Review: Desktop Stopwatch is accurate but Spartan in the exteme

A desktop stopwatch is something many PC users will need at some point or another--some regularly--so UT Bay's Desktop Stopwatch caught our attention. It's a super-compact, totally portable stopwatch app that can time intervals down to centiseconds (tenths of a second), a level of precision that many similar tools can't match. Unfortunately, Desktop Stopwatch lacks many of the options its competitors offer, such as countdown mode and interface options like numeral size and color. However, its total portability, very small size (68K), and centiseconds option will suit many users' needs, if not all their wants.

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Best Stopwatch & Timer isn't worth your time

Some iPhone apps have a single focus, which is okay as long as they perform well. Best Stopwatch & Timer offers users a simple stopwatch, as well as the ability to add multiple timers. A glitch, however, caused the app to crash on us repeatedly, so we never got to see it actually do its full job.

Best Stopwatch & Timer opens with an extremely simple and intuitive interface. Three menu items line the top of the screen: Stopwatch, Timer, and Timers. The Stopwatch is what you'd expect, with a large clock display in the middle of your screen, … Read more

StopWatch & Timer turns your Android device into a precision timekeeper

Accurate stopwatches used to be hard to come by outside of a track meet, but free smartphone apps like sportstracklive's StopWatch & Timer for Android have changed all that by turning your smartphone into a precision timekeeper. StopWatch & Timer accurately counts (or counts down) hours, minutes, seconds, and tenths of a second. With a large, customizable display, it's an excellent choice for outdoor events, but it's just as much at home as in the kitchen. We tried the Android version of StopWatch & Timer, which is free (with minor ads).

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Stopwatch is a simple free stopwatch app

Stopwatch utilities turn your Windows PC or laptop into a precision timing device. Donald Mhango's free Stopwatch is a simple, lightweight stopwatch app that's ready for Windows 8. With a basic look, it's not the best choice if you want a funky egg timer or something flashy on the desktop, and it's a bit light on the features, let alone any options. What it does offer is accurate timing from days to milliseconds.

Stopwatch downloads and installs normally, up to a point: you must register the program to activate it. Registration is free, but intrusive, especially … Read more

Ready, set, go with Free Stopwatch Portable

We typically think of stopwatches as items that go on your wrist or in your pocket, but there's no reason you can't have a stopwatch on your desktop, too. Free Stopwatch Portable is a simple program that lets you take your stopwatch with you on a USB drive or other portable device. It doesn't have a ton of features, but it's not a bad choice if all you need is the ability to time something.

Free Stopwatch Portable has a plain but intuitive interface, with a large start button that turns into a stop button when … Read more

Freeware stopwatch

Comfort Software's Free Stopwatch is, as its name suggests, a freeware stopwatch program that tracks time in hours, minutes, and seconds in increments of 0.01 second, or two decimal places. It can also keep track of laps, making it suitable for sporting events and similar competitions. With simple operation and precision timekeeping, it's useful in many other applications, too, such as the laboratory, workshop, and kitchen.

Free Stopwatch's rectangular interface can be easily resized and dragged around to suit just about any desktop. It displays the total time count in clear block numerals up to 24 … Read more

Overly-complicated stopwatch

Virtual Stopwatch attempts to be the most diverse time-keeping device you computer has ever seen. With an amazing array of options, it certainly reaches for that goal, but most users will probably find it overly-complicated.

The program appears to users as a small rectangular box with red digital numbers representing hours, minutes, seconds, and hundredths of seconds on a black background. Below the stopwatch are buttons for starting and resetting, along with a lap counter. Each button should be intuitive for anyone who has used a stopwatch, virtual or physical. Virtual Stopwatch's simplistic design takes a nosedive once users … Read more

The iPhone's stopwatch goes for months, maybe years

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? What do our dreams mean? When will the Macbook get a multi-touch keypad? These are some deep thoughts and questions about the universe. So what about the stop watch on the iPhone? Surely you've left it on by mistake and come back days or weeks later to find the thing still running. So did you ever wonder how long it would go?

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