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Mozilla gets into content creation with Voices

Open jobs for engineers are plentiful at Mozilla, the browser maker, privacy advocate, and open Internet proponent. But the company has only one opening for editor-in-chief, a new role listed only for the past two weeks.

Mozilla, as is the case with many other companies, is getting into what the tech world has come to call with not even a scintilla of irony, "content creation." Not unlike similar positions at other Internet firms, the new role at Mozilla would be to make videos and write blogs, while creating and curating an editorial voice that dovetails with Mozilla's … Read more

Mozilla to sell New Tab page ads in Firefox

Ads are coming to Firefox's New Tab page, browser maker Mozilla announced on Tuesday.

Revealed at the Interactive Advertising Bureau's annual leadership meeting in Palm Desert, Calif., Mozilla said that the ads are part of an attempt to connect new browser users to sites that they might find relevant.

Called Directory Tiles, the initiative will use a combination of sponsored sites, popular sites based on geographic location, and Mozilla ecosystem items to fill in blank New Tab pages. Currently, the nine empty boxes on a new New Tab page fill in over time with sites culled from the … Read more

Windows 8.1 Metro: Start or stop?

The Metro screen certainly has had its detractors. Is Microsoft now one of them?

The touch-friendly tiled start screen, aka Metro, that greets everyone in Windows 8.1 may be in danger of being demoted, if reports are to be believed this week.

One report claimed that Microsoft is testing a scenario where the OS boots to the desktop by default (not as an option), bypassing the touch-centric Metro screen.

Of course, it's merely a rumor at this point because no one really knows if Microsoft will in fact implement this when the Windows 8.1 Update 1 is … Read more

How to back up and restore your Windows 8 Start screen layout

The Windows 8 Start screen is the gateway to your PC and usually the first thing you see when you log in, unless you've chosen to go directly to the desktop. The update to Windows 8.1 also introduced many more customization options to the Start screen.

Whether you use the Start screen only on occasion or rely on it heavily, you've probably spent some time setting it up just the way you like it. To save you from having to go through it again when you reinstall Windows or if your Start screen gets rearranged accidentally, you … Read more

Death Star wall tiles: The Dark Side of home improvement

I'm imagining sitting in my home on Tatooine, relaxing with a glass of Bantha-blood fizz, watching the Galactic Broadcasting Service's latest episode of "This Old Death Star." Host Darth Vila suggests a quick and easy way to spruce up your spaceship of terror: wall tiles. Death Star wall tiles.

The wall tiles from Tom Spina Designs were created for a custom home theater project, to really give it that conquering-the-galaxy sort of look. The "Star Wars"-themed theater features 14 different tiles. Each master tile was molded and cast in tinted resin. The designs were plucked right from the surface of the Death Star.… Read more

Your old computer monitor is now a decorative tile

We all know recycling is better than stuffing landfills full of obsolete electronics, but items like bulky old CRT computer monitors and televisions can be challenging to reuse. Fireclay Tile has found a creative way to grind that old glass into a product that will look good in your home.

Fireclay's freshly launched Kickstarter project is aimed at funding the production of recycled CRT tiles. The $10,000 funding goal is slated to go toward molds for the tiles.… Read more

OS wars 2013: How the latest Mac and Windows upgrades compare

Last year when Mountain Lion and Windows 8 were released, I wrote a piece comparing the Mac and Windows operating systems, and concluded that Apple took the better path by keeping its tablet and desktop operating systems separate. With Windows 8 Microsoft gave its operating system a complete makeover, asking that people change the way they use their computers. Now that the two operating systems have updated with Mac OS X Mavericks and Windows 8.1, I thought I should take another look at both to see if the update did anything to change my mind.

For full disclosure, I … Read more

Replace Intel? Nah. Tilera chips aimed at peaceful coexistence

Intel's x86 chips lead the pack when it comes to general-purpose computing tasks. But with chips bumping up against clock speed and power-consumption limits, those with special-purpose alternatives are finding a foothold in the market.

One such company is Tilera, which on Wednesday launched a new effort called Tile-IQ to get customers to use its chips in the server market. Intel's x86 chips rule that particular roost, with thousands of the processors swarming in the data centers that run mammoth online services like Google search and Facebook social networking.

Tilera is trying to boost x86 servers, not replace … Read more

Pin Twitter lists and user profiles to the Windows 8 Start screen

If you follow a lot of Twitter users and lists, but have a just a handful that you track closely, the new Twitter for Windows 8 has a feature you might be interested in. The latest update to the Twitter app from the Windows Store now lets you pin your favorite lists and user profiles to the Windows 8 Start screen.

Combined with the upcoming Windows 8.1 release that allows you to customize the Start screen, you can dedicate a section of the Start screen for the Twitter profiles and lists that interest you the most. Here's how:… Read more

Dear Microsoft: Add folders to the Windows 8 Start screen

Microsoft has a host of changes in store for Windows 8.1, including a nod in the direction of a Start button that the company is referring to as a Start "tip." But one feature I think would prove more useful would be a simple folder option for the Start screen.

As you install more apps in Windows 8, the OS keeps populating your Start screen with more and more tiles. The more apps you install, the more cluttered and crowded your Start screen becomes. Anyone who installs several dozen or more apps can easily find themselves having … Read more