IQ Test: Cryptex Challenge review

Test your IQ, and tweak your brain with IQ Test: Cryptex Challenge on your Android device. This free app from Bubble Quiz games challenges players of all levels with clever math and logic puzzles. You can buy Hints and even Solutions when you're stuck, but it'll cost you some IQ points.


Brain booster: IQ Test's puzzles and logic problems will challenge your reasoning skills and stimulate your cognitive powers. It's a workout for your brain.

Tricky, too: Just when you think you've got it down, IQ Test throws you a curve with an unexpectedly … Read more

New DNA stool test almost as good as dreaded colonoscopy

Last year alone, almost 50,000 Americans died of colon cancer, and nearly 150,000 new cases were discovered. In fact, it's the third most common cancer in the US, according to the American Cancer Society. And yet one in every three qualifying Americans doesn't follow colonoscopy guidelines: getting one at age 50 and every decade thereafter.

There may be many factors at play behind so many people not undergoing the procedure, but even for those who simply feel squeamish about it, it's hard to blame them. Colonoscopies are invasive, uncomfortable, and at least for some, downright … Read more

Blood testing coming to a touch screen near you

People with hemophilia, or those taking anticoagulants to help prevent dangerous outcomes such as deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, or ischemic stroke, are unfortunately at a higher risk of bleeding easily. To better monitor these patients, health care professionals typically take blood coagulation tests in hospitals and clinics -- which can be a real burden both financially and logistically.

But soon, thanks to startup Qloudlab, based in the microengineering lab in Switzerland's EPFL tech university, these patients may be able to use the touch screens on their phones or other devices to test their blood coagulation, all in the comfort of their own homes -- or wherever.… Read more

Internet Speed Test review

Internet Speed Test is an OK way to test your Internet speed, but only if you can get past the ads. That's often tough to do, sadly, as they come at you from every corner. It doesn't help that this app is competing with several already established apps in the Google Play store.

This app offers to give you your current Internet upload, download, and latency speeds whether you're on 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi. It tracks all of your speed test scores with dates and times, so you have an idea of when your speeds are at … Read more

'Talking Angela' programmer talks hoaxes, AI mastery (Q&A)

If you're not a parent or teenager, it's possible you first heard of Talking Angela because of a meme spreading virally on Facebook that it was a front for a pedophilia ring.

In fact, Talking Angela is a hugely popular artificial intelligence chatbot, a talking cat, aimed at teenagers, and the hoax has been fully repudiated. Available for iOS and Android, Talking Angela has been downloaded more than 57 million times. But thanks to word going around about the pedophilia hoax, the app jumped to No. 3 on the iTunes iPhone charts.

On the one hand, it's … Read more

Breathalyzer says man is sober, still arrested for DWI

I had always thought of Austin, Texas, as the sort of place where the deer and antelope aren't merely free to roam, but also have their own tables at a fine organic coffee bar.

Recent events have sent a shudder into my belief.

First, there was the tale of the jogger who was aggressively arrested for allegedly jaywalking by policemen far larger than her.

Now comes the tale of a man who blew a 0.00 into a breathalyzer, passed a blood test, and was still arrested for driving while intoxicated.

Those who believe technology to be infallible -- … Read more

FCC expands mobile-broadband speed test to include iOS users

With the launch of a new app Tuesday, the Federal Communications Commission expanded the scope of its research on US mobile-broadband speeds to include iOS users.

The FCC Speed Test for iOS app, released to Apple's App Store today, is designed to collect information about the performance of participating smartphone users' mobile-broadband services nationwide. The agency's hope is that the data collected will help it generate an accurate comparison of wireless carriers' mobile broadband speeds.

"The iOS release is the latest step in the Commission's efforts to crowdsource mobile-broadband performance data for the mobile Measuring Broadband … Read more

Apple snaps up app-testing company Burstly

Apple is said to have acquired the app-testing and analytics startup Burstly and on Friday all but confirmed it:

"Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans," an Apple spokesperson told CNET.

Burstly is the operator of popular developer services like TestFlight, which lets app makers deploy an app to a small amount of users for field testing before wider release. That way, developers can work out kinks and monitor things like in-app purchases and the app's durability against crashing, without having to put the product … Read more

GoPro falls from plane, lands in pigpen, gets snuffled

There have been plenty of videos of GoPro cameras surviving in crazy circumstances, but none of them have a surprise ending quite like this one. Mia Munselle found a camera in the pen where she keeps three pigs. The footage she recovered from it explains how it got there.

The camera fell from an airplane carrying skydivers last summer. Munselle told Crave she didn't discover it until recently due to the simple fact that she doesn't spend much time walking around in the pen. She confirms the camera is a GoPro Hero, either a 1 or a 2.… Read more