Swiped Fruits review

Swiped Fruits is a free Android puzzle game in which you swipe matching fruit symbols to score. It's been done many times, but iGold Technologies' version has some things going for it, such as nicely rendered game pieces, lots of game modes, and no "pro" upgrades.


Fruit salad: Swiped Fruits offers multiple modes to keep you challenged: Classic, Fruit Mania, Timeattack, Score Panic, and Continuous.

Plenty of options: You can swipe loops, diagonals, and angles. Top-notch sound and graphics, too.

Full-featured freeware: Unlike many free games with "pro" upgrades, Swiped Fruits has no limitations … Read more

No text? No problem for Chrome's search by image

Google Chrome updated on Tuesday with some new features that will make it easier to search on desktops and easier to use on Android.

The stable channel for Chrome on desktops, version 30, now comes with "search by image." Right-click on any image, and you'll see an option to search using the image as the subject of the query. This works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Other changes in desktop Chrome include new Chrome Web apps application programming interfaces (APIs), which will make the Web apps function more like native mobile apps with in-app payments, saving to … Read more

Review: Compete with others in an addictive Word Search : Word Swipe

Word Search : Word Swipe offers an engrossing word search game experience that features online competitions and rankings. Its fun challenges and multiple difficulty levels make it appealing for all types of gamers, whether young or old, seasoned or inexperienced. As to performance, you have nothing to worry about. The app is fast and stable.

Word Search : Word Swipe comes with a sleek, well-organized interface. You have to first go through a useful automated tutorial that shows you how to select letters and words by swiping across them to score points. The main screen displays options to play the game, view … Read more

Apple explores swipe gestures for iOS device keyboards

iPhone and iPad users may one day be able to add swipe gestures to their keyboard repertoire.

A patent awarded to Apple by the US Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday reveals that Apple has been looking into the use of swipe gestures as an alternative to various keyboard functions. Dubbed "Swipe gestures for touch-screen keyboards," the patent describes how swiping could be more effective than tapping on the virtual keyboard.

The technology envisioned in the patent wouldn't let you use swipes to type actual characters. Instead, a swipe would invoke specific keys, such as space, backspace, … Read more

The 404 1,332: Where we tell you how we got these scars (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Tech terms coined in the '90s: Where are they now?

- Man turns his phone number into a premium number, makes money off of telemarketers calling him.

- Locket app lets users make money by swiping through ads on their smartphones.

- South Koreans develop plastic surgery for a permanent smile.… Read more

Latest SwiftKey beta goes to the cloud

Already widely known as one of the best third-party keyboard apps available on Android, SwiftKey today adds a suite of new features called SwiftKey Cloud to its beta build.

For those who aren't familiar with SwiftKey, the app sets itself apart from its competitors by bringing scary-smart predictive technology to the Android keyboard. The more you use it, the better it gets at not only correcting your mistakes, but also predicting words as you type. It follows your breadcrumbs as you type out text messages, e-mails in Gmail, and even Facebook and Twitter updates, then processes all this typing … Read more

Review: Snapkeys launches a creative take on the mobile keyboard

Snapkeys provides an innovative replacement for the QWERTY keyboard as a primary method of typing. Primarily aimed at touchscreen devices, Snapkeys aims to reinvent the way users type out words and sentences with an interface that strives to provide the same level of support for the entire alphabet. Combined with some intelligent algorithms to predict what you're going type, the interface, itself, is designed to drastically reduce the amount of space a keyboard occupies on a screen, allowing users to focus less on what to write and more on the content at hand.

The arrangement is unconventional, yet effective … Read more

Swipe Calc HD 1.1 Review

While it's an interesting concept and has some good points, Swipe Calc can cause ample frustration in initial uses. With a few bugs and the lack of upfront tutorial materials to show you how it actually works, the app is hard to figure out in the beginning. If you can get the hang of it, however, you will find a calculator app that performs well, overall.

When you first open Swipe Calc, you'll find a normal calculator. In the current version of the app, the calculator does not work properly in landscape mode, so be sure to hold … Read more

Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine 2.0 Review

In an age of information overload, apps like Flipboard provide the much- needed organization and curation tools to keep it all in one place. By taking your RSS subscriptions, Twitter account, Facebook account, and other online accounts and combining them into one easy-to-use interface, Flipboard simplifies the consumption of information on an iPad and makes it faster and easier than ever before to get what you need from your device.

When you first open Flipboard, you'll be prompted to create an account. This account will store all of your subscriptions, and you can choose to either create a new … Read more

Enable swipe-to-delete in Gmail 4.2 on Android

One feature Android users have been asking for in the Gmail app has been the ability to swipe and delete or archive a message. With the release of Gmail 4.2, that's now possible.

By default, the swipe gesture is set to archive or delete a message, depending on whether the message has already been archived. Should you want to change it to always delete (or disable the feature altogether), you'll need to dive into the settings.

To enable swipe-to-delete, make sure you have the latest version of Gmail running on your Android device. After you've updated, … Read more