DivX returns to Web video with the HD-licious Vreel

When I put together a small comparison test of video services earlier this year, an overwhelming number of people got on me about not including Stage6, a side project of the people behind the popular DivX codec to showcase what their technology was capable of. Shortly thereafter, Stage6 shut its doors in a rather dramatic fashion--giving users mere days to find somewhere else to host their high-resolution videos.

That was in February though, and since then a group of half a dozen developers has put together their own solution, called Vreel. Originally planned to launch back in March, it … Read more

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Did DivX close Stage6 to duck copyright litigation?

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Did DivX close Stage6 to duck copyright litigation?

DivX, parent company of defunct video-sharing site Stage6, on Tuesday disclosed how it came to the decision to shutter the service rather than to sell.

"Potential copyright litigation" was one of management's top considerations leading up to the shuttering of Stage6, Dan Halvorson, DivX's chief financial officer, said during a conference call to announce the public company's fourth-quarter earnings. There was reason for concern. Turns out DivX, a maker of Internet-video technologies, had lost a bid to avoid fighting costly copyright suits just a few weeks before Stage6 was closed, records show.

Halvorson almost certainly … Read more

Brad Greenspan miffed over thwarted attempts to acquire Stage6

Brad Greenspan, the highly unpredictable MySpace cofounder, continues to go after distressed Web video sites.

Fresh from acquiring troubled video site Revver, Greenspan said in a press release on Friday that he recently made an $11 million bid to acquire video-sharing site Stage6, operated by DivX. The problem is that the DivX board never responded to his offer before simply shutting down Stage6. Greenspan's miffed.

"After LiveUniverse makes its first offer, DivX Board refuses to engage in any direct dialogue with LiveUniverse for over 5 days," according to the release issued by Greenspan's company Live Universe. &… Read more

Video host Stage6 shutting down in 72 hours

Divx's pet video hosting project Stage6 will be discontinuing operations Thursday, Feburary 28. The service let users put up their Divx-encoded videos and make them available in high quality for other users to watch and comment on. Already uploads have been discontinued, and the site will simply cease to exist on Thursday--taking all the user videos with it.

Tom Huntington, the Divx employee who posted the closure announcement on the company blog, wrote the service was simply costing the company too much money:

As Stage6 grew quickly and dramatically (accompanied by an explosion of other sites delivering high quality … Read more