Insta-named app rebrands to avoid Facebook fallout

The name Instagrille is no more. The most popular Instagram application for Windows desktops is being rebranded on Tuesday as Pixsta and upgraded with video support.

The changes come after the Insta-named version amassed more than 10 million downloads, but attracted the attention of Instagram parent company Facebook in the worst way.

Pixsta is the product of SweetLabs, the startup that runs the Pokki application marketplace for PCs. The 2-year-old application was purchased by SweetLabs last year after it gained attention from people wanting to experience Instagram on their desktops. The name Instagrille was a dead giveaway for its purpose … Read more

Bringing Web-based games to your desktop

CNET Download.com, social gaming company Kabam, and Sweetlabs, makers of Pokki, have teamed up to bring Windows users full-screen desktop versions of four popular (formerly) social network-based games.

Formerly only available on a Web browser, users would need to log in to social sites to play. With this launch using Pokki, the games require neither a Web browser nor a connection to social networking sites--these new Pokki desktop apps let you experience The Godfather: Five Families, Dragons of Atlantis, Edgeworld, and Thirst of Night in full screen on your Windows PC.

Teaming up with Pokki and Kabam brings apps … Read more