Five steps to completing great group projects

Teamwork can be vital for large projects, but it's rare for any group to instinctively know how to carry one from start to finish. Whether you're working on your first big group project for school or you just need inspiration to make your work team collaborate better, it's good to start from the basics and build your way up from there based on what you need. Here are some tips and tools to make it all go more smoothly:

Understand your assignment. This seems almost trivial, but it may be the most important step on this list. … Read more

Should you manage projects with Clarizen 3.0?

Clarizen this week announced that it launched version 3.0 of its online project management tool.

Clarizen 3.0 adds a variety of new features, including the option to manage business issues, track expenses, and view Gantt charts. The company also tweaked Clarizen's design and added more tutorials to its site to make it easier for users to learn how to use Clarizen.

I've put version 3.0 through the paces and evaluated the project management tool to see how it stands up to alternatives, like OfficeZilla, which I took for a spin earlier this year.

Clarizen is certainly more powerful than OfficeZilla and it works quite well. But should it replace your project management software?… Read more

Teamwork: Blogtronix, BrainKeeper, Firestoker, System One

Under the Radar attendees were just treated to the battle of the online corporate-collaboration tools. There wasn't a shortage of good ideas; it's just that getting corporations to even warm to the idea of sharing information online or moving past e-mail for collaboration is a big challenge. The four tools presented are similar, with each demonstrating secure ways for users to share information and work together on projects.

Blogtronix stood out just for the sheer amount of capabilities it offers. The product is a social and secure platform for connecting employees online through a mixed Web 2.0 … Read more