Not tonight, darling, I'm online shopping

I know that Nancy Reagan always encouraged us to "just say no."

But it's not easy, is it? Some people can be terribly insistent, nagging even. Some can sulk or get aggressive.

Thankfully, it seems that Americans have found a new way to tell their significant others that they don't have a significant mood for sex: they say they're busy online shopping.

You might think I'm making it up. And I might think that people who create these surveys are making it up too.

All I can tell you is that the cashback rewards … Read more

Zombie moss: Plant revives after 1,500 frozen years

It sounds like the next purposefully bad SyFy channel production: "Zombie moss! It came from beneath the Antarctic!" Researchers pulled up a sample of moss that had been sitting frozen for the last 1,500 years. Remarkably, it came back to life and started to grow again. This isn't quite the same as an unfrozen caveman lawyer, but it's pretty cool.

The moss sample came from a frozen core extracted from a moss bank in the Antarctic. It was sliced and placed in an incubator set to maintain normal light and temperature conditions geared for growth. A few weeks later, the sample began to grow. Carbon dating places the age of the moss at at least 1,530 years old.… Read more

Despite complaints, most Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers plan to renew

Adobe Systems is having a hard time convincing skeptics that its Creative Cloud is worthwhile, but most of those who've signed up plan to renew their subscription to Adobe's software and services for another year's payments.

Those are some of the findings from the latest survey from CNET and analyst firm Jefferies. We've been tracking the demise of Adobe's Creative Suite software, which is sold through perpetual licenses but no longer updated, and its Creative Cloud replacement, which grants access to the CS software, some extra new titles, and online services for publishing, sharing files, … Read more

CNET survey: Will you renew your Creative Cloud subscription?

Ten months ago, Adobe announced that if you want to use the latest version of Photoshop, Illustrator, and all its other software for creative pros, the Creative Cloud subscription is the only way to get them. Hundreds of thousands of people signed up -- and now we want to know if you think it's worth it.

CNET and analyst firm Jefferies have conducted a series of surveys about Adobe, its Creative Cloud subscription, and the Creative Suite products it replaces. Now we have a new survey on Adobe we invite you to fill out to see what you think … Read more

Whale-watching from space totally works

Whales are big, but they're relatively small compared with the great expanses of the oceans. Counting and tracking them can be a challenge, so researchers are turning to eyes in the sky for assistance. A team from the British Antarctic Survey tapped into data from the WorldView-2 satellite, a commercial satellite owned by imaging company DigitalGlobe.

Extremely high-resolution imagery was run through processing software to help detect whales in the Golfo Nuevo off the coast of Argentina. The process identified 55 whales, while there were 23 other probable sightings.… Read more

Apple faithful admit to 'blind loyalty' to iPhone

Imagination is what keeps us from becoming actuaries.

It protects us from that nagging feeling of sameness, where one day seems identical to the next.

There are areas of our lives, however, where imagination is locked out like A-Rod from baseball.

One such possibility relates to iPhone owners. Critics rail that these people should see the light of a new brand. Yet they seem to enjoy a loyalty to Apple that borders on the insane.

Now a survey suggests that iPhone owners are suffering from what the study's creator calls "blind loyalty."… Read more

Survey: Did cheaper Photoshop subscriptions win you over?

Adobe Systems has been more aggressive of late with its subscription plans, and we'd like to know if you think they're worth it.

That's right: It's time for the fourth Adobe survey in a series that CNET and analyst firm Jefferies are running to try to gauge customer sentiment about Adobe's products and its transition to a subscription company.

Click the link above if you want to take the survey, but here's a preview of one part: We'd like to know if you signed up for Adobe's Photoshop Photography Program.

The program … Read more

Social media competes with sex...and wins, survey says

If this whole social-media thing continues like it's been going for the past decade, we could be transformed into sexless robots in the next 50 years.

At least, that's the very non-scientific prediction I arrive at after cherry-picking one particularly disturbing data point from the most recent National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles. The survey, which is conducted in the UK just once a decade, is led by the University College London in partnership with researchers from the National Centre for Social Research and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. … Read more

Tablets dwarf other holiday tech gifts in CNET survey

A whopping 40 percent of tech shoppers will buy tablets this holiday season according to CNET's survey of 1,182 readers. That's nearly twice as many tablets as any other device, with 23 percent shopping for phones, 20 percent for computers, and 17 percent for headphones. Even more readers -- 42 percent -- want to receive a tablet.

The average CNET survey respondent plans to spend nearly $700 on gifts for nine family and friends this year, in line with the national average (according to Wells Fargo). Tech-focused shoppers, however, plan to spend at least 50 percent of … Read more

Sprint dead last in Consumer Reports' phone service survey

Sprint is eating everyone's dust.

The nation's third-largest wireless carrier by subscriber base sank to the bottom of a survey conducted by Consumer Reports over cell phone service. Sprint scored "dismal marks" in value, voice, text messaging, and 4G reliability, according to Consumer Reports' survey released Thursday. Sprint ranked No. 2 behind Verizon Wireless a year ago.

It's the latest headache for a carrier that is going through a long and painful transformation of its network. Sprint is in the middle of upgrading its network to allow for better and faster service, but the transition … Read more