Numbers gets more templates, better touch controls

Numbers has been redesigned to match the design scheme of iOS 7 and is useful for creating spreadsheets and organizing data while away from your desktop. It's not going to take the place of more robust spreadsheet apps like Microsoft Excel, but it's great for tinkering with your data on the go. On the iPhone the app works admirably, but the smaller screen size makes it a bit less easy to use than the iPad version.

Like the other new iWork apps that were released in October, Numbers was built from the ground up for both iOS and … Read more

Pages for iOS is an improvement, but don't buy the Mac version just yet

Editors' note This review was updated November 6 with new information about the Mac version of Pages from Apple.

Pages, Apple's word processing app for iOS, got a complete redesign for iOS 7, but the new look isn't the only change from the old version. Apple has added several more templates, moved font style and formatting tools to the top of the keyboard, and added the capability to collaborate with others on multiple devices. The only drawback is that in remaking iWork from the ground up with feature parity in the iOS and Mac versions, Mac users lose … Read more

Review: Express Invoice Free Edition efficiently manages all of your billing

Express Invoice Free Edition takes care of creating and automating invoices, reports, and quotes for your customers. However, the "free" is a bit misleading since this is actually a 14-day trial version.

During the installation the program tries to install an Internet toolbar and change your default search engine, which are the options you can easily opt out of. In addition, this program includes a number of add-on programs that integrate with it but their installation is also optional. Upon startup you will be asked to enter your business name and business details including address and contact phone, … Read more

Review: Comb legal documents with expert help from Legal Document Analysis

Legal Document Analysis takes almost all of the leg work out of reviewing and combing legal documents for the information you need. While certainly a powerful review program, it isn't very friendly to non-experts.

Since this program comes as an executable file, it will probably make your antivirus suspicious. During testing, it set off Windows' built-in firewall, as well. It doesn't seem like the program needs to access any of the features that would make the firewall go on the defensive. It's just a basic Web applet that lets you upload a file and then set predetermined … Read more

Attractive templates for MS Office

Many of us use templates for commonly required formatting in Microsoft Office. Templates for MS Office is, as the name suggests, a collection of templates specifically for Office (although they do work with other compatible software apps). Templates for MS Office includes templates for Word, PowerPoint and Excel, with more than 70 templates total in the free package. These can be saved and opened as needed with the selected app, or the Templates for MS Office interface can be used to select the template then launch it in the correct app.

The strength of any template library is the quality … Read more

Google Docs boasts 450 new fonts and 60 new templates

All those Bree Serif, Kaushan Script, and Lovers Quarrel font fans will now be able to bring into play these different scripts while working in Google Docs. The Web giant announced today that it is adding 450 new fonts and 60 new templates to its word processing program.

"Often the best way to get your point across is to present your idea in a creative, captivating way," Google software engineer Isabella Ip wrote in a company blog post. "Today, we added over 450 new fonts to Google documents to make it easier for you to add a … Read more

Convert quickly with DOTX to DOCX Converter

Microsoft Word templates can be serious time savers; if you find yourself creating similar documents over and over again, using a template can let you save the basic format and then automatically open it as a new document every time you want to work with it. The problem with templates--also known as DOTX and DOTM files--is that Word 2007 is the oldest version of Word capable of opening them. If you need to access the contents of a DOTX or DOTM file but you're running an older version of Word, you're out of luck, unless you have a … Read more

Easy invoices

Invoices are important for keeping track of what you're owed by your clients, so it's important to include all of the right information for proper bookkeeping. Simple Invoice Template lives up to its name by offering you an easy-to-use, customizable, and professional invoice template to present to your clients.

The Excel-based template has a very straightforward interface, with labeled cells for entering your company's logo, data, invoice number, customer ID, and purchase order number as well as bill to and ship to information. There's a description section for entering your services and a place to enter … Read more

Tidy timesheets

Excel is capable of doing all kinds of useful things, if you have the time and know-how to take advantage of its features. If you'd like to use Excel--or OpenOffice, or Google Docs--to keep track of employee timesheets but you don't want to mess around creating templates on your own, try Simple Employee Timesheet Template. This simple set of templates makes it easy to track your hours either weekly or biweekly in three of the most popular spreadsheet programs.

Simple Employee Timesheet Template is a set of four templates: weekly and biweekly timesheets that track partial hours as … Read more

Rental receipts and more

Any time you're dealing with amounts of money that reach into the hundreds--or thousands - of dollars, receipts are a good idea for everyone involved. Receipt Templates for Excel gives users an easy way to create receipts for rental payments and other types of cash transactions. It's a simple template, but it can give your receipts a neat, professional appearance.

The download comes with two templates, one for cash transactions and one for rental transactions. The templates come with three receipts to a page, making it easy to create multiple receipts if necessary and then cut them out … Read more