Stabilize your smartphone moviemaking with iStabilizer Dolly and Glidepro

With decent lighting and a modern smartphone, you can shoot some pretty impressive movies.

Take "Olive," a feature-length film shot entirely on a Nokia N8. And Chan-wook Park shot a 30-minute movie, "Paranmanjang," using only an iPhone.

Of course, there's only so much you can accomplish holding your phone in those shaky hands of yours. If you want rock-steady images, you'll need some accessories.… Read more

Kickstarter project promises dirt-cheap smartphone video stabilization

Earlier this year I wrote about the Kungl, a nifty plastic iPhone case with an embedded 1/4-inch tripod mount.

At $19.99, it's one of the more affordable tripod accessory options out there. But what if you want to shoot video with, say, an iPod Touch? Or an Android phone? And what if you don't happen to have a tripod handy?

This Kickstarter project might be just the answer: the SlingShot is a universal smartphone video-stabilization system that has a few nifty tricks up its sleeve. And you can get in on the action for just $14.… Read more

Tiffen brings Steadicam to iPhone 3GS

Camera accessory maker Tiffen's new Steadicam gadget for the iPhone 3GS should have some heads turning--that is, if you bring it to your next barbecue or family event. The "Smoothee," as Tiffen calls it, looks similar to a Jai Alai mitt and lets you strap an iPhone onto a platform that's kept stable by a counterweight. As you move one way, the attached weight counters your actions. The setup promises smoother video shots from shots that would otherwise be made herky-jerky by sudden body movements.

In addition to being hand-held, users can disconnect the phone-holding mount … Read more