Tango Voice & Video Calls review

With its sleek interface and wealth of social features, Tango Voice & Video Calls looks like one of the most complete communication platforms for Android. It allows you to text, call, and video-chat through 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi with anyone anywhere so long as they have the app installed on their device. The good part is that it really works.


Smooth and gorgeous interface: Tango Voice & Video Calls impresses with its overall design, which proves to be not only gratifying visually, but also fluid, whether you're texting or voice or video calling. We love the search feature'… Read more

Tango Text, Voice & Video review

Tango Text, Voice & Video is designed to help you keep in touch with the people however you prefer. There are tons of options for how you can communicate and who you share things with, so you can keep everyone important informed about your life as easily as possible.


Contact integration: Tango will import your Facebook friends, as well as all of your contacts from your phone, so you'll have everyone listed in the same place. This also makes it easy to invite your contacts to start using the app as well.

New friends: In addition to connecting … Read more

Alibaba leads $280M investment in messaging service Tango

Following Facebook's $19 billion deal to acquire messaging service WhatsApp, rival messaging app Tango announced a $280 million round of funding Wednesday led by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, as the company also surpassed its 200 millionth user.

Tango netted $215 million from Alibaba with the additional $65 million from some of its prior investors. Tango's prior investors include Access Industries, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Qualcomm Ventures, Toms Capital, Translink Capital, as well as Bill Tai, Shimon Weintraub, Jerry Yang, Alex Zubillaga and others.

The Alibaba investment secured the Chinese company a minority stake in Tango and a seat … Read more

Google's Project Tango phone rocks four cameras

When Google decided to ship most of Motorola over to China and its new home with Lenovo, it held on to Moto's Advanced Technologies and Projects division, which has been working on some of the more crazy, and Google X-like, initiatives -- like a modular smartphone (Project Ara) and a 3D-mapping phone (Project Tango).

It seems as though the only phones Google is truly interested in making in-house are those that push the boundaries of what a smartphone is and is meant to do. Now we have some idea of what the Project Tango phone, which is kind of like taking Google's mapping and Street View initiatives down to an even more detailed level, will shape up to be. … Read more

Matterport breathes life into fully immersive 3D models

Picture a 3D virtual representation of your living room, one you can fly over in a top-down view and even move through with the fluidity of a first-person video game. Now imagine having the ability to tinker with that space: Change the paint on your walls, drop in a new couch to see how it fits with the existing furniture, or perform accurate measurements of the room, all on a computer screen.

That's Matterport's vision for the future of 3D modeling, and it extends beyond home renovation. From architecture and construction to real estate and crime scene visualization, … Read more

Man with a vision: Movidius' CEO talks Project Tango (Q&A)

When Google's mobile 3D-mapping effort Project Tango hit the dance floor this week, it did so fueled in large part by the Myriad 1, Movidius' unique computer vision processing chip. CEO Remi El-Ouazzane says that Movidius sees a future forever changed by the firm's hardware and companion software.

A graduate of Harvard Business School and most recently the worldwide general manager of the Open Multimedia Applications Platform group at Texas Instruments, French native El-Ouazzane has a long history of involvement in Android. That made Google's Project Tango, developed by the Advanced Technology and Projects group formerly of … Read more

Twitter's MoPub launches native mobile ads platform

MoPub, which Twitter bought for a reported $350 million in September, on Thursday announced the launch of its native mobile ads platform.

The idea, MoPub said in a blog post, is to give app developers a way to automatically place mobile ads, rather than have to build them piecemeal. The plan to launch the platform was first reported by the Financial Times in October.

MoPub's rationale for building the new platform is that many app developers want to be able to sell native ads, but that until now, there has been no "scalable and accessible" way for … Read more

Spotify steps up clip sharing with messaging app Tango

Spotify is widening its social and mobile net to include the messaging world, and it's picked a free messaging app called Tango to do so.

Spotify said it is partnering with Tango because the company has technology nimble enough to quickly integrate shareable clips of songs from Spotify's catalog.

It also doesn't hurt that Tango, which has 160 million registered users and 60 million active monthly ones, has its biggest presence in the US, where Spotify has yet to achieve the kind of reach it enjoys elsewhere in the world, including in Europe. By contrast, close to … Read more

Five great Android Wi-Fi calling apps

There are many reasons to enjoy Wi-Fi calling, from starting video chats with family far and wide, to giving your old phone a new lease on life as a Wi-Fi-only device in little Johnny's hands. However you want to use it, you still need to know which apps are best.

There are quite a few companies battling it out in the data-calling space, each of which has its own benefits and drawbacks. Some offer voice-only calling, while others allow for video calls, photo transfer, and group chat.

Select apps share the love with other services, but others prefer to … Read more

Samsung teases robotic vacuum cleaner with a twist

Samsung revealed yesterday (albeit, with little detail) its latest robotic vacuum cleaner -- the Smart Tango Corner Clean -- just a week before a potential CES debut.

For those of you with visions of a Samsung-made Rosey the maid robot from "The Jetsons" zipping about your home, well, we're not quite there yet. However, due to the inclusion of appendages, the latest robotic vacuum from Samsung might give pause to prospective buyers of Roomba or Neato devices. … Read more