Star Apps: Linkin Park

Linkin Park is always looking for innovative ways to deliver visuals to fans, whether through apps, online gaming, or Facebook Kinect video. The musicians -- who are also avid gamers -- met software developers Team Dakota at E3 and learned about Project Spark, a game-maker video game (for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Windows 8). Linkin Park saw the potential for a unique collaboration, and the result is the first fully interactive, remixable music video within a video game for the band's latest single, "Guilty All the Same."

Now the band is inviting fans to put their … Read more

Spark Camera review

Spark Camera offers a highly intuitive and appealing interface to help you create and share video clips of your favorite moments. Take a video through the app or choose one you already have from your camera roll. Then add other clips and filters to create the perfect memento of a trip, experience, or event to share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or in e-mail.

When you open Spark Camera for the first time, a few pages of tips will show up to help you get started. When you're ready, just choose your video source and get started. You can record … Read more

Microsoft SkyDrive becomes OneDrive

CNET Update has its head in the cloud:

Bridget is back in this episode of CNET Update. Many thanks to Jeff Bakalar and Shara Tibken for being fantastic guest hosts for the past few days. In today's tech-news roundup:

- Learn why Microsoft changed the name of its online storage service.

- Score free online storage from Pogoplug if you're a Sprint customer.

- Tap into Sprint's faster 4G LTE speeds in more areas and learn about the Spark service.

- Discover how Google is growing its artificial intelligence talent with the acquisition of DeepMind.

- See … Read more

LG G Flex makes its way to Sprint on Jan 31

Sprint said on Thursday that the curved and flexible LG G Flex will go on sale in its stores starting Jan. 31.

The G Flex will be priced at $299.99 with a two-year service agreement. It's the latest device from the carrier to support Sprint's Spark LTE network.

Sprint is the first US carrier to announce a launch date for LG's curved smartphone. AT&T and T-Mobile have also confirmed that they would sell the device.

The LG G Flex features a bendable, curved 6-inch HD display that cuts down on glare, providing a more &… Read more

EmoSpark AI console just wants you to be happy

When someone in a movie tries to give a robot or a computer human intuition, things rarely go according to plan. The machines glitch out and become bloodthirsty killers that risk human lives to adhere to a narrow set of principles, or even worse, they turn into Robin Williams from "Bicentennial Man."

Plus, human emotions are hard to understand. Sometimes we can't even figure out what makes us happy. A group of researchers in the UK claim they have a device that may be able to do just that -- make us happy -- in our very own homes.

A technology development group called Emoshape started an Indiegogo campaign earlier this month to develop "the first A.I. home console," called EmoSpark.… Read more

Sprint CEO: 2014 is our comeback year

NEW YORK -- Sprint CEO Dan Hesse believes that 2013 was Sprint's rebuilding year, but he sees the company making a turn around by mid-2014.

Speaking at an investor conference in New York on Tuesday, Hesse told an audience of analysts and investors that it has been personally painful for him to watch the company lose customers as it rips out its old network infrastructure and replaces it with new gear as part of its Network Vision program and its new Spark enhanced LTE network upgrade.

"What we are going through right now is a massive buildout that … Read more

Sprint lights up Samsung Galaxy S4 with Spark

A refreshed version of Samsung's marquee Galaxy S4 smartphone is about to join Sprint's new Spark initiative, its triband LTE network.

The GS4 with Spark will look and act identically to other variations on sale in the US, except that this one is provisioned to hop between 800MHz, 1.9GHz and 2.5GHz network bands while delivering network data.

The device will trickle to Sprint's retail shops and distributors in "the next few weeks" for $200 on contract, joining the HTC One Max and LG G2 as Spark supporters. As with those, the Spark-y S4 … Read more

Microsoft's Project Spark starts to glimmer

Microsoft's Project Spark, an ambitious attempt on the company's part to turn gamers into developers, is making its debut on Windows 8.1 on Tuesday.

The app, which will be available later today in the Windows Store, according to The Verge, will be in beta when it's launched. In order to actually start using the app, users will need to download the program and then input a special beta key to activate it. Microsoft has not said how many people will be allowed to test the beta, but has a section on its Project Spark page letting … Read more

Sprint says 'all phones' next year will be triband, get HD voice

Every Sprint smartphone released next year will be able to pick up the three different spectrum frequencies the carrier runs, allowing for a much speedier connection and high-definition voice.

Well, almost every phone.

That's according to Sprint Chief Financial Officer Joe Euteneuer, who was speaking at an investor conference on Wednesday. The exception, which Euteneuer was sure to point out, was Apple. He only noted that he doesn't know what Apple is doing with the next iPhone, or whether it will jam in compatibility with all three frequencies.

The triband capability is critical to improving the speeds on … Read more

Sprint teases two more high-speed Spark phones

Earlier today, Sprint announced the first four smartphones (the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, Galaxy Mega, HTC One Max, and LG G2) that will be compatible with the carrier's new ultra-fast LTE service called "Spark".

But during a press event in Burlingame, Calif., Sprint displayed two more devices that will join the Spark lineup in time for the holidays. Unfortunately, the handsets' names were not given, and they were kept under glass with cloth covered over them.

Sprint representatives did drop some hints, however. One of the phones will be unveiled "in the coming days," and … Read more