Introducing CNET TechTracker 1.0

About a month ago, we revealed CNET TechTracker beta, a new, free application for Windows computers that helps you make certain your installed apps are up-to-date. After receiving feedback from an army of volunteer testers, CNET now introduces the first general release of CNET TechTracker 1.0.

Here's a crash course on how it works. You download CNET TechTracker to your PC, where it spends a few minutes scanning your hard drive for all your software. After that, every time a new update arrives, you'll see an alert message pop up from the TechTracker icon in the task … Read more

Shameless plug: TechTracker updates your apps

Back in the old days of CNET, we had a product I loved called CNET Catchup. It scanned your computer and told you which software on it had updates available. I'm happy to report that we've brought the function back, in a completely new product called TechTracker.

It's a free app. It will scan your PC (at regular intervals if you like) and tell you what you have that's old or out of date. It gives you links to updates as well as user reviews of the apps. Updates come to you from our Download.comRead more

CNET's new beta software

For years, you've been begging for the return of CNET CatchUp, a program that helped track your software installations and informed you when new versions were available. It went the way of the dodo, but CNET has been working on a similar service and we'd like your feedback on it. Consider it CatchUp 2.0.

CNET TechTracker FAQs:

Name: CNET TechTracker (download)

What: Free beta service that starts with a small desktop app and culminates in a Web dashboard that, like CatchUp, reports which software versions you have on your hard drive Aim: Alert you to … Read more

CNET Download for Mac just got better

Back when I started at CNET Download as the main Mac producer, part of my job was to go out into the wild world of the Internet to scout out new Mac programs. We used to get several submissions from software developers which we added and updated regularly, but if we wanted the big name titles, we often had to do the footwork ourselves. This meant we had to comb developer Web sites and other download sites to see what was out there. Whatever we found we would add to the software library.

Many things have changed over the years … Read more