Summer Snaps Photo Sticker App review

Summer Snaps Photo Sticker App lets you decorate your photos with summer-themed frames and stickers, and then save or share them. Whether you're just wishing you were on a beach while you're stuck inside in the middle of winter, or you're looking for a way to perfectly memorialize your summer vacation, this app has plenty of options for you to choose from.

When you first open the app, a small Help screen opens with tips on how to use the available features. You can also access this screen anytime from the Main Menu. To start decorating photos, … Read more

Amazon may soon unveil its Web TV box

CNET Update is coming soon to an Amazon box near you:

In this episode of Update:

- Speculate over the latest buzz about Amazon's mystery TV box for streaming video. Could it also stream video games?

- Manage YouTube playlists easier with the recent site redesign.

- Send cute stickers to the one friend that still uses BlackBerry Messenger.

- Test Xbox One software for bugs before updates are released.

- Get better coverage on Sprint if you're one of the few to try out Wi-Fi calling.

- Require selfies for entry to your next event with the … Read more

Review: WordArt Chat Sticker Free offers dozens of clip-art phrases

WordArt Chat Sticker Free includes lots of phrases and greetings that are easy to share in any messaging app. There are almost enough phrases here to make an entire conversation using the app. While it would be nice if you could design your own stickers, the amount of options you have in the app will be enough to please you.

WordArt Chat Sticker Free gives you a handful of decorated word art to share with your friends through text or chat. Standard greetings like "Hi" and "Hello" are here, as well as more abstract questions and … Read more

How to 'dislike' something on Facebook...Messenger

For years Facebook users have been asking for the ability to dislike a post on the social network. It only makes sense users would want to express disapproval for some of the posts they're subjected to. Up until now, Facebook hasn't provided an easy way to do this short of leaving a nasty comment.

Earlier this week, Facebook finally gave in and provided a method for users to show displeasure. But instead of providing a dislike button on status updates, Facebook has released a sticker pack for Facebook Messenger that includes a thumbs-down icon, as first reported by … Read more

Review: piZap is brimming with features but lacks organization as a photo editor

piZap is an uneven app in many ways, offering a huge range of options and features, but in such a disorganized way that it can be frustrating to use in many situations. Billed as a photo editing suite, piZap contains a range of tools that will make it easier for you to edit and share your images on your phone; but because everything is jammed together into a clunky interface, it will often take time to find and use the tools you are looking for.

When you open piZap, the home screen will provide you with four options -- create … Read more

Hello Kitty: Japan's Line inks Sanrio deal to conquer US

A hit with mobile messengers in Asian countries, Line plans to introduce itself to the US market with the help of Sanrio and its beloved female Japanese bobtail cat Hello Kitty.

The Japan-based messaging and VoIP calling service, which launched in June 2011, has more than 280 million registered users. Line is credited with popularizing the now ubiquitous practice of sending digital stickers in messages to friends.

Line is sticking with its successful sticker formula -- it made around $27 million from stickers in the second quarter of 2013 -- to conquer new territory and will start hawking a Hello … Read more

Review: My Chat Sticker gives you hundreds of cute images

My Chat Sticker is loaded with plenty of cute stickers and emoticons that can be fun to share. It's easy to get them into any app with a few taps and finding the exact sticker you want is a piece of cake, too. The stickers might be too cute for some users, but people who enjoy sharing cute Asian characters will find a lot to like in this adorable app.

My Chat Sticker offers a large collection of shareable stickers and messages full of goofy and sugary-cute looking characters. Though many of the stickers have kanji and other languages … Read more

Review: Funny Messenger, Chat Emoticons, Emoji, LINE Sticker provides 40 drawings

Funny Messenger, Chat Emoticons, Emoji, LINE Sticker is essentially a photo gallery of 40 emoji drawings with few added functions. You can favorite any of the emoji, but because there are only 40 of them, there is little reason to do so. The main function of the app then is to copy and paste these specific drawings into messages.

The app opens directly to the home screen where you will find 40 images of a little blue mascot in a number of poses. The range here is actually quite impressive and they all look very good. The artist has talent … Read more

Review: piZap photo editor & collages is a fresh and fast collage app

piZap photo editor & collages stands head and shoulders above other collage apps, thanks to its snappy performance and creative frames. What's more, the app is ad-free, something few similar apps can claim. All in all, this app is a phenomenal way to make collages that stand out and are worth sharing.

In addition to resizing and filtering your photos, piZap lets you cut objects out of a picture, add text, and paste stickers to your collage for neat decorations. This app sports not only the traditional square-bordered collage frames, but also a bunch of avant-garde shapes that you … Read more

$24 sticker kit makes your iPhone 5 look like an iPhone 5S

A gold iPhone 5S may be difficult to get at the moment, but making your old iPhone look like one is proving to be far easier.

A new set of vinyl kits from MobileFun that run around $23.49 (plus shipping) can make an iPhone 5 look like a gold iPhone 5S, or one of the other two colors -- silver and space Gray.

It's not as drastic (or pricey) as something like AnoStyle, which actually changes the color finish of the aluminum, but also means you're not voiding your warranty. … Read more