Don't loan your iPhone to people in these states

Capitol Hill is surrounded by what might be called the "capital spill zone," at least according to data (and a requisite corresponding infographic, of course) released by gadget warranty outfit SquareTrade Monday.

This is the second year in a row the company has broken down the total number of iPhone damage claims in comparison with total protection plans it sold by state to draft its "clumsiest states" list. This year, the most dangerous place in the United States to be an iPhone isn't actually a state. It's that bright, shining center of our democracy: Washington.… Read more

Where do most people accidentally destroy their iPhone?

Where exactly do most people accidentally ruin their iPhone?

If you guessed the toilet you'd be wrong, says a new survey.

According to device warranty provider Squaretrade, most people -- 21 percent to be precise -- damaged their device in the kitchen. The runner up, at 18 percent, is the living room, followed by the bathroom at 16 percent.

All in all, 51 percent of iPhone accidents happen inside the house instead of out in the wild, says Squaretrade. To find that out, the company tapped Survey Sampling International and asked 35 questions to 2,004 iPhone owners in … Read more

Which phone cracks up in iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S3 torture test?

Smartphone sadism continues in this face-off video between the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 from gadget warranty outfit SquareTrade.

After being dropped, drowned, and pounded with various household objects, the lightweight, metal-backed iPhone 5 seems to hold up much better overall than its Android arch-nemesis, but the demonstration is far from scientific. The Galaxy S3 took a serious face shot to its glass screen in the drop test, whereas the iPhone 5 lucked out and bounced off its side edge. … Read more

SquareTrade's warranty now covers jailbroken iPhones

Third-party gadget warranty service SquareTrade today expanded its coverage, and now supports jailbroken iPhones.

That procedure -- which gives device owners deep system-level access, letting them install third-party software from places other than Apple's App Store -- voids Apple's own warranty, and that from carriers.

A company spokesperson said the change affects both new and existing coverage holders.

According to Vincent Tseng, SquareTrade's VP of strategy, this extends to iPads and iPods, which the company also covers as part of its warranty service. The three gadgets share the same operating system. It's also in effect for … Read more

Study: BlackBerry has twice failure rate of iPhone

Apple's iPhone has half the failure rate of RIM's BlackBerry in the first year of use, a study carried out by a mobile-phone warranty firm has found.

The SquareTrade study, released Saturday, looked at more than 15,000 handsets that were covered by the company's policies. It found iPhones had a malfunction rate of 5.6 percent in the first year, compared to 11.9 percent for Research In Motion's BlackBerry smartphones. Palm's Treos fared even worse, with 16.2 percent having some sort of malfunction in the first 12 months of use.

Figures from the analyst firm Canalys, released last week, showed Apple has now overtaken RIM in the global smartphone sales stakes. … Read more