Like? New Firefox adds Facebook integration

Facebook has accepted a friend request from Firefox and Mozilla's new Social API today, as the browser updates with several security and feature updates after yesterday's Firefox for Android update.

The biggest feature debut in Firefox 17 (download for Windows | Mac | Linux) is the Social API, launching with Facebook Messenger, which allows participating social-networking sites to create persistent sidebar access to their site. Although most new browser technologies depend on entirely on how many developers integrate it, the Social API likely will be different.

To activate it, go to the Facebook Messenger for Firefox site and click "… Read more

Chrome gets multiple-user support

More than one person can now use Chrome and keep personal data separate from other users on the same computer, thanks to today's update to Google's browser.

Google Chrome 16.0.912.63 stable for Windows (download), Mac (download), Linux (download), and Chrome Frame also adds an option to sync your Omnibox History, and it includes a number of security fixes.

Multiple-user support is similar to Chrome's Sync feature, but it's more of a complementary feature than a must-use. Sync allows you to always have access to the same bookmarks, history, themes, and preferences. Multi-user support … Read more

Chrome 13 delivers Instant Pages

Google Chrome 13 moved today from the beta to the stable channel, delivering the new Instant Pages feature for quicker Google search results. Available to download for Windows, Mac, and Linux, Chrome 13 also comes with a long-missing print preview feature for Windows and Linux users, and location bar improvements on all platforms that let you search for sites in your history more effectively.

The pre-rendering technology that powers Instant Pages is based on Web standards, so while is likely the best-known site that uses it, the technology is available to other site developers.

Print preview had been … Read more

Chrome 11 wants to hear you speak

Be careful venting your frustrations with modern technology when using the latest version of Google Chrome, released today. Chrome 11 (download for Windows | Mac | Linux) comes with the ability to convert your speech to text, which could prove to be a big boon to people who have difficulty with keyboards as well as providing on the go translations when used with Google Translate.

The new feature, based in HTML5, requires a microphone icon embedded in the Web page. Click the icon and then speak into your computer's mic. The input records as text, and the browser automatically inserts the … Read more

Google Chrome stable lands on cloud 9

Along with the major Android news from Mountain View, Calif., this week, Google has pushed version 9 of Chrome out of the beta nest. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, Chrome 9 stable marks the spread of WebGL support, debuts Google Instant in stable Chrome's search/location bar, and opens the Chrome Web Store for Chrome-based apps to all users.

WebGL support has been available to Chrome users in the dev and beta channels for some time now. What it means for people on the stable branch is that they will now be able to check out 3D animations … Read more

Security fixes land in Chrome 6

Google updated the stable and beta builds of its Chrome browser on Tuesday evening, making a fix marked as critical to the Mac version and numerous repairs marked as high-priority across all platforms. Chrome 6.0.472.59 for Windows, Mac, and Linux also repaired a Linux-specific memory corruption bug.

At the time of writing, the critical Mac bug was still blocked from public view. This is not uncommon with bugs that can represent serious security risks. Judging by its public security logs, Google appears to be releasing details on fixed bugs no earlier than a week after the bug … Read more

Many Chrome 6 features get bumped to beta

Laying fallow since the June debut of Chrome 6 in the developer's build, the beta build of Chrome received a major update on Wednesday when Google revised the beta up to version 6. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, Google Chrome beta 6.0.472.33 introduces to the beta build users many features that have been available to the developer's build users including changes to the interface, synchronization improvements, and a faster version of Google's V8 JavaScript engine.

Users familiar with Google Chrome dev (Windows | Mac | Linux) will find the beta lacking mostly minor and under-the--hood … Read more

How To: Change Chrome's channel

People love Google Chrome, it's as simple as that. But did you know that Google puts out three versions of Chrome? In this How To video, we recap the differences and show you how to jump between builds, also known as channels, in Chrome.

Try jumping between the stable, beta, and developer's channels yourself using the installers for Windows (stable | beta | dev), Mac (stable | beta | dev), and Linux (all versions). Note that at the time of publication, the stable and the beta channels are synchronized, but that's not always the case.

Security, interface improvements land in Chrome

The stable version of Google Chrome received multiple security fixes this week, including four rated as "high," while the developer's version adopted an interface tweak to create more room for extension icons.

Google Chrome dev 6.0.453.1 for Windows, Mac, and Linux consolidates the former page control menu into the customization menu that's accessible from the wrench icon. This clears space on the toolbar for an extra extension icon, as well as giving a stronger visual presence to the cut, copy, and paste options, page zoom controls, and the full screen view toggle. Other … Read more

New security fixes for Chrome stable

Google pushed out an update for the stable branch of its Chrome browser Wednesday. The update, for Windows, Mac, and Linux, addresses multiple security bugs including nine tagged as high-level problems.

The high-level security bugs included cross-origin bypass in DOM methods that netted a security researcher $2,000 in Google's ongoing bug-hunting contest, a memory error in table layouts that earned another researcher $500, holes in the wall of the sandbox on Linux computers, HTML5-based geolocation events firing even after the relevant document had been deleted, and multiple memory errors.

This is the first security-fixing release for the stable … Read more