and Mileage Tracker review

Shoeboxed Receipt and Mileage Tracker is an incredibly powerful and intuitive way to keep track of receipts, mileage, and more. If you frequently have reimbursable or tax-deductible business expenses, Shoeboxed will make your life a whole lot easier.

Shoeboxed keeps track of your receipts using your phone's camera, but it's much more than just a photo gallery. Take a photo of a receipt, and the image is actually transmitted to Shoeboxed and processed by a person who verifies all the information. You can then use Shoeboxed to create expense reports and export them as Excel, CSV, PDF, QuickBooks, … Read more

Crew Time Tracker by Tsheets review

Crew Time Tracker by Tsheets is an iOS app for users of the TSheets time-tracking service. TSheets offers two apps, and this one, as the name suggests, is specifically for tracking the time of multiple employees. If you're already using TSheets or are interested in trying it, this app is a nice complement to the service's Web interface.

Crew Time Tracker requires a TSheets account, and if you're new to TSheets, you can easily sign up for a free 14-day trial. The app has an intuitive interface that's easy to navigate, and it only took us … Read more

Fitbit Force rash debacle leads to possible class-action lawsuit

Could this be the beginning of a Fitbit rash-gate? After company apologies, medical investigations, a full recall, and putting an end to sales of the Fitbit Force activity-tracking device -- some users still aren't satisfied.

A lawsuit against Fitbit, which is seeking class-action status, was filed on Monday in the Superior Court of California in San Diego County, according to The Wall Street Journal. The suit alleges that Fitbit didn't do a good enough job at alerting consumers about possible rashes caused by the Force in its promotional and advertising material.

The suit is being led by aviation … Read more

Fitbit Force users report roughly 10,000 cases of skin irritation

Some side effects can come with activity monitoring with a Fitbit Force health tracker, but they're not sore muscles or an accelerated heart rate -- rather, they involve skin irritation around the wrist.

More than 10,000 people have reported skin irritation -- including redness, rashes, itchy and dry patches, and blistering -- from their Fitbit Force, according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. Because of these issues, the CPSC posted Fitbit's official recall notice on its site on Wednesday. Now, all Force owners can get a full refund for their device.

The $129 Force, which is … Read more

Intel grabs smartwatch maker -- report

Intel has reportedly acquired smartwatch maker Basis Science.

According to TechCrunch sources, while the exact amount Intel paid is not known, it is believed to be between $100 million and $150 million. Basis has secured roughly 7 percent of the wearable fitness tracker market and over $30 million has been invested in to the company by Norwest Venture Partners, Mayfield Fund and Intel Capital.

San Francisco-based Basis has one lone product on the consumer market: the Basis Health Tracker Watch. The wrist-based tech includes a health tracker and connection to an online personal dashboard to encourage users to incorporate healthier … Read more

Capture every moment with wearable cameras

CNET Update keeps track of it all:

In this episode of Update:

- Sony's Lifelog wearable camera could track your life. But for now, Sony is just pushing its Smartband and Lifelog app.

- Snap a photo from every minute of your life with the Narrative Clip. (CNET is putting this wearable camera to the test, so stay tuned for a review.)

- Track your dog's activity and sleep patterns with the Whistle, a wireless coin-like device that attaches to a collar.

- There can be more uses for a fitness tracker than gathering health data. Engineers at … Read more