Nero MediaHome review

Nero MediaHome is a neatly organized media manager that quickly retrieves and plays many forms of audio and video. The friendly design and reliable support make using this application easy and enjoyable. Many interesting features are available with this software, but the price of some add-ons may not be worth it.


Great interface: Nero MediaHome has a very neat and orderly layout that is quite intuitive. Regardless of your skill level, you will easily find what you're looking for because of the organization tabs and clean interface. Customizable themes are also available for free, which gives you the … Read more

Dinosaur - GO Launcher Theme review

Dinosaur - GO Launcher Theme features adorable icons and a super-cute overall design, making it an excellent choice for anyone who loves dinosaurs. Apart from its delightful graphics, this theme also impresses with its optimization, eating few system resources and not having a big impact on the battery, like other themes do. This theme is especially great for kids, but because of its careful, delicate design it may appeal to some grown ups, too.

Dinosaur - GO Launcher Theme installs before you can count to five and greets you with a fancy green dinosaur, its wallpaper, and gorgeous little icons, … Read more

Duck GO Reward Theme review

Duck GO Reward Theme brings a fancy duck with a pink umbrella to your home screen, as well as the good performance of most GO LauncherEX themes, but features only 16 unique icons, a low number for a premium theme. It's polished and integrates well the features of the launcher for which it was designed, providing smooth screen transitions and effects and effortless app management. But because of its graphics it may be appealing only to certain users.

Duck GO Reward Theme installs quickly and works perfectly with the latest version of GO LauncherEX. The theme's design pleases … Read more

Elegant GO Reward Theme review

Featuring a stylish design and beautiful icons, Elegant GO Reward Theme enables you to enjoy the many features of the GO LauncherEx, from dozens of screen effects to bulk app management. This premium theme -- don't let the free label in the Play Store deceive you -- looks good and runs smoothly, and it's an excellent choice if you have a lot of apps on your device and need a fast and convenient way to switch between screens.

After an effortless installation, Elegant GO Reward Theme greets you with its soothing interface, which features a lamp hung down … Read more

GO BIG THEME-Romantic review

GO BIG THEME-Romantic changes the look of both your GO LauncherEX and GO SMS Pro, providing a cute theme with lively colors and a clean design. While this theme can boast good performance, it suffers from the inability to replace icons, a feature usually supported by other GO LauncherEX themes. Also, it may seem too plain and childish for more mature users.

GO BIG THEME-Romantic comes with a straightforward though not unappealing design, featuring a sky-blue wallpaper and red icons. This theme is romantic, more in the sense of being idealistic, rather than amorous; it brings no hearts or love … Read more

GO Keyboard Sunshine theme review

With its aqua tones and cute graphics, GO Keyboard Sunshine theme adds freshness and fun to your smartphone or tablet, replacing your old keyboard with one that's faster and more accessible. This GO Keyboard theme puts at your fingertips more features than the default Android keyboard, including seamless switching between gesture-typing and tapping, amusing voice texting, and multiple layout options.

GO Keyboard Sunshine theme can be downloaded for free, but you have to pay to unlock it, either with real money or with 20 GoldJar Credit, which you can earn by installing two of several apps promoted by the … Read more

Monster Alliance GO Theme review

Monster Alliance GO Theme features cute graphics, funny but relatively few icons, and smooth screen transitions and performance. Because of its cartoonish graphics, though, it's more appealing for children and teens rather than adults. The only annoying thing about it is that although it's labeled as free in Google Play, you actually have to pay to use it with money or Goldjar credit.

Monster Alliance GO Theme installs without any hassle if you already run GO LauncherEX and then presents you with a brightly-colored interface. In spite of its name, this theme has nothing monstrous about it. The … Read more

Rotate Gear GO Locker Theme review

Rotate Gear GO Locker Theme looks nice and integrates the main features of the GO Locker well, but it can lag at times; and besides, it drains the battery. Still, if you're after a stylish tech theme for your lock screen, this one might prove to be the right one. In terms of design, it's a clear improvement over the default Android lock screen.

Rotate Gear GO Locker Theme installs in a breeze, but to run it you need to have GO Locker on your device, preferably the last edition. Once you activate it, a well-designed, mechanically-inspired lock … Read more

Super Hero GO Launcher Theme review

Featuring a crisp background and a few amusing icons, Super Hero GO Launcher Theme runs well with the latest version of the GO LauncherEX and may appeal to superhero fans. What you'll most like about it is that it lets you enjoy GO LauncherEX's many features, including auto-arranging apps into folders according to their type, choosing from several beautiful screen transitions, and using widgets more effectively on the home screen.

Compared to other themes, Super Hero GO Launcher Theme doesn't stand out visually, though it does have a few humorous icons, like a pair of red underwear … Read more

Tree House GO Super Theme review

With its adorable graphics, Tree House GO Super Theme stands out as one of the cutest and most appealing themes available for the GO LauncherEx. Apart from the comfy, inviting tree house background, you'll love the exquisite icons and the rustic mood this theme conjures. To enjoy an animated mouse and owl and other special effects, however, you have to buy the premium version.

Once you install Tree House GO Super Theme and enable it by clicking its icon -- you need to already have GO LauncherEx on your device -- you're invited to a comfortable tree house … Read more