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Review: Organize Me Personal Task Manager & To Do List is option packed

Organize Me Personal Task Manager & To Do List is a powerful organizational tool for your iPhone that allows you to keep track of various tasks, save photos and voice to a note, and more. While there are some issues, namely with the interface and the lack of labeling amid so much iconography, the app works very fast and offers a large number of options -- surprisingly so for a free app.

When you open the app for the first time, you are greeted with a tutorial screen that offers to show you how to use the majority of the … Read more

Review: Organizer To-Do is a home-focused to-do list and calendar manager

Organizer To-Do is a to-do list, scheduler, and calendar app with stay at home moms and dads in mind. The app features three major functions -- a to-do list creator, a shopping list manager, and a calendar that can either sync with your other calendars or work independently to keep track of everything you have to do. While the app is designed with moms and dads in mind, it works for anyone with a lot of around-the-house chores to do.

When you start Organizer To-Do you're shown a screen with all of your options. There are six, but three … Read more

Wake up with a smile with this app that berates you for sleeping in

Carrot Alarm is a hilarious alarm clock for your iPhone that sometimes sings to you when it wakes you up, gets mad at you when you sleep in, and forces you to complete silly minigames in order to turn it off. Developed by the same people who made Carrot To-Do List (the to-do list with an attitude), Carrot Alarm is a fun addition to the otherwise mundane alarm clock app category.

Like any alarm clock, you first need to set the alarm for when you want to get up. Carrot Alarm sports an elegant minimalist interface requiring only that you … Read more

Review: Any.DO is a wonderfully designed to-do list alternative for your iOS device

Any.DO is one of the most attractive to-do list apps we've seen in a long time, and it works as well as it looks. With Any.DO's stylish swipe function and very streamlined menus, it is a joy to use, organizing your information in an intuitive way and making adding new things quick and easy.

From the moment you start Any.DO you'll be given step-by-step directions on how to use the app, but it is intuitive enough that you'll rarely need them. On any screen, swipe down to enter a new to-do item. No … Read more

Opt out of Pinterest's personalization feature

Pinterest just announced that it will now support the Do Not Track feature if it is enabled on a user's Web browser. However, the Pinterest Web site will still be collecting data on users to help "personalize" their experience.

A personalized experience means that when you are visiting other Web sites, this data will be used to show pins that may be of interest to you. So if you've been looking at cupcake recipes, you'll start seeing boards full of cupcakes when you log in. If you don't want that, fortunately there's a … Read more

How to move your Astrid data to Wunderlist

Astrid sent out an e-mail newsletter stating that its service will come to a close on August 5, 2013. Whether it's to-do lists, movies you want to see, or the details of a project, you'll probably want to save them before the service shuts down. Luckily, Astrid has teamed up with several other project management companies to make the transition simple. One such company is 6Wunderkinder, the creators of Wunderlist.

Although Wunderlist doesn't look much like Astrid, it does offer a lot of similar features. You can make notes on tasks, create lists with check boxes, and … Read more

Easily import Astrid tasks to Any.Do on Android

The most important feature your to-do list needs is accessibility. A written grocery list you forgot on your kitchen counter doesn't help you much at the store. For this reason, among others, many people use a to-do list manager on their mobile device. But what happens when the app you're using shuts down their service? That's the thought on many users' minds following Yahoo's recent acquisition of Astrid.

Fortunately, some of the other to-do list apps are stepping up to help you migrate your data. Such is the case with Any.Do, which released … Read more

Manage to-dos with these four Android apps

For a long time, Astrid was considered a go-to task management app for Android users. But with its recent acquisition by Yahoo and the news that it will officially be going away on August 5, fans of the app are likely looking for alternatives. With that in mind, I've put together a list of four of my favorite to-do managers for Android. In some ways they may even outdo the popular Astrid, but feel free to tell us in the comments how you think they stack up.

Wunderlist (free) The beauty of Wunderlist lies in its simplicity. It easily … Read more

Astrid integrates with Siri for voice-powered reminders

I rely pretty heavily on the iOS Reminders app -- not because it's especially good (it's not), but because it works with Siri. I love being able to dictate tasks ("Remind me to call Bob at 3 o'clock," for example) while I'm driving or otherwise hands-occupied.

That's a key reason I've stuck with Reminders, even when there are so many other better to-do-list apps out there. Thankfully, one them just offered a chance at liberation: Astrid now offers Siri integration.

In case you're not familiar with it, Astrid is widely regarded … Read more

How to get the most out of Google Tasks in Gmail

Google Tasks graduated from Gmail Labs almost four years ago, but have you really taken a look at what it can do? It's true that part of its appeal is in its simplicity, however, if you haven't taken a deeper look into its features, you might be missing out on some great tools for organizing your tasks. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of Google Tasks for Gmail:

1. Quickly get to Tasks. The keyboard shortcut, G followed by K, quickly opens Tasks in Gmail. If Tasks is already open, the shortcut will … Read more