Kickstarter's year in review: 3M people pledge $480M

What company could claim to have helped launch satellites into space, brought US rappers to North Korea, been part of powering up the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, and resurrected the TV show Veronica Mars? Kickstarter, of course.

This crowdfunding platform came out with its stats for 2013 on Wednesday and the year proved to be the company's best to date. In all, Kickstarter saw 3 million people pledge $480 million on projects posted to its Web site. That means $1,315,520 was pledged per day, coming out to $913 a minute.

According to Kickstarter, those millions of … Read more

IE usage resurges in September, new stats report

It's comeback time for Internet Explorer, the browser that languished for years but now is showing renewed vigor in the market as Microsoft revamps it.

Months ago, Net Applications statistics showed IE gaining some ground as measured by daily use among individuals. Now, new data released from StatCounter, which uses a different methodology emphasizing page views, is confirming that rebound.

Net Applications measured IE usage on personal computers growing from 57.6 percent in August to 57.8 percent in September -- not a dramatic change for what it deems the most-used browser. StatCounter's methods put IE in … Read more

Analytics firms agree on August resurgence for Microsoft IE

StatCounter and Net Applications disagree about the best way to measure browser usage, but for August, they agreed on one thing: Microsoft's Internet Explorer had something of a resurgence.

The two firms use different methodology to measure browser usage -- for example, StatCounter measures all page views to its network of Web sites while Net Applications only counts one per day to try to measure users more than usage. As a result, StatCounter names Google's 5-year-old Chrome as the top browser, but Net Applications gives the honor to IE.

For August, though, IE looked better off in both … Read more

Samsung surpasses Apple in smartphone Web usage

Worldwide, people now use Samsung's smartphones more often than Apple's to surf the Web, according to a study released Wednesday.

In January 2013, Apple iPhones and iPod Touches surpassed Nokia phones to account for the most Web pages viewed on the Internet, according to a report (PDF) from StatCounter, which monitors Web usage across a network of 3 million Web sites. But in June, Samsung devices passed Apple's for the global lead.

But not by much. Samsung's devices accounted for 25.5 percent of page views to 25.1 percent for Apple and 22 percent for … Read more

TuneIn hits 1 billion hours of listening in 2013, gets funding

As consumers are buying more smartphones, their listening of digital radio stations and other live programming is growing fast, says TuneIn.

The Internet radio service on Wednesday announced that its 40 million monthly active users have listened to more than a billion hours of programming in the first four months this year. That works out to about 6.25 hours per user, per month. How this compares to the same period last year the company won't say, though it noted it's a new record.

TuneIn's also got a new $25 million round of funding led by Institutional … Read more

View extensive system statistics with iStat pro for Mac

While some statistics on computer performance may be found easily, gathering and compiling them in one place isn't an option. With iStat Pro for Mac, you can view a simple widget with all your system performance information in one place.

Available as freeware with no restrictions, iStat Pro for Mac installs quickly and launches itself in the widget menu automatically. The program has limited support and options related to readout and measurement standards, but these limitations are not unexpected because of its stated purpose. The basic interface shows data for CPU usage, available memory, device and processor temperature, and … Read more

Can Asia's tech-loving areas spell widespread iPhone woes?

If Singapore and Hong Kong are to be our guides, Apple might be having some trouble in Asia, according to a new report.

Reuters yesterday made some waves in a report outlining Apple's perceived troubles in Asia. The news outlet argued that in the most "trend-setting" areas in Asia, the popularity of Apple's iPhone seems to be dropping off.

To make its point, Reuters pointed to data from StatCounter, an analytics provider that delivers market share data based on page views collected from sites running its platform. At last count, that meant a global sample of … Read more

iStat for iOS now monitors Windows machines, too

Software utility maker Bjango has released a new $5 version of its iStat app for iOS that now lets people remotely monitor their Windows machines, not just Macs.

I've been a big fan of iStat Menus, a $16 utility that uses the OS X menu to show a variety of usage details such as CPU utilization, upload and download speeds, free storage space, and fan temperature.

iStat for iOS shows statistics such as free storage space, battery life, and network usage for iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches. And if you have an agent called iStat Server installed on your … Read more

Apple R&D spending up nearly 40 percent in 2012

Apple increased the amount it spent on research and development during 2012, though it remained a fraction of its overall spending.

According to the company's annual report, which was filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission this afternoon, Apple spent $3.4 billion on research and development during its fiscal year, up $952 million, or 39 percent from last year. The year prior, the company spent $2.4 billion, up $647 million or 36 percent from the year before.

While the cost went up, the amount Apple spends on R&D versus its overall sales remained … Read more

Windows 7 on majority of PCs for the first time

Windows 7 has taken the majority of the global operating system market for the first time, according to figures from web analytics company StatCounter.

Microsoft's latest operating system till the impending arrival of Windows 8, Windows 7 had 50.2 percent of the OS market for the month of June, while Windows XP -- the second most popular OS -- trailed behind at 29.9 percent of the world's PCs, the figures show.

Windows 7 was launched close to three years ago in October 2009 but, despite receiving a warmer reception than its predecessor Vista, it's been … Read more