Amazon may soon unveil its Web TV box

CNET Update is coming soon to an Amazon box near you:

In this episode of Update:

- Speculate over the latest buzz about Amazon's mystery TV box for streaming video. Could it also stream video games?

- Manage YouTube playlists easier with the recent site redesign.

- Send cute stickers to the one friend that still uses BlackBerry Messenger.

- Test Xbox One software for bugs before updates are released.

- Get better coverage on Sprint if you're one of the few to try out Wi-Fi calling.

- Require selfies for entry to your next event with the … Read more

Finally, an actual use for a selfie

It was a small step for mankind to go from self-love to selfie-love.

With its eyes prised wide by the sight of a camera on a phone, humanity suddenly realized it could not only record itself, but send the evidence to everyone who wasn't interested.

In the end, though, selfies were all about you. Until now. For along has come a company called TicketLeap to introduce a radical use for the selfie.

It's called the Selfie Ticket. And its purpose is to replace the QR code on event tickets with an image of you.

Yes, now beauty can … Read more

Woman gets ticket for wearing Google Glass while driving

Google Glass wearers may want to think twice before wearing their high-tech specs behind the wheel, at least in California.

Cecilia Abadie said she was ticketed by a police officer for wearing Google Glass while driving through the sunny West Coast state. The exact line as written on the ticket said: "Driving with Monitor visible to Driver (Google Glass)."

Abadie said the actual law tells drivers not to "drive a vehicle equipped with a video monitor, if the monitor is visible to the driver and displays anything other than vehicle information global mapping displays, external media player (MP3), or satellite radio information."… Read more

United Airlines site loophole reoffers uber cheap fares

For the second time in about a month, a malfunction on United Airlines' Web site is letting customers buy tickets on the cheap. Passengers can take advantage of the error by setting up a "MileagePlus" account and tricking the site into getting them a ticket with frequent-flyer miles they don't have, according to Mashable.

The news site said that it was able to reserve a roundtrip ticket from Newark, N.J., to Dublin, Ireland for $49.40, which covers the cost of taxes and fees. Apparently, the loophole is currently still open.

This isn't the first … Read more

Target joins crowded video-streaming scene

CNET Update is digitizing Post-Its:

In this episode of Update:

- Add another video streaming service to the list with Target Ticket.

- Access Target Ticket and dozens of other video services on the new lower-cost Roku boxes.

- Don't expect T-Mobile stores to carry many BlackBerry phones in stock anymore.

- Get emergency alerts from local, state and national agencies from Twitter Alerts. (See the full list of participating organizations.)

- Download the Evernote app update and have an easier time scanning sticky Post-Its into digital notes.


iTunes (HD)iTunes (SD)iTunes (HQ)

RSS (HD) |&… Read more

Target goes all Netflix, joins streaming-video fray

Can't find anything to watch on Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu, or any other online-streaming service? Well, now there's one more place to check.

Target on Thursday launched its new digital video service, Target Ticket, which lets people buy or rent movies and television shows. Target said more than 30,000 titles are available for between $1 and $37, including new film releases, next-day TV shows, and exclusive Target content like behind-the-scenes extras.

It's free to sign up for the service and there's no subscription fee. Users can also set up multiple profiles, which means multiple … Read more

DirecTV benches PS3 from its NFL Sunday Ticket app

DirecTV's NFL Sunday ticket is getting kicked out of the PlayStation 3 game.

PS3 and DirecTV spokesmen both confirmed that the app won't return to the console for the upcoming football season.

Robert Mercer, DirecTV's spokesman, said this year the company's focus is enhancing NFL Sunday Ticket for new and existing customers. Though it won't be available on PS3, it will still be accessible online and on mobile devices.

Sunday Ticket provides access to all out-of-market regular season games. It came to PS3 in 2011, helping to bolster the over-the-top availability of professional football that … Read more

IMDb app update adds ability to purchase movie tickets

IMDb's app has been updated to allow movie fans to purchase movie tickets from their mobile devices.

The update, which was issued Monday for the Internet Movie Database's iOS and Android apps, lets users find movies at local theaters and purchase tickets. While the new app will compete with Fandango's app, it will also piggyback on the popular movie ticket buying app to handle the transaction in much the same way Apple's iOS 6.1 does.

IMDb's ticket purchase option is available only in the U.S.

The app also allows the purchase of movies … Read more

Apple giving some a second run at WWDC tickets

Apple is giving some developers a second chance at purchasing tickets to its annual developers conference, which sold out in just two minutes on Thursday.

The company has been getting in touch with what appears to be a handful of developers who attempted to make purchases when the $1,599 tickets for Apple's WWDC went on sale at 10 a.m. PT, MacRumors reports. Those developers have a ticket reserved for them, and will be able to make the purchase at a later date.

The purchasing window, which spanned about two hours last year, was brief enough that some … Read more

Apple's WWDC 2013 sells out in two minutes

Well that was quick.

After just 2 minutes, tickets for Apple's upcoming annual developers conference in San Francisco are gone.

The show took 2 whole hours to sell out last year. Apple caught many developers by surprise last April when it began selling tickets immediately upon announcing the conference at 5:30 a.m. PT. This time around the company gave developers a little more than a day of advance notice. The event will be held June 10-14 at Moscone West Center.

Apple's WWDC, or "dub-dub" as it's often referred to casually, is a mecca … Read more