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'Breaking Bad' items up for sale on new auction site ScreenBid

Fans of AMC's hit television show "Breaking Bad" will want to get over to a new auction site sooner rather than later.

ScreenBid launched on Friday with approximately 250 items from "Breaking Bad." The auction site provides an opening bid for each item, and allows -- just like eBay -- users to put up cash to get their hands on memorabilia from the hit show.

The site's focus is on television and movie studios looking to get rid of props that might otherwise end up in the junk heap. According to The New York … Read more

UHD or 4K: What do you prefer?

In an effort to keep confusion to a minimum, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) decreed that next-gen "4K" televisions should be called Ultra High Definition, Ultra HD, or UHD. Sony said "pass" and announced it would continue calling its "UHD" TVs "4K" TVs.

Normally Sony's love for marketing obfuscation generates an eye-roll or four here, but in this case, we think it has a point. Not least because we have to type this stuff all the time and "4K TVs" is way easier than "Ultra High Definition televisions."

So with that entirely neutral intro, what do you think. Do you prefer "UHD" or "4K?" … Read more

Retro '50s-style HDTV perfect for 'Leave it to Beaver' reruns

If LG's '70s-style LED TV looks too modern for your tastes, you can rewind in time even further with Seiki's new SE22FR01 22-inch retro HDTV. Don't worry, it does include a remote control.

The set goes for a chunky, rounded 1950s look held up by three little silver feet. It's a cartoonish interpretation of an old-style television, but therein lies the charm. You won't be mounting it on your wall, but it should fit right in with your Elvis and Marilyn decor.… Read more

Xbox 360 gets Time Warner Cable app with 300 channels

Xbox 360's TV and movie offerings just keep growing. Microsoft announced Tuesday that its Time Warner Cable television app is finally live and hosting 300 channels, including Bravo, Cartoon Network, CNN, Comedy Central, and more.

Besides a bevy of channels, the app also features a TV guide; filtered search based on shows, channel names, and genres; Kinect voice and gesture control; access to genre-based radio stations; and more. The app is only available to Xbox Live Gold members who have a Time Warner Cable subscription in the US.

Microsoft has been making a strong push into entertainment with its … Read more

Three sweet deals for TV cord-cutters

What does it really take to cut the cable-TV cord? I'd say at a bare minimum, you need a Roku box, a decent antenna, and some way to DVR live broadcasts.

This last item can be tricky, but there's at least one product that does a pretty solid job of it: Simple.TV. For a limited time, and while supplies last, DealFisher has a Simple.TV, Roku, and Mohu Leaf bundle for $249.99 shipped.

The bundle includes a Simple.TV DVR with lifetime subscription (which normally costs $299 all by itself), a refurbished Roku 2 XS (currently $… Read more

Roku iOS app update lets users stream videos to televisions

Roku added a small, yet significant, addition to its app for iOS on Thursday. With the new 2.3 update, users can now stream videos stored on their iOS device directly to their televisions.

The new functionality is part of an update to the "Play on Roku" feature that the company announced last September. "Play on Roku" lets users stream music and photos stored on a phone or tablet via a Roku device to a television. Basically, it's Roku's answer to the Apple TV's AirPlay. "Play on Roku" also works with … Read more

Reduce the risk of TVs falling on children (podcast)

When we think of the "dangers" of TV and children, we're reminded of studies about kids watching too much TV or TV shows that encourage violence, overeating, or bad habits. And while there is some controversy about those issues, there is little doubt that TV becomes a real danger to kids if a set falls on them.

A study published in July by the American Academy of Pediatrics found that "more than 17,000 children are treated in U.S. emergency departments each year for a TV-related injury, equaling one child every 30 minutes."

Flat-screen … Read more

Aereo heads to Miami, Houston, and Dallas in September

Aereo, the cloud-based television provider that has drawn the ire of TV networks, is spreading further across the country.

The company announced on Thursday that it will offer its service to consumers in Miami, Houston, and Dallas starting next month. The Miami service will be available on September 2, while the Houston and Dallas offerings will launch on September 16 and September 23, respectively.

Aereo provides an extremely small antenna that allows customers to access over-the-air programming. The company also has a cloud-based DVR that lets users record over-the-air programming and watch it back on personal devices, such as tablets, … Read more

Get a Vizio 29-inch LED HDTV for $149.99

Today's television landscape offers an embarrassment of riches, from "Breaking Bad" to "Game of Thrones" to "Orange is the New Black."

Obviously big TVs are best for consuming all this great content, but not every room can accommodate one, nor can every budget.

If you're looking for something that's a decent size and an incredible price, try this: While supplies last, has the open-box Vizio E291-A1 29-inch LED HDTV for $149.99, plus $15 for shipping. It lists for $239.99 and sells for around that price at most … Read more

LG to ramp up OLED screen production in 2014

LG is planning to dramatically increase its commitment to OLED screen production, the company has confirmed.

In the second half of 2014, LG will bring online its eighth-generation glass-cutting technology, a company spokesperson told Korea Times in an interview published Friday. With that, the company will be able to start mass-producing OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screens for televisions.

According to LG, the facility will be capable of producing 26,000 glass sheets each month. The news comes as Samsung Display, which also has plans to mass-produce OLED TV screens, has yet to reveal plans for when it'll start its … Read more