Kids Learn to Spell (Fruits) review

Kids Learn to Spell (Fruits) for Android is a fun way to help kids learn to spell. It's also easy to play: Kids tap scrambled letters to make the names of fruits appear in correct order in blank boxes. The game keeps top score but otherwise is quite basic, which has good and bad aspects. Kids Learn to Spell (Fruits) is free but displays banner ads.


Easy play: A minimum of commands and audible feedback make Kids Learn to Spell (Fruits) suitable for young learners as well as more advanced students.

Challenging words: It's not just "… Read more

Miss Spell's Class review

Miss Spell's Class is a game that tests your ability to quickly identify misspelled words. It's kind of fun, especially if you pride yourself on being a good speller, but there's really not enough to it to keep it interesting for very long.

Miss Spell's Class opens with a screen that asks you to choose an opponent from Facebook friends, Game Center friends, or a random player. The times we tried the app, there were never any random players available, and we didn't have any friends playing the game on Facebook, so we opted to … Read more

Review: Spell-o-Gram is a bare-bones scramble app

Spell-o-Gram is a fun, but feature-bare app that allows you to test your word scramble skills against the computer in multiple high-score runs. The result is an app that is both fun and a little frustrating, because it never goes beyond its core premise -- short scramble puzzles. Still, if you enjoy these puzzles, you will enjoy this app; and because it is free, there is no reason not to give it a shot.

The installation process is quick: download the app and run it from the developer, though you'll need to input a security override because it's … Read more

Vibrating pen checks your spelling as you write

Spell-check can be pretty frustrating, but it's become an invaluable feature in word-processing programs. For jotting down notes with a pen, though, people just have to take their lumps. Or, rather, they did. The Lernstift smart pen, created by two German dads, hopes to improve spelling around the world by alerting scribes whenever they make an error.

While we've written about the Lernstift before, the project is now making a go on Kickstarter. Using a motion sensor that combines a gyroscope with an accelerometer (unlike the camera technology used in Livescribe pens), the Lernstift will be able to capture and monitor the user's handwriting, vibrating whenever a word is spelled incorrectly. The pen was conceived by co-creator Falk Wolsky's wife, who hit upon the idea after helping her son with his homework. … Read more

Review: Hone your spelling skills with some help from Speak N Spell

While it contains an extensive word dictionary and increasing difficulty levels, Speak N Spell for Mac's audio playback makes it difficult to use effectively on certain occasions. Its basic interface is useable, but actually practicing with it by hearing words might be challenging.

Speak N Spell for Mac starts up immediately after download. The program offers basic instructions available by clicking on the Help link in the application menu. While the program's interface is rather basic with no graphical menus, figuring it out is quite easy. Clicking a New Word button initiates a spoken word. The user must … Read more

Review: Spell Checker for Android works well, but has its limits

Spell Checker for Android checks for spelling errors and helps you edit any text, but the free version of the app supports ads and comes with a character limit.

Since it's less than 1MB, Spell Checker for Android downloads quickly and installation is hassle free. The user interface is clean, well designed, and very intuitive. The app offers simple but effective features, including speech recognition. When the user clicks on the microphone, they can speak, and the device will translate the sound into text. The app is free but comes with a 180-character limit and non-intrusive ads. The PRO … Read more

Review: Animals Spelling Game for Kids for Android features loud sounds and ads

Your Android phone or tablet can be a great educational tool for your kids, with the right software. Softdiv's Animals Spelling Game For Kids is a super-easy game designed to help kids just learning how to spell with simple, familiar words. And what better source than animal names, which tend to be short and easy to spell but exotic enough to both challenge young learners and keep them interested.

Animals Spelling Game's main page has three buttons: Play Game, Top Score, and Exit. We started a game. Our first puzzle presented three letters; D, G, and O, above … Read more

Misspell Google search terms? It's probably hunger

It's hard to know whether those who can't spell are stressed, oppressed by excess multitasking, or merely uneducated.

The people behind the highly nutritious Snickers bar decided to prove that it might be none of the above.

It is, they posited, merely hunger that drives you to ignorance.

So, as AdAge reports, Snickers got together with Google to see whether they could encourage better spelling of Google search terms, as misspelling was causing Google's servers to seize up and spew smoke and curses.

I made up that last part.

As part of the campaign, the Snickers-sponsored machines … Read more

Sick of bad spelling in your browser? So is Chrome

When Chrome's engineers sat down to plan out feature updates, who would've thought that "spell-checker" would've been anywhere on that list?

Google Chrome 26 stable for Windows (download) and Linux (download) updates the browser's ability to automatically check for spelling and homonym mistakes with new dictionaries.

Chrome 26 for Mac (download) has received the other Chrome 26 updates, but the spell-checking feature will be made available later, Google said in a blog post. The company did not specify a timeline for the feature, and unfortunately, it will not correct inaccurate spelling already published elsewhere … Read more

Match and spell in Buddy's Read and Spell Lite

The App Store is filled with games and learning tools for children at varying levels of quality. Some are effective but bogged down by messy menus or too many ads. Others are pretty but offer ineffective learning tools that children will only find confusing. Buddy's Read and Spell Lite manages to steer clear of both of these traps to offer an intuitive, fun-to-play game for children that is heavy on learning and whimsy, but light on the distractions and ads that so often bother parents.

After starting the app, children have only one option: to play the game. The … Read more