BMW burns its logo onto viewers' eyelids

"Make the logo bigger!" is a cry that has emerged from the mouths of so many marketing directors.

"Burn the logo onto everyone's eyelids!" is perhaps spoken less often.

But as technology moves apace, the possibilities expand in proportion to the ambition and brazenness of the marketers.

So I am grateful to Wired for imprinting upon my eyes an attempt from earlier this year to burn the BMW logo onto the eyelids of unsuspecting German cinema-goers.

Perhaps knowing that most commercials for motor vehicles are duller than the water in a Russian hotel, BMW decided … Read more

Simple subliminal message program

Whether subliminal messages actually work is a matter that's still up for debate. For users who want to try them out and see what happens, MB Free Subliminal Message Software is not a bad choice.

The software's publisher, Mystic Board, seems to put out a lot of software that is primarily an advertising vehicle. This is evidenced in the program's interface, which advises users in more than one place that they can make money online (which, of course, links to Mystic Board's Web site). Advertising aside, the interface is fairly straightforward, and the online Help is … Read more

Improve your life while you work

At this very moment, I'm utilizing breakthrough psychological software to make me feel happier and less stressed. Or at least that's supposedly what I'm doing, according to developer Ded Pyhto, the publisher of the self-improvement tool Subliminal Flash.

The concept is simple. You select as many of the 33 areas of self-improvement, such as Happiness, Self-Esteem, Improved Memory, or Better Skin, as you want the program to include, and the software will present you with subliminal affirmations that improve those areas of your life. Sounds crazy? From the company's press release: "According to Ded Pyhto'… Read more