7 charitable apps for easy giving

November is a time to give, whether you're growing a mustache to support men's health or donating food for Thanksgiving meals. With the seven apps we've found, you can be a do-gooder by simply doing what you usually do -- buying groceries, taking a walk, or playing a game.

Charity Miles

Don't wait for that 5K for charity: rack up dollars as you rack up miles on your regular walks, runs, or bike rides. Download Charity Miles (iOS, Android), choose from 28 established charities, and launch the app with each workout. Corporate sponsors will donate funds … Read more

Review: Thanksgiving Menu Maker is an extremely useful planning app

Thanksgiving Menu Maker from "Fine Cooking" offers a carefully curated list of recipes to choose from alongside an automated shopping list and schedule to help you plot your next big holiday meal. The result is a very effective tool for mapping out your entire schedule as far as a week in advance before Thanksgiving or another holiday meal you might want to use the app for.

When you load the app you will be given a list of recipes to choose from right away. They are separated by starter, main dish, sides, and desserts. Scroll through the list … Read more

Review: Thanksgiving Recipe Collection is a beautiful recipe browsing experience

Thanksgiving Recipe Collection uses the Gojee app technology, resulting in an exceptional holiday companion that wows in just about every way. From the moment you create your account to the second you find the perfect dessert recipe for your next Thanksgiving dinner, this app will be a constant help for you, offering recipe after recipe in a beautiful format.

You'll need to have a Gojee account to use Thanksgiving Recipe Collection, so you'll need to create one before getting started if you don't already have one. After doing so, you can choose from numerous categories onscreen, organized … Read more

Cyber Monday was the biggest online spending day in history

Americans racked up their biggest online spending day in history on Cyber Monday, forking over $1.735 billion to Internet retailers, an 18 percent jump over a year ago.

And it wasn't just on Monday. According to ComScore, Americans spent $23.9 billion online during the first 32 days of the November-December holiday season, up 8 percent over last year.

Those big gains may have come at the expense of merchants who were hoping to cash in during Black Friday and the weekend following Thanksgiving. According to the National Retail Federation, shoppers spent $1.7 billion less during that … Read more

Instagrammers go turkey-wild with Thanksgiving Day photos

Photos of golden-crisp cooked turkeys, dark red cranberry sauce, family football, and the lighting of menorahs crowded Instagram on Thursday. In fact, so many people took to the photo-sharing social network that the company announced it was its busiest day ever.

"We saw record usage as Instagrammers shared a heaping helping of holiday cheer," the company wrote in a blog post on Friday. "Your Thanksgiving and Hanukkah-related photos and videos helped make yesterday our busiest so far -- and for that we give thanks to you."

Thanksgiving this year was historic in that for the first … Read more

Tablets outdo phones when closing holiday-shopping deals

When it's time to actually spend the money in the mobile-device era, tablets were used 55 percent more often than phones during Thanksgiving-day shopping.

Traffic from phones outpaced that of tablet for browsing sites, with phones accounting for 26.6 percent of visits compared with 15.3 percent for tablets, according to IBM data harvested from 800 retailers' e-commerce sites. But for purchasing, tablets were used 83 percent more often: Tablets were used for 16.5 percent of purchases compared with 9 percent for phones.

The mobile era is no longer a novelty, but the tech industry and customers … Read more

Google's gorgeous Thanksgiving doodle: Everyone can contribute

What will you bring to your Thanksgiving feast?

A pie, perhaps. Or a turkey, some sauvignon blanc and a risque joke you heard at work.

But what if you're a fox and you go around killing chickens for the fun of it, never once imagining that you could make a positive contribution to society?

Well, Google's latest beguiling doodle -- this one for Thanksgiving -- tells a story that has deep philosophical undertones.

Here we have a group of animals preparing their Thanksgiving feast in the woods.

Each has been thoughtful enough to bring something of edible and … Read more

Zombie apps, car door handles, and... what CNET's crew is thankful for

CNET Senior Writer Stephen Shankland is so attached to his SLR, he has a callous around his neck where the camera strap goes. "Just about every day, I thank my lucky stars for my Canon EOS 5D Mark III," he says.

It goes without saying that loved ones, health, employment, and other big-ticket blessings top the CNET gang's gratitude lists this, and every, Thanksgiving. But this year, we also wanted to take a moment to give thanks for the tech we're grateful for. We do spend a lot of time here thinking about the stuff, after all. … Read more

Facebookers: Thanksgiving is not the new Black Friday

Rather than being strictly about spending time with family and gorging on turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie, Thanksgiving has turned into a major deals day in the shopping world this year.

But, some people don't like it.

Thousands of Facebook users have taken to the social network to display their disgust and threaten to boycott stores staying open on what is now being deemed "Black Thursday."

A badge has made its way around Facebook, which says "Because I believe in family...I pledge to not shop on Thanksgiving. If I'm shopping, someone else is … Read more

10 shopping apps to add to your arsenal this holiday season

As Turkey Day approaches, so does the the much-dreaded shopping season with its onslaught of store "deals" and half-sales competing to pry you away from your hard-earned cash. But if you're anything like me, then you probably haven't gotten your Christmas shopping strategy together yet. That means venturing off into the unknown and hoping that you won't get ripped off too badly.

But this year I made a commitment to get my act together and shop sensibly. Armed with my trusty iPhone 4S, I compiled a list of apps to find the best deals on … Read more