GrubHub Food Delivery Takeout review

GrubHub Food Delivery/Takeout app for Android makes it easy to find your next meal, whether you want to eat out or have it delivered. Enter your location and preferences (such as delivery or takeout), and it displays all the nearby restaurants and eateries in its large database. Log on to your GrubHub account for even easier hunting.


Let's eat: As soon as we ran it, GrubHub found five nearby restaurants: two health-oriented and three Asian, with distance, directions, hours, and even menus.

To order: We could narrow or broaden searches for carryout or delivery, online ordering, coupons, … Read more

How to import your Google Reader data to Feedly

Just a couple of weeks ago, Feedly and Digg Reader weren't able to import Google Reader subscriptions manually. Digg recently added support for OPML import and now you can do the same with Feedly. If you haven't exported your Google Reader data yet, you only have until July 15 to do so. Once you've exported the data, here's how to import it to Feedly:

Step 1: Extract the ZIP archive to a folder on your computer. The archive file contains some JavaScript files and "subscriptions.xml."

Step 2: Log in to your Feedly account.… Read more

Google Reader has expired, but your data lives until July 15

By now you probably already know that Google Reader has crossed over into the digital netherworld, joining many of its ill-fated Mountain View kin who were doomed never to exit beta.

When these sad departures occur, the ritual of going through the deceased's basement begins, and in the case of Google Reader it turns out that the place was full of lots of digital detritus belonging to you and me, and hundreds of thousands (if not millions -- we never really found out how popular Google Reader was in definite terms) of users.… Read more

Download your YouTube videos in their original format

Uploading a YouTube video causes it to be converted to the format used for streaming by the service. If you ever lose your videos, you could always grab the converted versions from the YouTube site, but what if you want the originals?

Google Takeout is now offering the ability to download the original versions of your videos, as mentioned by the Google Data Liberation blog. Takeout allows you to export data like settings, groups, or photos from Google's other Web sites and services.

Unfortunately, you can only download all videos together at this time. There's no option to … Read more

Google+ gives users a tool to merge multiple accounts

Google has come up with a way to merge users' Google Plus accounts, so that all circles and circle information can now be in just one account. The Web giant announced today the launch of the "Google+ circles transfer tool" via Google Takeout.

The tool works by moving users' Google+ circles and connections from what it calls a "source" account to a "destination" account. Once users' accounts are merged with this tool, people in their circles will only see the "destination" profiles.

This is most likely welcome news to those users that … Read more