Bing News brings trending stories from Facebook, Twitter

Microsoft overhauled its Bing News search page on Thursday to highlight more trending stories -- both from around the Web and on social media.

"Today's news is propelled by 'likes' and 'tweets' and headlines rise and fall in less time than it takes to eat lunch," Bing wrote in a blog post. "That's why we've refreshed Bing News to make it easier for you to stay on top of the stuff you care about."

Those tweets and Facebook posts that get retweeted and liked gazillions of times will now make it to Bing … Read more

Facebook trials trending topics on Web

Facebook will take on more of Twitter's likeness for a small group people as the social network has started testing a "trending" section in the right-hand column atop the homepage.

The trending box, first noted by the Wall Street Journal, features the hot topics that Facebook's 1.15 billion users are openly buzzing about, and are likely gleaned through mentions and the company's 2-month-old hashtag feature.

"We are running a small test of a unit on News Feed that displays topics currently trending on Facebook," a company spokesperson told CNET. "Right now … Read more

Facebook puts public updates on display

Facebook sharing will extend far beyond the walls of the social network as the company has released its embedded posts feature to all members Wednesday.

Embedded posts are part of Facebook's play to link its network of 1.15 billion people to current affairs and breaking news. The feature, first released to a select group of media organizations last month, now lets anyone embed public Facebook updates, like the one below from CEO Mark Zuckerberg, on their own Web sites.

With the widespread release, Facebook has made some improvements to embedded posts so that videos can play inside embeds. … Read more

LG G2 moves buttons to the back

CNET Update finds a new button to press:

In this episode of Update:

- Check out the back buttons and other unique features of LG's new G2 smartphone.

- Compare the G2 hardware specs against the Galaxy S4, Moto X and HTC One.

- Keep an eye on Facebook's mobile site for new trending topics.

- Send a voice message on the popular messaging app WhatsApp.

- See if the audio app Agogo can challenge local and satellite radio.


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Facebook invades Twitter's territory with trending topics

Twitter has long been the primary destination where people go to find out what everyone is talking about right now, but starting Wednesday, Facebook will fight for real-time relevance with the release of its version of trending topics.

Facebook's trending topics is launching in test form to a small percentage of social-networking users on the company's mobile Web site, as first reported by AllThingsD. Facebook confirmed the release to CNET.

"Today we started running a small test that displays topics trending on Facebook," a company spokesperson told CNET. "It is currently only available to a … Read more

Nobody wants to buy Steve Wozniak's old house

After a several months-long lull, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak's old house is back on the market.

The six bedroom, seven bathroom, Los Gatos, Calif., home, which Wozniak built in 1986 though sold off years ago, is back on sale for slightly lower $4.395 million. It's even having an open house this weekend, notes the house's real estate agent over at the San Francisco Chronicle, which spotted the listing on real estate site Redfin.

This is the latest sale attempt of the house, which last changed hands in 2009. Records show that the house originally sold back … Read more

Thirst brings you the news from around the Web with an easy-to-browse interface

Thirst for iOS had already been out for a few months, giving us a new way to view Twitter by organizing tweets into categories so you could read them in a sort of digest. But the latest version takes this news aggregator to a whole new level, scouring the entire Web for content, then displaying it in categories that are easy to browse.

What makes Thirst a compelling alternative to other newsreaders like Flipboard is that it doesn't just give you the latest story to hit a particular RSS feed. Instead, it uses a complex algorithm to perform a … Read more

Fleetwood Macintosh: #FailedTechBand names on Twitter

The top Twitter trend yesterday, #FailedTechBands, is a hilarious play on words that includes some clever imaginary band names.

According to trend-tracking site Topsy, the trend started with a tweet from Mashable features writer Christine Erickson that read "Fleetwood Macintosh #FailedTechBands."

Click through this CBSNews gallery to see more of these creative musical monikers. … Read more

Google reveals what's hot in user searches

If you go to Google's "Hot Searches" list, you'll find that the top three searches today were Apple, Robin Roberts, and the LA Kings. You'll also see how many times each has been Googled; for example, Apple had more than half a million searches in the past few hours.

All of these features are new with Google's revamp of its U.S. Hot Searches, which it rolled out today.

"With Hot Searches in Google Trends, you can see a list of the fastest rising search terms in the U.S. for a snapshot … Read more

Dutchman flies like a bird with homemade wings?

Editors' note, March 22 at 1:14 p.m. PT: It seems the skeptics may have been right on this one. Gizmodo is now reporting that the purported birdman confessed on Dutch TV that this was indeed a hoax. Our original story follows, with some earlier updates.

If Red Bull doesn't actually give you wings, maybe this guy can.

Dutch mechanical engineer Jarno Smeets recently posted a video of what he says was his first successful flight with his homemade bird wings. Smeet's efforts take cloud computing to a (literally) whole new level, as the wings purportedly rely on an Android-powered HTC Wildfire S smartphone to process arm acceleration and compute the motor output.

The phone is connected to a microcontroller that is, in turn, connected to a Nintendo Wii Remote to measure acceleration and other flight parameters. … Read more