Mark Cuban music fest designed for schmoozing while grooving

Mark Cuban, the entrepreneur of "Shark Tank" fame, has invested in Recess, a music festival that encourages college students to party, brainstorm new ideas, and network with companies all at once.

Two Indiana University graduates started the touring festival last year by turning an existing fest of electronic dance music into a way for students to connect with companies. It lands at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, Calif., (northeast of Silicon Valley) on Friday, before making its way across the country.

On top of musical acts like Diplo and Sage the Gemini, the event incorporates panels, … Read more

Airbnb co-founder: Firm could expand beyond lodgings

Airbnb, the online service that matches travelers with homeowners or renters who want to share their homes for a period of time, might be expanding.

Speaking to The Next Web in an interview published Tuesday, Airbnb co-founder Nathan Blecharczyk said his company doesn't believe it's "just in the business of providing accommodation," adding that Airbnb is looking at ways it can provide "more conveniences" to its customers.

Exactly how those "conveniences" will be shared, however, has yet to be determined. Blecharczyk said his company could tie in car service to get folks … Read more

Paul Graham steps down as Y-Combinator president

Y-Combinator co-founder Paul Graham announced Friday that he is stepping down from his role as president of the startup incubator.

Taking his place is Y-Combinator partner Sam Altman, who will lead the organization's next batch of entrepreneurs. Graham said he will continue to hold office hours to advise startups, but Altman will take over the day-to-day of running YC. Altman founded Loopt, a mobile location-based application developer that he later sold. He was one of the founders first backed by YC.

"Why the change? Because YC needs to grow, and I'm not the best person to grow … Read more

Select a startup disk in OS X

If you need to boot to a secondary hard drive on your Mac, you can do so using several different means. For most PC systems, you will need to press F12, or another F-key, or perhaps the Escape or Delete keys when booting your system in order to select an alternative boot drive. To do this on a Apple computers, you use the Option key; however, there may be some constraints.

Generally you can start up or reboot your Mac, and simply hold the Option key once the screen goes black so that when it reboots it will show you … Read more Edit aims for better online photo editing

Top Tech Photo, a Ukrainian company specializing in onilne photo editing, has built new tool called Edit.

Top Tech Photo already had launched a site called tool for online handling of photos in some raw image formats from higher-end cameras. The new Edit site, though, is for more ordinary JPEG, PNG, and BMP image formats so far.

It's got a variety of controls for adjusting brightness, tone curves, color saturation, and a few other attributes. It also can convert shots into black-and-white or sepia-tone versions.

"Our aim is to make online photo editor as … Read more

Free startup manager beats Windows 8.1's built-in tools

Say what you will about Windows, you have to admit the OS has legs. Still, you'd think that after all these years and so many versions, Windows would finally have all the tools users need right out of the box. Not so.

After last week's post on essential Windows 8.1 time-saving tweaks, a reader asked me which version of Windows was my favorite. As tempted as I was to answer "Windows 3.1" -- I still miss Program Manager -- I fessed up to preferring the current version 8.1 over any of its predecessors.… Read more

Airbnb says it generates $824 million a year for UK

Airbnb, the travel service that aims at getting people to rent their homes or apartments to others, is helping the UK economy in a big way, the company claims.

In a blog post on Tuesday, Airbnb announced that its service generates $824 million in economic activity in the UK each year. Exactly what "economic activity" is might be up for debate, but it ostensibly means that its service brings tourists to areas where they spend money. The company also claims that Airbnb supports 11,629 jobs in the country.

Airbnb operates outside the UK, but kept its data … Read more

One of Uber's core crew said to launch on-demand doctors

With the US government's botched rollout of, it appears some techie types are thinking about how to startup-ify doctor visits for the country's upper class.

Oscar Salazar, one of Uber's core crew who helped build the early prototype, is reportedly creating a new company that will send doctors on on-demand house calls, according to Valleywag. If the patient needs more care after the home visit, the doctor will send them to the emergency room.

"It will work like Uber, but with doctors coming to you. I mean it will start out for the 1 … Read more

Laugh at spills, sweat with Silic stain-proof nanotech T-shirt

Are you prone to spills? Maybe your kids tend to use your clothing as a canvas for abstract art. This T-shirt could help.

Silic is billed as "self-cleaning clothing with hydrophobic nanotechnology," and it's nearly tripled its funding goal on Kickstarter.

The polyester fabric is layered with billions of silica particles, preventing most liquid molecules from attaching to it, according to the developers. … Read more

AlphaLab Gear looks to boost hardware, robotics startups

A new startup accelerator has launched in Pittsburgh with an eye on robotics.

AlphaLab Gear opened on Monday, inviting early-stage companies working in hardware and robotics to join the accelerator program. AlphaLab Gear's accelerator initiative starts first with cash. The company will offer $25,000 to startups for 5 percent equity. Those firms that need $50,000 will have to hand over 9 percent of the company to AlphaLab Gear.

In addition to funding, the accelerator will provide business mentorship and space for working on the project, according to the organization. The offer also includes access to TechShop, a … Read more