Facebook sees surge in mobile ad sales -- report

Google still owns the biggest slice of mobile ad sales. But Facebook is increasingly carving up more of that pie, according to eMarketer.

The two giants together snagged more than two-thirds of last year's $17.96 billion in mobile ad sales, eMarketer reported Wednesday. Mobile ad spending worldwide surged by 105 percent last year and is forecast to jump another 75 percent this year to $31.45 billion.

Google is by far still the top recipient of all that spending, grabbing 49.3 percent of mobile ad revenue last year. But that number showed a small dip from 2012 … Read more

Apple tops Samsung as world's largest chip buyer in 2013

Apple handily outspent Samsung to become the world's largest buyer of chips in 2013, though Samsung's spending surged last year.

In a repeat performance of 2012, Apple and Samsung were the top semiconductor spenders in 2013 among original equipment manufacturers (OEM) creating more than $1 billion in revenue, according to an IHS Technology research note released Thursday.

Apple took the top spot with chip spending of $30.3 billion, surpassing second-place Samsung's $22.2 billion.

The South Korean electronics giant, however, saw the largest spending increase on chips of any top 10 OEM last year, up almost … Read more

New spending bill puts the brakes on Bulbageddon

Negotiators in the House and Senate came to terms on a $1.1 trillion omnibus appropriations bill Monday night, including provisions that would effectively halt the ongoing phase-out of classic incandescent light bulbs.

Though no existing efficiency standards would actually be overturned, the clause -- one paragraph out of a 1,582-page document -- would prevent the Department of Energy from implementing or enforcing the phase-out, blocking standards set by the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA). Negotiations for the appropriations bill involved leadership from both chambers, meaning that passage seems likely.

In their summary of the bill, Republican … Read more

IT spending to rise just 2 percent this year, says Gartner

Global IT spend will likely hit $3.7 trillion this year, inching up just 2 percent from 2012's $3.6 trillion, research firm Gartner said Tuesday.

The latest forecast for 2013 spending is down from the 4.1 percent growth predicted by Gartner last quarter. The decline is based primarily on recent changes to exchange rates for the U.S. dollar. However, spending on technology devices is also projected to take a nosedive.

Gartner now expects spending on IT devices to grow just 2.8 percent, a hefty fall from the prior forecast of 7.9 percent. The first … Read more

JPMorgan cuts 2013 forecast for IT spending

IT spending is likely to be even lower this year than initially expected but should start to revive in 2014, according to JPMorgan Chase.

An new estimate in a report released Thursday by JPMorgan Chase analyst Mark Moskowitz calls for growth in IT spending of just 0.6 percent this year. That's down from the previous forecast of 1.2 percent.

Moskowitz expects businesses to spend less on IT hardware, which accounts for a huge part of the lower estimate. Companies have been shifting more of their cash away from traditional computers toward mobile devices.

Moskowitz now expects spending … Read more

Apple boosts R&D spending

Apple is increasing its research and development spending and is now at 3 percent of revenue compared with 2 percent in recent years.

The R&D spending was detailed in Apple's quarterly 10-Q filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. As Apple's sales have ramped, the company hasn't been able to increase its R&D spending. As a result, Apple's R&D spending as a percentage of revenue was in line with what Dell and Hewlett-Packard spend.

Apple CEO Tim Cook obviously sees the discrepancy. He should, since Cook was a former IBMer. … Read more

Gartner: Worldwide IT spending to hit $3.8 trillion in 2013

Worldwide spending on IT is set to grow to new highs this year and next, according to a new study from research firm Gartner.

Total IT spending last year hit $3.6 trillion, Gartner said, representing a 2.1 percent gain over the prior year. In 2013, that spending will go up to $3.8 trillion, a rise of 4.1 percent. Things will get even better for the IT sector in 2014, when spending, according to the research firm, is expected to hit $3.9 trillion.

The big growth this year will come by way of device purchases, driven … Read more

E-commerce spending hits $1 trillion for first time

For the first time ever, worldwide e-commerce sales exceeded $1 trillion, according to new data from research firm eMarketer.

The first $1 trillion mark was reached in 2012, with sales up 21.1 percent from the previous year, according to eMarketer. The company said that it expects e-commerce sales to grow this year by 18.3 percent to end 2013 at $1.3 trillion in worldwide sales.

In addition, the company expects North America to lose its position as the leading e-commerce market to the Asia-Pacific region. Last year, Asia-Pacific's share of total e-commerce spending was 30.5 percent, … Read more

'Fiscal cliff' fears blamed for flat online holiday spending growth

Growing fears of an impending economic crisis in the new year apparently led to weaker-than-expected U.S. online holiday sales results.

Consumers spent $42.3 billion online during the November-December holiday shopping season, a 14 percent increase over 2011, according to data released today by ComScore. While online shopping set some spending records, overall growth was largely flat, the market analyst concluded.

"This year's growth rate is essentially on a par with last year's," ComScore Chairman Gian Fulgoni said in a statement. "But despite many positives for the online sector, this year's season did … Read more

Gartner: Global IT spending to hit $3.7 trillion in '13

IT spending around the world is likely to hit $3.7 trillion for the coming year, according to a report out today from Gartner.

The latest projection calls for an increase in spending of 4.2 percent in 2013, an improvement over Gartner's 3.8 percent estimate from last year's third quarter.

But the rise will mostly derive from growth in the value of foreign currencies versus the dollar, the research firm said. With that piece out of the picture, the actual gain would be around 3.9 percent.

"Uncertainties surrounding prospects for an upturn in global … Read more