T-Mobile's tech chief: I want to decimate Verizon's map ad campaign

T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless have an increasingly complicated relationship.

The two companies are in the middle of closing a deal in which T-Mobile would get valuable wireless spectrum for $3.3 billion, a move that would aid its ability to offer coverage in rural and less populated regions of the country. Yet that isn't stopping T-Mobile from directing its sights at Verizon.

The latest attack: questioning the validity of Verizon's long-running campaign featuring coverage maps of all four carriers (of which Verizon, unsurprisingly, comes out looking far better than its competitors).

"I want to decimate that ad … Read more

T-Mobile to upgrade 2G network to 4G LTE, takes on Verizon

T-Mobile isn't slowing down when it comes to its network upgrade.

The upstart wireless carrier said on Thursday that it plans to add 4G LTE to its slower 2G network, adding coverage and speed to additional customers. The company also reiterated its intent to use the wireless spectrum it is acquiring from Verizon to further expand its coverage later this year.

Oddly enough, T-Mobile also said it was taking legal action against Verizon in an effort to get it to stop using its network coverage map in its advertising, which T-Mobile argues is "cherry-picking" a single technology (… Read more

AT&T throws cold water on European acquisitions

AT&T appears to be shifting its focus back to the US rather than expand into Europe.

That's according to AT&T Chief Financial Officer John Stephens, who was speaking at an investor conference on Wednesday. The event was Webcast.

"We're seeing the window of opportunity in owning assets is closing," Stephens said.

AT&T was reportedly interested in Vodafone, but in January said it didn't intend to make an offer. Still, the company opened the door to it, saying it reserved the right to make an offer at another time. As … Read more

SoftBank chief eyes 'massive price war' with Verizon, AT&T

SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son has officially put a target on the backs of AT&T and Verizon.

Speaking to Charlie Rose in an interview Monday, Son said that he'd "like to have the real fight" for mobile supremacy, adding that if he can get to that point, he would enter into "a more massive price war."

SoftBank, which acquired a controlling stake in Sprint last year, is reportedly mulling a merger with T-Mobile USA to create a more competitive alternative to the big two of AT&T and Verizon. But Son's comments … Read more

Sprint CFO says early reaction to Framily better than expected

Sprint's Framily friends and family plan is off to a good start. So says Chief Financial Officer Joe Euteneuer, who spoke at a Deutsche Bank investor conference on Monday.

At a time when the wireless carriers are either slashing prices or pushing for family members to sign up together to save money, Framily is Sprint's most potent weapon to fend off the competitive pressure. The plan is simple: the more people sign up, the bigger the savings. Individuals get separate bills, so people can go beyond their direct family and join together with friends and acquaintances.

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SoftBank targets broadband to justify T-Mobile buyout -- report

Fast mobile connection speeds, coupled with a strong third wireless carrier, could help improve US competition, not hurt it, SoftBank's CEO plans to argue in Washington this week.

SoftBank CEO and Sprint chairman Masayoshi Son will speak to policymakers on Tuesday and argue that if wireless carriers grow in size and invest in faster, more reliable data service, competition in the US home broadband market would intensify, Bloomberg reported on Monday, citing people who claim to have knowledge of Son's plans.

Son won't specifically lobby for a Sprint-T-Mobile merger, the report claimed, but the subtext of that … Read more

Why Sprint's push for a T-Mobile merger will likely be in vain

Once Softbank CEO and Sprint Chairman Masayoshi Son gets a bee in his bonnet, he's apparently a hard man to discourage.

Despite the fact that regulators have already expressed their skepticism of a deal between Sprint and T-Mobile to Son and Dan Hesse, Sprint's CEO, Son is not giving up. The Wall Street Journal reported this week that Son plans to take his arguments for why more wireless consolidation is needed to business and policy leaders gathering in Washington, DC, at a US Chamber of Commerce event on March 11.

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94% of BlackBerry users traded in for a different device -- report

T-Mobile's $200 trade-in deal reportedly snagged a lot of BlackBerry owners. But 94 percent of them opted to switch to a rival device, according to the folks at TmoNews.

Announced on February 19 and ending today, the T-Mobile promotion promised $200 to any BlackBerry owner who traded in their device for a new phone. As part of the deal, customers could opt for any phone -- another BlackBerry or a different device, such as an iPhone or Android phone.

To sweeten the deal in BlackBerry's favor, T-Mobile slashed $50 off the price of a new BlackBerry Q10 or … Read more

Sprint chairman to make plea for T-Mobile merger, despite concerns

Sprint Chairman and SoftBank Chief Masayoshi Son will petition the business community and lawmakers to support consolidation in the mobile market, a new report claims.

Son will host a presentation at the US Chamber of Commerce event in Washington, D.C., on March 11, where he's expected to rail against the US wireless industry and make a plea for business owners and lawmakers to support a possible merger between his company and T-Mobile, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday, citing people who claim to have knowledge of his plans.

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BlackBerry CEO: We're readying another flagship to win over new customers

BARCELONA, Spain -- John Chen was at a recent charity event when an announcer unexpectedly called out his name and introduced him as the man who was taking over BlackBerry.

Almost immediately, several attendees pulled their BlackBerry Bolds and began holding them up. At that point, he realized he couldn't keep sitting, and stood up and said a few words of encouragement and to keep the faith.

"There are some moments that are really great," Chen told CNET in an interview. "This is why there's quite a bit of good chance for us to turn … Read more