Useful Updates: TextWrangler, Parallels

Two notable software updates have been released today. Parallels has released a small update to their Parallels Desktop virtualization package, which patches up a number of small bugs associated with Windows guest operating systems. BareBones software has released an update to their free and popular TextWrangler program, which incorporates numerous enhancements both in the program and how the program utilizes system resources.… Read more

Top 5 download updates from Macworld

With Macworld in full swing, throngs of people are flooding the streets of San Francisco to check out the latest offerings from Apple and all the other vendors exhibiting their wares at the expo. But some Mac-related stuff is only indirectly related to what's happening on the showroom floor or how thin the new MacBook Air is.

One thing I've noticed as a Mac software editor is how, when Apple has its biggest show of the year, the majority of Mac software developers figure it is the best time to release an update for their apps. I've … Read more

Killer Download: Better text editors for your PC and Mac

Every computer user needs a basic text editor for Readme files and simple note-taking capabilities. That's why Windows comes with Notepad and Mac OS X comes with TextEdit. However, if you want a program that is useful for more than just looking at Readme files, you need to look elsewhere. The best type of text editors come with numerous features and work great for writing quick notes, keeping a journal, coding Web sites, and pasting excerpts from the Web when aggregating research for a project.

While Notepad and TextEdit are useful in their own right, if I want added … Read more