Tokbox gets super-sized group video meetings

Video chat service Tokbox is about to get bigger--like hundreds of people in one chat bigger.

The new service, which launches Wednesday morning, lets users host a meeting for 200 people or less, and in an orderly fashion no less. All while using the service's existing technology to facilitate several talking heads up on the screen at once.

It's not free though. It will cost $18.99 per session, or $12.99 for people who are already subscribers of Tokbox's premium service. What that gets you is a control panel with space for up to 12 people … Read more

BoostCam does instant two-way video chat

BoostCam is a quick and simple way to start a two-way video chat with someone else. You simply point your browser there and click a single button to start a chat. There's no sign-up for you, or the person you talk to--you just send them the URL it creates each time you begin a new conversation.

Despite its simplicity we had a few hiccups getting it to work in the office. There's about a second of delay between when you say something and when it hits the other end, which might get shorter or longer depending on your … Read more

Video chat site TokBox gets $10 million

Video phone calls just haven't caught on like all those cinematic depictions of the future said they would--kind of like flying cars. But a bunch of investors led by Bain Capital Ventures still believe. They've pumped a $10 million Series B round into TokBox, a video chat and calling site based in San Francisco. Existing investor Sequoia Capital also participated.

TokBox launched less than a year ago, but it has been working hard, appointing Nick Triantos as CEO, releasing a light desktop application based on Adobe AIR and building code to integrate its video chat into Facebook Chat.… Read more

TokBox going after Seesmic with public video posting

Video chat tool TokBox on Thursday morning quietly slipped in a new feature called public feed, which lets anyone with a Web cam leave a message for others on the service to reply to. Until now, the service has been mainly a P2P chat service between people who know one another, but this new feature is turning it into a social network for budding Web cam enthusiasts.

Seesmic, another video start-up, has had this as its main feature until recently, when it's gone toward blog owners to get them to use its video recording and threading for video comments.… Read more