3D-printed T.rex skull opens wide

Certain humans enjoy placing the heads of conquered beasts on their walls as a reminder of their prowess. Imagine how you'll feel when you hang the head of a Tyrannosaurus rex on the wall of your hunting lodge.

You don't have to be Steven Spielberg to accomplish this. You just have to pledge to 3D-Rex on Kickstarter.

The 3D-Rex project is offering up 3D-printed T. rex heads in various sizes. A small 3-inch skull runs $38. The wall-size 10-inch 3D-Rex, suitable for mounting, costs a pledge price of about $300. Okay, so it's more like a baby T. rex, but it's probably 100 percent more wall dinosaur than you have now.… Read more

The 404 1,247: Where we hop in the ball pit with Emily Dreyfuss (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Hi-fi reviews based purely on the feel of the knob .

- Which celebrities can you pay to message on Facebook?

- Can you bully a celebrity? Short answer: no.

- How the hell do you pronounce GIF anyway?

- Follow Emily Dreyfuss on Twitter.… Read more

Animatronic T. rex costume looks like it could eat you

Halloween is coming up. If your Superman Underoos aren't going to cut it for the eighth year in a row, then consider an animatronic life-size baby Tyrannosaurus rex costume from Wizart Studio instead.

The company crafts creatures for museums, but the T. rex was born to roam. It can be worn and operated by one person. Cable mechanisms trigger the detailed movements.

The 16-foot-long costume weighs just over 50 pounds. It's made from rubber, high-density foam, aluminum, and fiberglass. The textured outside makes it look wonderfully realistic. Holes in the body let the wearer see what's going on around it, such as people screaming and running away.… Read more

Electric T-Rex wants a bite of the X-Prize

The Campagna T-Rex is a high-performance reverse-tricycle with a pair of front wheels handling the steering, a 1400cc motorcycle drivetrain with a single drive wheel out back, and a two-seat passenger compartment in between. OptaMotive has partnered with Campagna Motors to bring high efficiency to the formula without losing any of the high performance. How do they plan to do it? By chucking the gasoline-fueled drivetrain and creating an all-electric T-Rex to compete for the Progressive Automotive X-Prize.

OptaMotive's code-name for the project is "Surge," but I think the "Grimlock" would be a much better … Read more