TextWrangler for Mac review

While not a word processor, TextWrangler for Mac does an excellent job editing, searching, and transforming texts and HTML codes. It is a great tool for programmers and server administrators and a good runner up for the "top text editor for Mac" title.


Fast and functional: TextWrangler for Mac performs well when it comes to case and order changing and can do not only "find and replace," but also "replace and find," wherein you implement the text change first before you inspect the text lines to check if the changes made were what … Read more

WhatsApp Messenger for iPhone review

WhatsApp Messenger proves to be a speedy and dependable messaging app. It stays continuously on as long as you are connected to the Internet and encrypts all your conversations.


Well-maintained: WhatsApp Messenger's popularity translates into a stable connection, excellent service maintenance, and good technical support from the developers. It's popular even among non-iOS users, so there should be no reason not to connect with buddies who are using Android or Windows devices.

Great design for iOS: This app's aesthetics blend in seamlessly with iOS. With its great design and intuitive arrangement of buttons and menus, this … Read more

IVONA Text-to-Speech HQ review

IVONA Text-to-Speech HQ replaces your Android device's text-to-speech voice with a variety of high-quality synthesized voices for a variety of languages and regions. The Web-based app and its voices are free while in beta development. IVONA includes instructions for changing your Android device's text-to-speech options, and help and video tutorials also are available.


Many voices, one device: IVONA includes speech engines for American, Australian, British, and Welsh English, as well as Spanish, Polish and many other languages and accents. Most of IVONA's voices are female, but at least one male voice (Italian) is available.

Natural accents: … Read more

Speech to Text Translator TTS review

Speech to Text Translator TTS makes a good impression as an accurate and practical translation tool and aid for people with disabilities, but it doesn't provide the same quality translation for all languages. Apart from its main function, this ad-supported app lets you easily copy and share your recorded translations through email, social networks, or apps, including Skype or Viber.

Speech to Text Translator TTS downloads and installs in no time and then greets you with its plain and accessible interface. Tap, speak, and you'll instantly receive several suggestions to choose from, before getting an accurate translation. What'… Read more

mIRC review

mIRC gives you access to chat rooms centered around tons of different topics in which you can converse with users from all over the world. With this program, you can connect and disconnect with ease and enjoy hours of group or private conversations about whatever interests you.


Favorites list: When you first install this app, there is a preloaded Favorites List that contains suggestions for you to try. Of course, you can always edit this list and add your own favorite channels as you find them, but it's nice to have somewhere to start, just because there are … Read more

Tango Text, Voice & Video review

Tango Text, Voice & Video is designed to help you keep in touch with the people however you prefer. There are tons of options for how you can communicate and who you share things with, so you can keep everyone important informed about your life as easily as possible.


Contact integration: Tango will import your Facebook friends, as well as all of your contacts from your phone, so you'll have everyone listed in the same place. This also makes it easy to invite your contacts to start using the app as well.

New friends: In addition to connecting … Read more

Modify Web image text with Project Naptha

In what appears to be nothing short of JavaScript black magic, Project Naptha allows you to select and modify text from any Web image. Using character-recognition technology derived from several sources, such as Microsoft Research Lab and Google's Tesseract open-source OCR engine, the Project Naptha extension also enables you to remove, translate, and edit text in Web images. You simply move your cursor over text to highlight and start editing.

Project Naptha will help when you want to search terms or words inside an image. You can also translate directly onto pictures -- great for maps and travel planning … Read more

TextPad review

TextPad is a program that lets you create, open, and edit text files, so you can make any necessary changes and organize them thoroughly.


Streamlined navigation: This app boasts a clean and intuitive interface that lets you navigate through the different sections using the tabs across the top of the window. Whether you're creating a new text file or making some quick edits to an existing one, the tools you need are right where you want them.

Quick customization: There are some nice features in this app that let you make certain changes or additions quickly. For instance, … Read more

TypeText review

TypeText gives you the ability to enter in lines of text that you type often and then have the program auto-type them with just a few taps. This is a great help if you find yourself typing out certain items over and over again.


Good functionality: With this program, you can enter in a list of terms, phrases, e-mail addresses, or anything else that you type out frequently, and then call that list up by pressing "CTRL+B" whenever you want to type any of them. Select the item you want from the list that pops up, … Read more

Text Posts Editor review

Text Posts Editor gives you the tools to customize your Facebook and Twitter posts by adding images, adjusting text color, and more. With this program, you can add emphasis to your words, or you can give extra context to a picture with text. Either way, you'll have a great image to share as your status update that will surely get the attention of your friends and family.

This app has a straightforward interface, with all features accessible from the main screen. When you open it, you'll see a large white box in the middle of the screen, which … Read more