SoundCloud Downloader review

SoundCloud Downloader is a lightweight app that integrates with various browsers to let you download songs directly from the SoundCloud Web site. Once you've finished installation and created a free SoundCloud account, you'll have access to all kinds of music with just a few clicks.


Browser integration: This app integrates with all major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. When installation is complete, a Download button will show up under each song on the SoundCloud Web site, and clicking that will send the music right to your computer, so you can play it anytime.

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Review: Download your favorite music with Soundcloud downloader for Mac

For those who use the SoundCloud music service, Soundcloud downloader for Mac's well-designed interface and basic yet useful functions are a great complement for saving songs. The program works quietly in the background while downloading a user's designated favorites and other desired music.

After downloading, the program starts into a small rectangular window containing a URL bar where the user can enter or paste the Web address for the song they wish to download. A large, clearly-labeled button starts the process, and an additional smaller button allows the program to check the user's favorites list for new … Read more

Review: SoundCloud lets users record and listen to the coolest sounds

SoundCloud is a compilation of different tools and features that you may be familiar with in different settings. Designed as a mobile social network for music and audio creators (and their listeners), the service serves as a great way to share your sounds while discovering new ones from friends and artists alike. While its hybrid nature leads to a few limitations, it is ultimately an engaging, exciting way to interact with music and podcasts.

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Record and manage audio files, but you need an external account to do so

SoundCloud is meant to allow people who work with audio files a lot to manage their workloads and their libraries. The idea is to use SoundCloud to listen to sound files from others and to share your own. To do so, you need to set up a SoundCloud account. SoundCloud installs easily on Mac OS X 10.6 or later.

The SoundCloud interface is similar to iTunes: there's a list of folders and playlists on the left, a middle pane that lists music files, and a panel on the right with more information about a selected file. There's … Read more

Is the record business headed for oblivion?

I've attended New Music Seminars in NYC before, but this year's event definitely had more passion and spirit. The subheading of this year's festival, "Appetite For Disruption," hinted at the possibilities. The shindig's hub, the old Webster Hall concert venue, hosted nonstop action, and there were more goings-on at 17 clubs and music halls in Manhattan and Williamsburg (Brooklyn).

Guest speakers ran the gamut, from heavyweights like Bob Pittman, CEO of Clear Channel; Lyor Cohen, CEO and chairman of the Warner Music Group; Steve Boom, Amazon's VP for Digital Music; Steve Savoca, head … Read more

SoundCloud is one of the coolest music apps around (invites)

SoundCloud is a service for musicians to distribute their music to one another, and eventually the public. It's not a marketplace like iTunes or Amazon though; instead it's a sharing network for musicians looking to hock their demos and get feedback on early tracks. You might be saying to yourself "doesn't MySpace do all that?" Well sort of, but the big difference is that SoundCloud is its own social network and offers more control over where tracks go as well as what bits of metadata come along for the ride.

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