The Bentley Flying Spur is a muscle car

Bentley makes its cars with a finesse that you only get in England. Each aspect of its cars is pored over by master craftsmen to ensure that every Bentley is perfect. This alone should be enough to tell you the new Flying Spur is a pretty special car.

Superformed metal ensures that creases are extra sharp, that parts of the car that used to be two pieces are now one, that the car looks imposing and out of place anywhere other than a country pile or Mayfair.

The many stages of paintwork required to give a Bentley its signature mirror … Read more

Bentley Flying Spur: Big car, big power, big price. (CNET On Cars, Episode 27)


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2014 Bentley Flying Spur is a lotta' stuff. Hydrogen fuel cell cars may have their second coming. Forward collision prevention tech and how to shop for it in your next car. Top 5 backseat innovations that make you envious of your passengers. E-mail: iOS 7 in car dashboards

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Bentley's luxury Flying Spur can't shed performance character

Driving down the freeway, the low rumble of a passing motorcycle took me by surprise, the noise only obtrusive because the 2014 Bentley Flying Spur I was in did such a good job of shielding my ears from all the other traffic around. In fact, that motorcycle was probably obnoxiously loud, the kind that roars down the street late on a Sunday night setting off car alarms.

From the driver's seat of the Flying Spur, however, it merely registered as a bass growl, temporarily eclipsing the music pouring from the stereo.

If you ever wonder why anyone would pay $… Read more

Microsoft saying good-bye to Hotmail

No spam in Tuesday's top tech stories:

It's not often we get a shakeup in the email world, but say hello to Microsoft's new free email account, Outlook.com. It'll eventually be replacing Hotmail, but you might want to grab your name now. There's a new, clean look and it ties in your social media contacts. It's not too far off from what you may be used to already in Gmail, as you'll be able to tell from CNET's full overview of the features.

The Mars Science Laboratory rover, called Curiosity, will … Read more

Soccer star fined for tweet dissing club owner

Darren Bent is known for his creative ways of missing scoring opportunities.

So it is perhaps surprising that he managed to hit home with some telling verbal strikes against his club's chairman, Daniel Levy.

The only problem was that he did it on Twitter.

You see, Bent was hell-keen on leaving his club, Spurs. And in the less than free market that is English soccer, he needed to wait for the club to negotiate a transfer fee with another club, Sunderland.

So, like many a modern man, he reached for an electronic device to give full flavor to his … Read more

Goalie's iPod save helps team win major soccer final

I am not sure that those clever chaps at Apple ever considered this during the design process.

But in today's Carling Cup Final (Carling's a beer, the Cup Final is a soccer game in London) between the ruthlessly entertaining and just-plain-good Manchester United and the hopelessly brittle and just-plain-neurotic Spurs, the outcome was heavily influenced by the iconic music player.

The game ended in a scoreless tie. So Manchester United goalkeeper Ben Foster knew that he would have to face penalty kicks.

Penalties are like foreplay. People have tendencies. So in the very short break between the end … Read more

Toshiba laptop touts 'quad-core' processor

Toshiba's 18.4-inch Qosmio G55 laptop uses a quad-core processor--but not the Intel or AMD variety.

The "Quad-Core HD Processor" used in the Qosmio G55--due mid-July--is based on the SpursEngine which is derived from the Cell Broadband Engine, a multicore chip architecture jointly developed by IBM, Sony, and Toshiba. The Cell architecture, in turn, is derived from IBM's Power Architecture. Today, IBM uses the Cell processor in a line of blade servers.

The four processing elements inside the chip have a clock frequency of 1.5GHz, while boasting a relatively low power envelope of 10 to … Read more

Toshiba to use Cell processor in future notebook

UPDATE: Toshiba is expected to release a notebook PC this year that uses a chip based on the Cell processor, the same chip used in Sony's PlayStation.

The Toshiba Qosmio G40 notebook will sport a SpursEngine SE1000 chip based on the Cell Broadband Engine, which is also used in the Sony PlayStation 3.

The Cell Broadband Engine is a multi-core chip architecture jointly developed by IBM, Sony, and Toshiba. It is derived from IBM's Power Architecture, which was once used in Apple notebooks and desktops. Today, IBM uses the Cell processor in a line of blade servers.

Samples … Read more