Mask Surf Pro review

Mask Surf Pro addresses many of the issues associated with Tor anonymizers, from security to implementation, to keep your online activities safe, secure, and private. It's not free nor especially cheap compared to similar tools, but a streamlined interface, automatic browser integration, masking, and other features help Mask Surf Pro earn its keep.


Pro-level: Mask Surf Pro has everything in the freeware plus features geared for advanced users and professionals, such as country emulation, switchable anonymity tests, and the ability to set your PC as a Tor client, relay, or bridge.

Tor your way: Installation options include regular … Read more

Review: SurfEasy VPN for Mac provides security and anonymity

SurfEasy VPN for Mac boosts your online security and privacy by rerouting all Web traffic through a virtual private network. The service has a free tier as well as paid subscriptions and offers desktop and mobile apps for free once you create an account. As with any VPN or proxy, your Internet speed will decrease depending on the chosen server, but your machine will not take a performance hit.

During installation, SurfEasy VPN for Mac requires an administrative password. After you launch the app and log in to your account, you can configure it by clicking the icon on the … Read more

Review: Surf the Web in privacy with Surf Anonymously Free

Surf Anonymously Free hides your identity online by replacing your Internet connection's regular IP with an anonymous IP that changes regularly. Hackers, identity thieves, and other would-be threats can't see your real ID or location, and neither can those creepy ads that know what you've been looking at. We've tried similar utilities, but they slowed down our browsing enough that we simply stopped using them. But two things have happened: 1) Online threats to your privacy and security have gotten bigger, meaner, and nastier; and 2) global Internet connections have gotten way faster. Some of the … Read more

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Notable New Products

BitTorrent Surf brings the power of BitTorrent to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Mok Force is a … Read more

Surf turns Chrome into a BitTorrent app

BitTorrent Surf is a new Chrome add-on (download) that turns the browser into a torrent client. While that's not an innovation on its own, this is the first time the company has built a complete torrent-manager for the browser.

In development for the past six months, according to the BitTorrent blog announcing the add-on, Surf lets you find torrents on the Web and download them.

Still in rough alpha, Surf goes beyond that. It allows for automatic torrent detection when you navigate to a site, and you can save favorite sites to "create your own combined engine," … Read more

What is SurfCast and can it spoil Microsoft's Windows 8 party?

A few days after the Windows 8 operating system went on sale and started generating significant revenue, Microsoft was slapped with a lawsuit by a company no one had ever heard of. The suit targets the core design feature of the new Windows 8 user interface -- the Live Tiles that surface dynamically updated information, such as tweets, photos, notifications and weather data, on the home screen of Windows 8 devices.

Read: Microsoft sued over Live Tiles

SurfCast's bare-bones Web site is short on corporate details, such as who is actually running the show. … Read more

Apple's Web browser gets several clever improvements

Safari has been Apple's Web browser for many years, and the company keeps making improvements to it at regular intervals. Originally designed to be a Web browser with the Mac OS look and feel, Safari has been part of the Apple family a long time. Apple support isn't the only reason to use it, though; it has other strengths.

With the latest releases, you can do many tasks that used to require multiple apps or a lot of keystrokes. For example, you can send a tweet or post content to Facebook from within Safari. If you visit a … Read more

Browse safe and anonymously with Mask Surf Pro

Tor stands for The Onion Router. Imagine each layer of an onion is a server. That's essentially how Tor lets you surf the Web safely and anonymously, and with no creepy Web ads that have obviously been tracking you. The trouble with Tor is the trouble with onions: they can be overwhelming. ThankSoft's Mask Surf Pro makes it easy to use the Tor network yet offers advanced features like the capability to choose which host country to emulate. Developers can use it to test how their tools or Web pages perform in specific regions or under certain browser … Read more

Web Search Pro

Web Search Pro from Captain Caveman offers an innovative way of doing Internet searches. The free Firefox extension allows the user to determine beforehand how the search is to be conducted. In essence, it is like instructing the browser where to look. For example, typing a particular topic and telling it to look in Wikipedia will bring you to a specific Wiki page on the topic.

Sadly, there is no Help file to aid the new user. This would have been helpful in explaining the Drag & Drop Zone functionality of the application, which is probably its best feature. It … Read more

Angry Birds adds 15 new levels, support for Retina iPad

Those Angry Birds are still angry even though they can now hang out on the beach with 15 new levels.

Flying in today to iPhone and iPad users, version 2.2 of the original Angry Birds nestles in with a whole new set of challenges.

A new section dubbed Surf and Turf offers 15 levels where you can slingshot the angry birds at the piggies just trying to get a tan at the beach. As usually, the levels start off easy but get more difficult as you move along.

But don't worry, if you bump into trouble getting through … Read more