Moga iPhone controller makes unique gift

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- Check out the first iOS game controller case, the Moga Ace Power. Moga has created game controllers for Android phones, but this is the company's first for iPhones and iPods.

- Trade-in a water-damaged iPhone or iPad at an Apple store if you can dry it out and get it working again.

- Watch more on Apple TV with the new Yahoo and PBS channels.

- Give parents piece of mind (at a high price) with the Filip Smartwatch for young children.

- Score a free unlimited … Read more

Best Buy, Sprint offer free wireless plan for students

Students looking to slash the cost of a mobile phone plan will now find a new option available through Sprint.

Announced on Monday, the My Way Student Promotion provides students with a full year of free calls, text messages, and data from Sprint. To qualify for the offer, buyers must purchase a Sprint phone at the student activated price through Best Buy and activate a new line via Sprint's Unlimited, My Way plan.

The plan offers unlimited talking and texting and 1GB of data per month for smartphones and unlimited calls and texts for feature phones. The promotion starts … Read more

Foxconn admits interns worked overtime to assemble PS4

Foxconn violated its own policy by forcing students to work overtime to help build Sony's upcoming PlayStation 4 game console.

Foxconn reportedly told students from the Xian Institute of Technology that if they didn't finish the internship program, they wouldn't receive the necessary credits allowing them to graduate, Chinese site Tencent Games said Wednesday. In response to that report, Foxconn told news site Quartz that an internal investigation did uncover policy violations. Specifically, XIT students at its Yantai factory were assigned night shifts and overtime hours.

In its statement to Quartz, Foxconn promised to remedy the problem.… Read more

Track classes, assignments, and grades easily

iStudiez Pro is a college student's best friend, with great ways to manage classes, assignments, deadlines, and more, all with a well-designed interface that makes it easy to use. It's important to note the iPhone interface is quite a bit different than the iPad version, so most of this review is for the iPad, with differences on the iPhone at the bottom.

iStudiez Pro on the iPad The app controls on the iPad are across the top of the screen. You can hit a Today button to see what you need to do for the day. There are … Read more

Israel to hire pro-government tweeters and Facebookers

Lots of college students pick up part-time jobs canvasing for different causes, politicians, or organizations. Maybe this is how the Israeli government came up with its new social media strategy?

Israel is seeking university students to go to sites like Facebook and Twitter and post pro-government messages, according to the Associated Press. These students can decide for themselves whether or not to disclose that they're working for the government.

"This is a groundbreaking project aimed at strengthening Israeli national diplomacy and adapting it to changes in information consumption," read a statement issued by the Israeli prime minister'… Read more

Doctor taps Glass to teach exam techniques, bedside manner

Not all doctors' bedside manners are created equal, and while it's an area of medicine that perhaps cannot be taught, seeing the way an experienced physician examines his patient, through the physician's own eyes, might be as good as it's gonna get for med students.

So thinks Dr. Abraham Verghese, a Stanford doc who was recently experimenting with Google Glass in his Stanford Medicine 25 initiative, which includes a series of hands-on workshops and videos to teach 25 patient-exam techniques.… Read more

Apple buys Locationary to boost maps

CNET Update is misty:

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- See what perks Locationary can bring to Apple Maps.

- Save money on a MacBook with back-to-school sales at Best Buy and through Apple.

- Say farewell to the Optimus smartphone, as LG drops the brand name for something shorter.

- Find a cool use for the Satechi USB Portable Humidifier, which uses a water bottle to mist a room.

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Candy-colored iPhone photos surface online

CNET Update offers a taste of the iPhone rainbow:

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- Get the latest reports on the next iPhone models expected this fall.

- Prepare for more buzz on the Pebble smartwatch when it goes on sale at Best Buy.

- Keep watch for student discounts, including Apple's back-to-school promotions.

- Export Google Reader data by July 15 and find a replacement app to keep up with your favorite websites.

- Buy a $500 ultra-HD media player to watch 10 videos on your new $5,000 4K TV.

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Microsoft to send Bing to school this year

Bing may enroll at your local school by the end of the year.

Microsoft is developing a special edition of its Bing search engine geared specifically toward students from kindergarten through 12th grade. Known as Bing for Schools, the tailored version will remove all ads from search results, filter out adult content, beef up privacy protection, and add learning features to promote digital literacy, Microsoft said in a blog post Monday.

This new version will be free and entirely voluntary for any interested schools. No special software or unique Web address will be required to access the site.

To promote … Read more

Twitter must reveal names behind anti-Semitic tweets, rules French court

Twitter has been ordered by a French appeals court to produce the names of the people behind any anti-Semitic tweets, according to Le Monde.

On Wednesday, the Paris Court of Appeal struck down an appeal by Twitter in which the site argued that it shouldn't be required to take action against tweets unless they're illegal in the country where the tweet was reported. Twitter had launched its appeal after a French court ruled in January that it must hand over the names of those who post anti-Semitic tweets.

The case stemmed from several tweets posted last October that … Read more