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Partition like a pro with our Aomei giveaway

Anyone with the right set of tools can partition a hard drive. Aomei Technology aims to make the process even easier by bringing you these tools absolutely free with its Partition Assistant Pro giveaway. From March 12, 2014, to March 19, 2014, you can get the popular professional disk-management utility at no cost, exclusively on

Why partition your hard drive?

Partitioning tells your computer to treat different portions of your hard disk as separate drives. This makes creating backups faster and easier, as most data backup tools target entire disks. Keep essential files (like the OS) on one … Read more

Smart Writing Tool 7notes review

Smart Writing Tool is a note-taking app that lets you write with your finger or stylus, or type as you normally would on a keyboard. This is especially useful if you want to draw a picture or diagram to send to someone or to save for future reference. With the premium version of the app, you can also combine written notes with voice recording.

When you open Smart Writing Tool for the first time, you're introduced to the various features of the app by a comprehensive tutorial. You can test out the features and get a good feel for … Read more

Smart Writing Tool - 7notes HD review

Smart Writing Tool - 7notes HD gives you the tools to take notes in a variety of ways and include them all in one document. You can type on a virtual keyboard, write things out longhand with your finger or a stylus, or draw a diagram to ensure your instructions or reminders are clear. You can then quickly send them off in an e-mail or post them to Twitter, Facebook, and more.

This app has an intuitive and accessible interface, and the tutorial that opens the first time you use the app clearly explains how to take advantage of all … Read more

Install command line developer tools in OS X

Part of OS X is its powerful command-line interface, where a competent or even novice programmer can make use of a number of tools for configuring and customizing the system, and make programs and scripts.

While OS X ships with a number of common commands, by default Apple does not include those that are used for checking out, compiling, and otherwise managing code for developing applications.

If you need these tools for some reason, then there are three ways you can get them on your Mac. The first is to install Apple's XCode developer suite, which is available via … Read more

Review: ToolBar 2000 creates a collapsable toolbar for quick access to programs and files

ToolBar 2000 creates a toolbar that pops out of the side of your screen to provide quick access to any programs and files you choose. This is a handy alternative to the Start menu or taskbar icons; and depending on how you use your computer, it could be a helpful tool. The created toolbar is completely customizable and easy to navigate, so you can set it up to suit your specific needs.

As soon as you open ToolBar 2000, you're ready to start using it. Hovering your mouse over the right side of the screen will cause the toolbar … Read more

Review: TinkerTool System for Mac customizes your OS X experience

With its plethora of advanced options, TinkerTool System for Mac takes system optimization and customization to another level. This premium tool includes features ranging from the essential and system-saving to the highly specialized and obscure, all packed in a small app with an instantly familiar interface. It's a great app for geeks.

TinkerTool System for Mac asks for an administrator password prior to first launch, after which it lets you use either the full app five times (Evaluation Mode) or a limited version indefinitely (Demo Mode). Starting Evaluation Mode requires Internet connectivity. Once the app is up and running, … Read more

Google extends helping hand to Philippines typhoon survivors

The most powerful typhoon ever recorded slammed into the Philippines four days ago, leaving mind-boggling destruction in its wake. Not only were homes, city centers, and farms crushed, but also tens of thousands of people are missing and presumed dead, according to The New York Times.

In an effort to help people find loved ones, along with much needed food, shelter, and water, Google launched several tools on its Typhoon Yolanda Crisis Page on Monday (the typhoon is also referred to as Typhoon Haiyan). The idea is to help survivors and emergency responders gather and relay information in the aftermath … Read more

Review: Create, view, and restore disk images of a USB drive with USB Image Tool

USB Image Tool boils down the process of creating and restoring disk images of USB flash drives to a few easy steps. It has a welcoming feel for beginners while still doing the job for advanced users. The program is portable so there is no need for installation.

In addition to letting you create raw or compressed image files of your USB flash drives, USB Image Tool lets you create an image file of any MP3 player mounted as a USB drive. It tells you the path, location, name, and number of each mounted device in an easy-to-read menu. The … Read more

Review: PowerPhoto Photo Processing Tool offers many features

PowerPhoto Photo Processing Tool offers a number of powerful editing and photo capture tools for your iPhone that, while not necessarily better than other photo editors, are more varied. As a result, you can do quite a few things with this app, from creating GIFs with a custom crafted camera tool to adding watermarks and special effects directly in camera, even before editing.

When you open PowerPhoto Photo Processing Tool, you can choose from a number of options, including opening anything from your library and editing it, or taking a new photo with one of the three camera options provided. … Read more

Tab overload slowing you down? Speed up your browsing with TGS for Chrome

Tab browsing is an amazing tool for multitaskers and ADHD-prone Web surfers everywhere. But one of the most annoying things about using Google Chrome's tab feature is the massive amount of resources it sucks up. Even though we love the idea of multiple tabs, chances are we aren't looking at every one of them at the same time. And because Chrome opens every new tab as a separate process, your system is left with very little memory for anything else. The Great Suspender, a Chrome extension, aims to solve this problem by putting on hold the tabs you … Read more