Review: SugarSync offers an iOS-centric cloud storage tool for photos/videos

SugarSync attempts to do what other services before it have done well--provide an extended storage solution for the iOS platform. However, due to limited upgrade options, it will only work for a certain group of people. While the focus on video and image backup is good on a device with a camera and far too little built-in storage, it doesn't offer more than its competitors to truly stand out.

SugarSync is very much like other cloud storage tools like Dropbox and Sign up for a free account and you receive 5GB of storage that you can use … Read more

Stay in sync with SugarSync Manager

The name SugarSync Manager might conjure up images of a pimply teen sullenly manning a pinktacular technology-themed candy store, but the reality is far more pleasant: SugarSync is an online storage, sync, and sharing service, and SugarSync Manager is its software client. (Yes, the client is the "manager.")

SugarSync works similarly to other top software in its category--users install the free SugarSync Manager on any computers and devices they wish to connect; they select the folders that they want it to back up and/or sync online; and then SugarSync automatically keeps their data up-to-date and synced on … Read more

SugarSync for Android gets better at sharing

As one of Dropbox's primary competitors, it's no surprise that SugarSync is pushing hard to step it's game up. Announced yesterday, the popular file-syncing service in the cloud has upgraded its Android app with a few sharing and file-management enhancements that are certainly worth a look.

First, users can now share files or even entire folders through Facebook and Twitter. Previously SugarSync was only able to share to your contacts, but now the app makes it easy to create a link and post it directly to your social networks. While it is a welcome addition to SugarSync'… Read more

BlackBerry gets music streaming from Sugarsync

Music cloud services seem to be all the rage for iPhones and Android phones these days. However, perhaps due to its reputation as a business device, the BlackBerry has been left out in the cold in most cases. Luckily, if you use this particular mobile OS, Sugarsync doesn't want your life to be all work and no play.

The online file storage service announced Tuesday that its latest Sugarsync app for BlackBerry supports streaming from the music cloud. Functionality seems a bit limited in that you can only play albums from start to finish, but it's a step … Read more

Personal services get business flavor: Xobni and SugarSync

IT pros will often tell you that a lot of consumer technology isn't ready for the enterprise. It's not secure, it's not priced correctly, it can't be administered, yada yada. That doesn't stop businesspeople from using consumer tools in their jobs, though. It just stops the people who make the tools from profiting from their use.

Where there are IT administrators, there are budgets, and where there are budgets, there's market opportunity. And I'm not surprised that two very solid personal productivity tools are getting business versions this week and business models to … Read more

SugarSync comes to Android Netbooks, phones

Although Acer may be applying the brakes to its planned Android Netbook deployment, when the Google-y mini computers do hit the shelves, SugarSync will be ready.

On Wednesday, Sharpcast, SugarSync's developer, released a version of the cross-platform multimedia syncing management software for Android phones and Netbooks. SugarSync for Android lets you view and download files on your Android Netbook or mobile phone, and upload local files to your free or premium SugarSync repository.

Since SugarSync's applications are free (you just pay for the storage you use), you can use it as a makeshift remote access tool, and as … Read more

Get remote file access, management on your iPhone with Sugarsync

Sugarsync, a pricey but excellent file-syncing and backup solution has a new iPhone application that's downright cool. It gives you access to all the files stored on computers linked up to your Sugarsync account. Better yet, it provides instant--and I do mean instant--updates when a file has been touched by you or another user by utilizing some spiffy push technology.

I got a demo of it in action a few weeks back, and it's one of the better looking applications I've seen. Like the desktop version each linked up machine has its own special icon, and all … Read more

First Look video: SugarSync file-syncing

For serious syncers who routinely work from multiple computers or mobile phones, SugarSync is, in more ways than one, a premium solution to file-transferring problems. More flexible than some competing PC-to-PC syncing software or mobile and PC remote access services, Sugar Sync weaves in elements of both. Lite sync some folders for online back-up and fully sync folders or files to load them on each of your computers. A change to one file exacts a change to all.

SugarSync doesn't do everything, and the mobile functionality could use some usability finessing. There are also a few tricks worth knowing … Read more

SugarSync: Most useful sync tool ever. But you'll pay for it.

Today, Sharpcast is launching the public beta of its new file synchronization product, SugarSync (download it from Like other sync tools (FolderShare [recently updated] and BeInSync), it performs the useful service of automatically keeping the data on one PC the same as on another. This is a great service for people who use more than one PC -- a laptop and a desktop, for example. It can also be used as a crude workgroup file system (see Groove). I got a tour of the product recently from Sharpcast CEO Gibu Thomas and took some time to experiment with … Read more