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QT Sync for Mac review

QT Sync for Mac gives you pinpoint control as you watch movies on your Mac, and it offers versatility when you want to save movies, as well. With this app, you can quickly move back and forth through the movie, select tracks for editing, and save the movie in multiple smaller files.

This app has a lot of features, and the Help document outlines them all clearly and succinctly. The controls are listed along with their hot keys, so you can hide the controller and navigate the movie without losing any part of your screen. With the Hidden Controller, you … Read more

Ford 'not married' to Microsoft for next-gen Sync, but BlackBerry isn't necessarily in

BARCELONA, Spain -- There's been no shortage of talk and speculation of late surrounding Ford's relationship with Microsoft.

Microsoft has, since the beginning of Sync, provided the software underpinnings that make the infotainment system work. With millions of Sync-equipped vehicles on the road, it's big business, and with rumors of a switch to QNX making the rounds, that's potentially bad news for Microsoft.

However, Ford is saying not so fast. Here in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress we spoke with Ford managing director Pin van der Jagt about the situation. He said that Ford is always … Read more

Microsoft repairs Skype chat syncing glitch

Skype users frustrated by messages that won't sync from one device to another should welcome a new fix from Microsoft.

Touting the service's "enhanced chat experience" in a blog posted Thursday, Skype product marketing manager Elaine Ansell said that chats are now synced across all of your Skype-enabled devices. Push notifications will also alert you when you have a new message waiting for you.

Ansell acknowledged that the Skype syncing issue caused people to miss messages and to run into messages marked as "read" on one device and "unread" on another. In … Read more

Mozilla adopts plain-vanilla password sign-in for Firefox sync

Mozilla has begun testing a simpler system for synchronizing Firefox's bookmarks, open tabs, Web site passwords, and other browser settings.

Until now, the not-for-profit organization had used a complicated mechanism in which you had to type a pairing code shown on one browser into another browser. Now it's begun a shift to a straightforward username-password approach to Firefox Sync, Mozilla said Saturday.

The old approach had the virtue of working without requiring Mozilla to maintain a database of its users, but it was complicated. Mozilla has lost that aversion and now offers Firefox accounts.

The initial version supports … Read more

Box gives you a great interface for viewing and storing files in the cloud

Box is a free file-sharing and storage cloud app akin to Dropbox, offering several useful features and a clean interface that's incredibly easy to navigate. At the time of this review, Box is bumping up the storage to 50GB of free space for iOS users, so if you're looking for a cloud storage app, now is the time to grab Box.

Though the app has been available for a few years now, the latest version of Box is a complete redesign of the interface for iOS devices, making all the most common actions easy to get to. The … Read more

Dropbox problems linger after Friday outage

Dropbox's service for synchronizing and sharing files experienced problems starting on Friday and extending to Sunday.

"We're continuing to make progress on reducing the number of users experiencing service issues," Dropbox said in a blog post late Saturday night, but on Sunday, some problems such as photo sharing folders persisted.

In an apology to users, the company said Saturday night that people's data is intact:

No files were lost in the outage, but some users continue to run into problems using various parts of and our mobile apps. We're rapidly reducing the … Read more

The ADT home security empire strikes back at CES

These days, consumers interested in protecting their homes have more options than ever before, thanks to security-minded home automation services like SimpliSafe and fee-free, crowd-funded DIY upstarts like Piper and iSmartAlarm that continue to improve. That spells trouble for established industry leaders like ADT, as an increasing number of consumers are finding better value with the little guys.

Today, ADT answered back, announcing a sweeping list of upgrades to ADT Pulse, its premier home security package. Chief among these is the ADT Pulse Voice app, which will enable users to manage their home security and automation needs by way of … Read more

Hands-on with the Nomad ChargeKey Lightning cable

The Nomad ChargeKey aims to solve a common problem: There's never a sync cable around when you need one.

You know the routine: You're killing time at the airport and suddenly realize that your iPhone battery is down to 6 percent. There are USB charging ports everywhere, but you don't have a cord. As long as you have your keys, however, you're in business.

True to its name, the ChargeKey is a key-shaped cable with a USB plug at one end and a Lightning (or Micro-USB) connector at the other. With it, you can sync or … Read more

Samsung's HomeSync now works with non-Samsung devices

Samsung announced Tuesday that it is extending compatibility of its HomeSync media center to more Android devices, including those made by other companies.

The $299 device, which launched in the US in October, lets people store, sync, and stream content from their mobile devices to their TVs while at home or on the go. HomeSync also provides 1TB of storage for up to eight separate accounts and gives each user the option to sync photo albums, video, and music and to upload and download mobile content.

While HomeSync initially worked only with Samsung mobile devices equipped with Samsung Link, the … Read more

How to migrate your free SugarSync account to another service

Last week, cloud-storage service SugarSync announced plans to stop offering free accounts and close all existing ones. That probably came as a shock to anyone who's enjoyed the company's 5GB of gratis file sharing, syncing, and backup.

Alas, as of February 8, 2014, you'll either have to pony up for a paid account or take your files elsewhere. Thankfully, if you decide to pursue the latter option, it shouldn't be too difficult to make the move. Here's everything you need to know.

Take inventory

The first step is to take a hard look at everything … Read more