Jet Car stunts is back and better than ever

Jet Car Stunts 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the physics-based racing and stunt car game that was a hit way back in 2009 in the App Store. But with this installment, the game has several new cars (each with different handling), different race types, and tons of high-flying action.

The control system is mostly the same as the original game, with tilt controls to steer and onscreen gas and brake buttons. But even with its pitch-perfect controls, Jet Car Stunts 2 is extremely challenging, and is probably not a good fit for casual racing game fans.

It's also … Read more

Ready the lightsabers! MythBusters test 'Star Wars' moments

Could Ewoks really take down the Imperial soldiers with tree logs? Could Luke Skywalker seriously save Princess Leia with a swing across a chasm in the first Death Star? Does a dead tauntaun really make a life-saving sleeping bag when stranded in the snow? "Star Wars" fans have debated the feasibility of these stunts for decades, but luckily the "MythBusters" team is about to take them on.

Hosts and special-effects experts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, along with team members Grant Imahara, Tory Belleci, and Kari Byron, take on urban legends and use modern-day science to see what's real and what's not in their hit show, which returns to the Discovery Channel with new episodes Saturday, January 4, starting with a geektastic "Star Wars" special. … Read more

Watch daredevil app user pay bills and evade bulls

For years now I've been on the torture-test beat for Crave -- covering everything from an iPad dipped in hot lava to a smoothie made of the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3. The day has finally come that such demonstrations are being inflicted upon the human users of devices, all in the name of a little viral PR.

So it is with some hesitation that I share the below video of professional stunt guy Jon Watson (do not try this at home, or even in Georgia where the event is held, if you're smart) paying his bills via Capital One's smartphone app while being chased by huge, upset and behorned bulls. … Read more

Review: Overtorque Stunt Racing for Mac offers a competitive racing experience

Overtorque Stunt Racing for Mac features exciting gameplay and comes with impressive car customization options. The graphics could be better, but they work as they are and won't take the fun away from the awesome gaming experience that this racing simulator offers. If you like car tuning and racing, you're in for a treat.

Overtorque Stunt Racing installs directly into your Dashboard as a widget, but to start playing the game, you'll need to install the Unity plug-in. Once the game is set you can choose from four different game modes including race, interceptor, hot dog, and … Read more

Take the Stunt Car Challenge with this free Android app

Stunt Car Challenge is a free Android game that lets you take the wheel of a muscle car and try to win coins while performing death-defying stunts. The more coins you win, the more you can do to your car. More power. More durability. And more action. We tried Hyperkani's Stunt Car Challenge in Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

The first thing you're prompted to do when pressing Play is select your Air Control Method, which lets you control your car's angle in midair simply by tilting your device. The choice is either Sensor Controls Air Flips (Recommended) … Read more

New iPad, elder iPad 2 face off in deathly drop test

Your mind goes on a roller-coaster ride of shock and hope when you drop a tablet on a hard surface. Trust me. Hey, I even feel mental pain when I watch this video showing some spine-tingling (and senseless) iPad sacrifice.

In the vid, the new iPad and iPad 2 face off in a series of waist- and shoulder-high drop tests captured on video in a PR stunt by consumer electronics warranty company SquareTrade. The unscientific experiment features a group of curiously smiling people dropping iPads face down and face up on hard concrete. … Read more

Uber gives customers motorcade for President's Day

There don't seem to be too many enjoyable aspects of being president.

However, it must be nice to know you'll always get to the airport on time because you have a Chevy Suburban back and front, ready to clear traffic for your Town Car to glide through.

How lovely, then, that Uber--the nice Germanic-sounding people whom you can just text to get a ride--decided to give a few lucky customers a motorcade to celebrate President's Day today.

All those lucky customers were in Washington, D.C., so its residents must have thought the president was unusually … Read more

iPad in G-Form case drops 1,300 feet and survives

If you've been looking for the toughest case for your iPad, G-Form is making one that may just be at the top of the pile. After being dropped from more than 1,300 feet, the iPad protected by a G-Form case lives to be tapped another day.

The G-Form sleeve and folio cases for iPad are made from a composite blend of G-Form's proprietary materials combined with PORON XRD material. They are lightweight and water-resistant and clearly able to withstand impact from extreme heights, as the video below demonstrates:… Read more

Stunt bike games for iOS

Are you the type of gamer who likes to get the perfect run before moving on to the next level? If so, then stunt bike games are for you. This collection of games challenges you to navigate past obstacles, avoid exploding barrels, and make death defying jumps--all while trying to get the best time possible.

This week's collection of iOS apps are all stunt bike games. The first gives you a wide view of the track so you know what's coming up. The second offers smoother graphics, and some nice effects that add to the game. The third … Read more

Less than perfect dune racing

Dune Rider is a freemium (as well as ad-supported) stunt-driving game that starts you out with just one vehicle, one level ("Zone 1"), and a clumsy steering interface.

Not only do you start the game with limited choices, but you're also strongly encouraged each time to buy more fuel, nitro boosts, and bonus multipliers in order to have any hope of getting the kind of score you need to earn coins, which you must then use to buy more fuel, nitro boosts, and bonus multipliers. Hopefully, you can save enough coins over time to buy new cars … Read more