Airbnb host creates petition to confront New York lawmakers

Airbnb just got a few thousand more supporters in its ongoing dispute with New York state.

The rent-out-your-home service has thrown its weight behind a petition authored by a New York City host named Mishelle. In the petition, she asks the state's senate to fix what she calls a "poorly written law," which could curb Airbnb's reach in the region.

"The reason this is happening is because of a poorly written law originally designed to stop slumlords from running illegal hotels with dozens of rental apartments," Mishelle writes. "As a New Yorker just … Read more

Airbnb files motion to block New York AG's subpoena

It appears that Airbnb is going to bat for its New York City hosts; the rent-out-your-home service has filed a motion objecting to the state's recent subpoena asking for troves of host data.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman filed the subpoena last Friday requesting that Airbnb divulge three years' worth of data on thousands of New York hosts. While Airbnb has said that it will cooperate with New York's lawmakers to root out illegal hotel operators and slumlords, its motion stated that it won't turn over sweeping amounts of information on hosts who have done no wrong.

"… Read more

Chevron targets Google, Yahoo, Microsoft e-mail accounts

A $18 billion legal battle pitting Chevron against indigenous Amazonian Indians has spilled over into a California courtroom, where the oil giant is trying to force Google and Yahoo to turn over e-mail accounts used by attorneys for the Ecuadorians. Microsoft has also received a request.

CNET has learned that Google asked a California federal court on Friday to deny Chevron's request for immediate disclosure, arguing it's "simply unreasonable to demand that Google collect, review, and produce this volume of information in less than 30 days." Chevron subsequently agreed to more time.

U.S. Magistrate Judge … Read more

Apple subpoenas Amazon for interviews in e-book suit

Apple is on the offensive again in the e-book pricing lawsuit. A subpoena issued by the tech giant in July has just surfaced and demands that the Department of Justice turn over interviews it conducted with Amazon employees for the suit, according to Paid Content.

The subpoena asks for "transcripts and exhibits" and a "list of individuals interviewed" by the DOJ in depositions.

To recap the case: in an antitrust lawsuit filed in April, federal prosecutors accused Apple and five book publishers of conspiring to artificially hike prices. At the time, Amazon was selling e-books much … Read more

Twitter renews privacy fight in Occupy Wall Street case

Twitter today renewed its privacy defense of a user accused of disorderly conduct during an Occupy Wall Street protest last October, telling a New York appeals court that police failed to comply with the U.S. Constitution's safeguards when trying to access his account.

A lower court's ruling in June that user "tweets are unprotected by the federal and New York constitutions is still erroneous," Twitter said in a brief (PDF) filed this morning.

Prosecutors want Twitter to turn over "any and all user information, including e-mail address, as well as any and all tweets&… Read more

Twitter subpoenaed over violent tweets to Mike Tyson show

Updated 11:39 a.m. PT on Aug. 8

Fearing a possible shootout at the Broadway theater where former boxing champ Mike Tyson is performing a one-man show, the New York Police Department has subpoenaed Twitter to cough up information on a specific user's account, according to the Associated Press.

"This s--- ain't no joke yo I'm serious people are gonna die just like in aurora," one of the user's tweets read, according to the Associated Press. Another tweet from the same user cautioned, "I'm in Florida rite now, but it'll … Read more

Judge: Twitter must release account data of arrested user

A judge has ordered Twitter to release three months of data from the account of a user being prosecuted for disorderly conduct related to an Occupy Wall Street protest on the Brooklyn Bridge last October.

The district attorney's office in New York City wants Twitter to turn over basic user information from Malcolm Harris' Twitter account (@destructuremal), and his tweets. Harris' motion to quash the subpoena to Twitter was denied by the criminal court of the city of New York on the grounds that Harris had no proprietary interest in the user information on his Twitter account. Twitter challenged the subpoena, … Read more

Twitter challenges court order to hand over user data

Twitter is challenging an order from a New York state court requiring it to hand over data on one of its users, who is being prosecuted for disorderly conduct related to an Occupy Wall Street protest on the Brooklyn Bridge last year.

Prosecutors want Twitter to turn over basic user information from Malcolm Harris' Twitter account (@destructuremal), as well as his tweets. Harris' motion to quash the subpoena to Twitter was denied by the Criminal Court of the City of New York, and Twitter filed a motion (PDF) yesterday in support of the defendant's motion to quash the subpoena. … Read more

Secret subpoena aimed at Twitter user not so secret anymore

Massachusetts authorities apparently thought that asking nicely would suffice to keep secret their subpoena for information on a Twitter user involved with Occupy Wall Street. They thought wrong.

So when the Suffolk County District Attorney's office sent its request to Twitter, its subpoena ended up in the inbox of the DA's target, following a decision by Twitter to share it as part of its privacy policy.

The user in question goes by the handle @p0isAn0N, who last week posted the document in full on Scribd. Dated December 14, the subpoena requests IP address information about the accounts of @… Read more

Feds investigating Craigslist complaint against eBay

The U.S. Justice Department has begun a criminal investigation into unfair competition allegations leveled by Craigslist in ongoing litigation against eBay, according to a Reuters report today.

A subpoena issued by a federal grand jury in San Jose, Calif., last week on behalf of the Department of Justice seeks "an array" of documents and information related to Craiglist's complaint that minority shareholder eBay took advantage of its membership on Craigslist's board to gather sensitive information before eBay launched in March 2005 its own classified service, then called Kijiji but later renamed eBay Classifieds.

"In … Read more