Future iPhones, iPads could be more touch sensitive

Mobile devices don't always interpret touch gestures correctly. A new patent application from Apple, which CNET also reported about here, suggests one way to improve their accuracy.

Published Thursday by the US Patent and Trademark Office, a patent dubbed "Gesture and Touch Input Detection Through Force Sensing" explains a way of adding force sensors to a touch screen. Such sensors would recognize certain types of swipes and better distinguish accidental gestures from the real thing.

As envisioned by Apple, three or four force sensors would be outfitted with a device's touch screen. But the sensors would … Read more

Fingernail-shaped stylus is manicure-friendly

If you have fingernails that extend beyond your fingertip and have ever used a resistive touch screen -- like the one on the Nintendo 3DS, for example -- you know that the index nail can provide a lot more accuracy than just tapping with your fingertip, and using it's a lot easier than taking out a stylus every time.

Elektra Nails has taken this principle and transferred it to the much more popular capacitive touch screen employed in smartphones and tablets. The company has created a false fingernail -- like the kind you can buy in pharmacies or have applied in manicure studios -- out of capacitive material, so that you can use it on your screen. … Read more

Get a refurbished 22-inch touch screen monitor for $199.99

As I know from recent deals I've shared, lots of users out there still like desktop PCs. Of course, these days all new desktops come with Windows 8, which isn't the most mouse-friendly operating system. To really make the most of it, you need a touch screen.

Ah, but touch-screen desktop monitors are pricey, right? Not today: Overrunz has the refurbished ViewSonic TD2220 22-inch touch-screen monitor for $199.99, plus $20 for shipping. I know: ugh. But it has an MSRP of $319.99 and sells new for around $295.

The TD2220 is an LED-backlit monitor with a … Read more

The 404 1,396: Where we're one step closer to Instabook (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- News from Instagram, or, what the hell is this block of wood?

- Stress-buster: Microsoft bra battles emotional overeating.

- Sony patents "smart wig": Toupee with sensors on the way?

- Spike Away vest keeps people out of your personal space.… Read more

Acer to sell touch Chromebook at fraction of Google Pixel price

Since February, when Google launched its Chromebook Pixel, there's been just one option for those seeking a Chromebook with a touch screen. It came with a high-resolution screen -- and a high price tag: $1,299.

On Tuesday, however, Acer announced a touch screen Chromebook option that's less than a quarter of the price. The latest in its new C720P Chromebook series comes with a touch screen and will go on sale early next month at Amazon, Best Buy, and the Acer Store for just $300.

It features a Haswell-based Intel Celeron processor and an 11.6-inch HD … Read more

Apple to offer in-store iPhone repairs, says report

Break the touch screen on your iPhone and your local Apple Store may soon be able to replace just the screen rather than charge you for a whole new phone.

Apple is prepping its stores to repair and replace parts for the iPhone 5S and 5C, "sources with knowledge of the upcoming initiative" told 9to5Mac. This means that damaged iPhones won't necessarily need to be turned in for an entirely new unit.

The initiative will cover several components, according to the sources, including the screen, the rear camera, the volume buttons, the motor, the speaker system, and … Read more

Get a Lenovo Flex 14 convertible Haswell laptop for $575.28

Convertible laptops? Pricey. Haswell laptops? Super-pricey. Lenovo? Didn't get the memo.

For a limited time, and while supplies last, Lenovo is offering the Flex 14 convertible Haswell laptop for $575.28 shipped (plus sales tax where applicable) when you activate coupon code DAILYDEAL101 at checkout. (It's actually already there; all you have to do is click Activate.) Regular price: $799.

The Flex 14 is Lenovo's ideological successor to the Yoga, though ironically it's not quite as flexible as the latter. Although the screen can pivot past where a typical laptop's stops, it stops at 300 … Read more

Microsoft's 'touch screen' for any surface goes on sale

Turning a wall into a touch-screen computer has many uses -- it could help teachers instruct classes or be used by shops to display product information. It could even be used for fun to play interactive active games.

Once just a prototype created by the startup Ubi with a Microsoft Kinect for Windows sensor, this technology is now out of beta and on sale for consumers.

Microsoft announced on Tuesday that Ubi has worked to develop the software with more than 50 organizations and is now accepting orders for purchase.

"We want human collaboration and information to be just … Read more

Prizefight: Sony Vaio Pro 13 vs. Apple's 13-inch MacBook Air

The 13-inch ultrabook has defined itself as the sweet spot for ultrathin and compact laptops that help you do everything you need and more. So we're facing off the new Sony Vaio Pro 13 against Apple's 13-inch MacBook Air (2013).

The Sony brings one of the freshest designs we've seen to date, has a touch screen, and runs Windows 8.

The Apple keeps the same iconic look, but feels more and more dated. But it packs something special under the hood: 14-hour battery life.

It seems that laptops are still bringing innovation, even with the significant rise … Read more

New Gorilla Glass protects touch-screen notebooks

It's hard to imagine a more disastrous scenario than dropping a cool $1,300 on a Chromebook Pixel only to end up scratching its glorious 239ppi touch-screen display.

Sure, the Pixel is equipped with Gorilla Glass, but the manufacturer of that resilient touch-screen invention, Corning, thought the glass could be even better. That's why the upstate New York company has come out with Gorilla Glass NBT, a specially designed solution for touch-enabled notebooks that aims to protect these higher-end devices from the dangers of everyday use.

Standard Gorilla Glass, the type designed back in 2007 especially for the … Read more