Flir One turns iPhone into personal thermal imaging device

LAS VEGAS -- The Flir One is the first consumer-level personal thermal imaging device that takes high resolution photos and video. Compatible with the iPhone 5 and 5S, it features both a visible and thermal camera on the rear and offers various color palettes for viewing the image.

DIY homeowners can easily use the device for home improvement purposes, like finding studs or increasing energy efficiency, however, the Flir One isn't all work and no play. Birdwatchers, hunters, and campers can all benefit from the ability to visualize heat in their respective activities. In addition, the device works as … Read more

Flir thermal-imaging gadget lets iPhone see the heat

LAS VEGAS -- Thermal imaging doesn't usually come cheap. Devices that pick up heat signals can cost thousands of dollars, or you have to be an alien born with the capability, like Predator was. Now there's another option. At CES 14, Flir Systems announced the Flir One, a thermal-imaging gadget for iPhone 5 and 5S, which comes with a sub-$350 price that won't kill your pocketbook.

The Flir One slips onto your iPhone's back and sports both a visible and thermal camera. It has its own battery pack, which can power the device for up to four hours. It also can be redirected to act as a battery backup for your phone.… Read more

Review: Thermal Camera & Infrared Camera offers mixed results

Thermal Camera & Infrared Camera FREE is a bit misleading in its description -- if only because the images you take are only filtered to look like thermal/infrared images. Of course, this is expected since the iPhone does not have infrared sensors, so it could be forgiven if the resulting photos looked good; but with a handful of issues and sometimes borderline-quality images, the app falls short in numerous places.

To start, there is the thermal issue. When you take photos in this app, it filters them to look as though they were taken with a thermal/infrared camera. … Read more

Mu aims to offer thermal imaging cam for cheap

When you own an older home, it's common for aging insulation, warped windowsills, and other pesky problems to let the cool or hot air out and drive the energy bill up. To help homeowners locate these weak spots (and for many other uses), Mu Optics created a low-cost thermal imaging camera that allows users to see the world according to temperature -- anywhere in the range of -86 to 285 degrees Fahrenheit.

The thermal imaging device features USB charging and battery life of more than 3 hours (an hour for video recording). The optics offer 160x120 resolution -- which may sound very small, but most thermal cameras deliver a similar view -- for pictures and video up to 30 frames per second.

Five live viewing modes enable the owner to see things such as temperature information for a specific area, a thermal and regular camera view blend, and other combinations. Check out some of the neat thermal videos produced by the camera on Vimeo.… Read more

Thermal imaging may help fight obesity

All fat is not equal. Brown adipose tissue, more commonly called brown fat and abundant in both newborns and hibernating mammals, is the good fat, playing a prominent role in how quickly our bodies burn calories.

Brown fat also produces as much as 300 times more heat than any other tissue in the body, according to scientists at the University of Nottingham, so these scientists have developed a thermal imaging technique to measure not only a person's brown fat stores but also how much heat that fat produces.… Read more

Heat shield is new type of 'invisibility cloak'

Researchers are taking the notion of a light-deflecting "invisibility cloak" into the realm of heat.

A paper in the journal Optics Express yesterday describes a method to control the diffusion of heat similar to how researchers cloak objects to render them invisible.

By controlling how heat flows, the paper's authors intend to build materials that keep electronics cool or concentrate heat for solar power generation. Prototype thermal cloaks for microelectronics are expected to be ready within months.

In the past few years, researchers have made advances in specialized materials that scatter light, sound, or seismic waves which … Read more

Hot nanotubes blast chemo-resistant cancer cells into oblivion

When it comes to cancer cells, a particularly confounding breed called cancer stem cells have proven difficult to kill. Because they divide so slowly, chemo drugs do them little harm, and they appear resistant to heat therapies that are generally good at killing most cells. Some cancer drugs even appear to promote the growth of cancer stem cells.

Now, three years after they found that the heat from 30-second laser blasts can kill kidney cancer stem cells, researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center say the same treatment works to kill breast cancer stem cells as well.

Torti's team … Read more

A 'thermal battery' for villages in India

SOUTH BOSTON--From this grungy warehouse converted into a startup incubator, Sam White and Sorin Grama plot how to chill milk for poor Indian villagers.

The four-year journey of their startup, Promethean Power, has included several trips to India and dramatic engineering detours. Now finally, their rapid milk chillers, which feature a novel energy-storage technology, will be installed at three milk processing centers in India in the coming months.

The two company co-founders had originally intended to build a solar-powered milk chiller that would improve the lives of Indian farmers and advance renewable energy. But despite engineering some nifty power electronics, … Read more

QuickField Student is for engineers in training

QuickField Professional is a Finite Element Analysis tool for creating and analyzing electromagnetic, thermal, and stress simulations. It's used in many science, physics, and design classrooms and labs. QuickField Student is a free version with reduced functionality and a limited number of nodes. It can simulate basic problems in engineering and physics as well as display QuickField models. It's a great choice for engineering and physics students who use QuickField at school. QuickField Student helps users familiarize themselves with the full program as well as letting them view materials at home.

QuickField Student opened with a welcome message … Read more

Low-cost solar PV claims solar thermal victim

Solar Millennium said today it has begun insolvency proceedings, the second German solar manufacturer to do so this month.

The company has been trying to sell its pipeline of large-scale concentrating solar projects in the U.S. But because Solar Millennium was not able to negotiate desired terms, it had to enter into insolvency to "save existing assets," the company said in a statement.

Solar Millennium is considered a concentrating solar power pioneer. The news of Solar Millennium's financial woes is the latest event in a wrenching industry shakeout that has caused bankruptcies at a number of … Read more