ThumbsUp for Mac review

ThumbsUp for Mac makes lower resolution versions of your images with various optional settings. The software comes free of charge and employs an intuitive mode of operation: dragging and dropping images on top of the app's icon in order to initiate the thumbnail generation. Other noteworthy features include custom names for the newly generated files, multiple supported formats, and a fine-grained control over image resolution and quality.

ThumbsUp for Mac can be used in one of two ways: by dropping image files on top of the app's icon or by Option-clicking the image selection and choosing the software … Read more

How to 'dislike' something on Facebook...Messenger

For years Facebook users have been asking for the ability to dislike a post on the social network. It only makes sense users would want to express disapproval for some of the posts they're subjected to. Up until now, Facebook hasn't provided an easy way to do this short of leaving a nasty comment.

Earlier this week, Facebook finally gave in and provided a method for users to show displeasure. But instead of providing a dislike button on status updates, Facebook has released a sticker pack for Facebook Messenger that includes a thumbs-down icon, as first reported by … Read more

Review: Grid by Binary Thumb is a unique content creation tool for your iPhone

Grid by Binary Thumb is unlike most create-and-share apps for the iPhone, allowing you to drag and drop almost anything you want into any number of grid spaces onscreen. For this reason, the learning curve is a little steeper than it seems like it should be, but there is a lot here to utilize, which makes for an app that can useful for a diverse range of different projects.

After installation of Grid, you'll be prompted to create an account. This is required to use the app, but it allows you to share your Grids with other users, something … Read more

Crave Ep. 138: 3D-mapping the great indoors with laser scanners

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The Zebedee LIDAR laser scanner reminds us of that scene in "Prometheus" where David laser-scans the inside of those creepy caverns. Well, Australian scientists are doing that in the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Iran wants to launch a poor Persian cat into space, while Volvo is training hamsters to drive trucks with the automaker's new power-steering technology. This is the world we live in. All that and more on this week's episode of Crave. … Read more

'Star Wars' lightsaber thumb-wrestling goes to the digit side

It's the eternal struggle of good versus evil, but in the end, only one thumb can truly triumph. To emerge as victor, you will need to train hard with your Jedi master teacher, the "Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling" book.

The book from Chronicle Books is actually more of a kit. It includes two mini-lightsabers for you and an opponent to strap to your thumbs using Velcro. Two thumb-sized holes go all the way through the book, giving you the proper distance between battling digits.… Read more

Get a 32GB USB 3.0 flash drive for $14.99

Sorry about yesterday's oopsie with the hard drive. As I've noted countless times before, and as stated at the bottom of every post, deals are subject to availability, expiration, and other terms determined by sellers. The rub with most coupon codes is that I don't know when they're about to expire.

Likewise, it's hard to know when an independent seller working through Amazon will run out of something, which makes me a bit leery about today's deal. But, hey, nothing ventured, nothing saved, am I right? (It's an expression!)

For a limited time, … Read more

Get a 32GB USB 3.0 flash drive for $19.99 shipped

Regular readers know that flash-drive prices have plummeted in the past year. But you know what all those dirt-cheap drives have had in common? A USB 2.0 interface.

What is this, 2001? USB 2.0 is over, man. It's the digital equivalent of the horse and buggy. And yet it's still pretty rare to find flash drives that support the newer, faster USB 3.0 spec.

That's why I'm jazzed about today's deal. While supplies last, Ice Monkey has the Super Talent ST3U32ST1K 32GB USB 3.0 flash drive for $19.99 shipped. Elsewhere … Read more

Get a Patriot 32GB flash drive for $8.99

I know a lot of people don't care for rebates, but if you shift your perception a bit, they can seem like icing on the cake.

For example, Newegg has the Patriot PSF32GAUSB 32GB USB flash drive for $18.99 shipped. Right from the get-go, that's a great deal.

And here's the icing: a $10 mail-in rebate (PDF) brings your total cost down to $8.99, which is an unheard-of price for a 32GB drive. Heck, even a 16GB drive is a find at that price.

That rebate comes in the form of an American Express prepaid … Read more

Seven awesome, unusual DIY USB flash drives

Whether you use them in your everyday work flow, or dust them off on occasion, flash drives are perhaps one of the handiest, most underrated gadgets out there. Despite the cloud storage trend, many of us still rely on these doodads when we need to transfer data in a pinch.

And thanks to the InterWebs, there's a seemingly endless variety of unique flash drives to match your equally special personality.

But, what's better than forking over $20 to $30 on a low-capacity, overpriced flash drive? Making your own on the cheap. After sifting through the Web for DIYs, … Read more

Get a SanDisk 16GB flash drive for $7.99

Let's see if we can get through one day -- heck, one morning -- without the product selling out, shall we?

While supplies last, Best Buy has the SanDisk Cruzer 16GB USB flash drive for $7.99 shipped, plus sales tax in most states.

Update: This appears to have sold out online, and is now available in-store only. So much for lasting the morning.

Whoops, sorry, sold out. Nah, I'm kidding -- as of this writing, it's still in stock. But just in case, I've queued up three bonus deals for you below. Because that's … Read more