Song Buddy review

Song Buddy recognizes the music you're listening to and provides more information about the artist and quick links to other resources. Whether you just want to know a little more about the music you're listening to, or you'd like to find similar songs, this app can give you what you're looking for through its intuitive and functional interface.

When you install Song Buddy, it runs from the taskbar in the lower right-hand corner of your screen. As you listen to music, either through iTunes or Windows Media Player, a notification will pop up on the bottom … Read more

Star Apps: Gary Numan

Gary Numan is well aware that most Americans know him only for his "Cars" single. It's his only US hit, charting at No. 9 back in 1980. But when people call the electro pioneer a one-hit wonder, it drives me crazy. If "Down in the Park," "Are 'Friends' Electric?" "Me! I Disconnect From You," and "You Are in My Vision" (with Tubeway Army), "I Die: You Die," and "We Take Mystery (To Bed)" didn't chart in the US, it's not for lack of … Read more

That One Song tells you what a band sounds like

Heard of a band but don't know what they sound like? Sure you could Google it (like a normal person) but you're more likely to turn up the band's most popular, and not necessarily most representative. song.

That One Song, by the makers of social music website This Is My Jam , aims to change that. The app aggregates the listening habits of Jam listeners and finds the "best" or most shared song from each group and provides results in the form of Spotify and/or YouTube links. You don't need to be a This … Read more

Review: Singer Song Reader for Mac offers numerous lyric sources for your music

Singer Song Reader for Mac solves the problem of forgotten or misheard lyrics once and for all, showing onscreen the exact lyrics for any song you listen to over iTunes. The result is a very useful app that, while not particularly polished or attractive, is very fast and very effective at providing multiple lyric sources for almost any song you load in iTunes.

Installation of Singer Song Reader is very fast and once done the app will open and show you a blank screen with a number of small squares next to lyric sources. When you open iTunes and start … Read more

Shazam iPhone app identifies music when phone is locked

While song identification software is nothing new, Shazam's new update for iPhone and iPod Touch seems to be stepping up the game.

Dubbed "Auto Shazam," the app's new feature, which debuted on Thursday, is able to continuously recognize popular music and TV around a user even though their phone may be locked. This means if someone is unable to whip out their phone to Shazam a song, the phone will still be able to record it.

"Flip the switch on the Shazam home screen to turn on Auto Shazam, and automatically recognize while you commute … Read more

Xbox Music taps into Gracenote to tag your tunes

Xbox Music users now can identify their music and listen to it across different PCs and mobile devices courtesy of Gracenote.

Buying a $10-per-month Xbox Music Pass entitles you to tap into the new service, which can identify albums and songs you already own and unlock your music online. All of your music can be unlocked, including songs bought through Amazon or Apple as well as those ripped from your CDs.

Gracenote, which is owned by Sony, also lets you edit the metadata for your Xbox Music collection and add missing album art. Finally, you can stream your tunes to … Read more

Review: SongGenie for Mac fills in song information and lyrics with a single click

With its stunning design and high accuracy, SongGenie for Mac stands out as one of the better song tagging applications out there. This premium app automatically updates your music files with complete metadata, including artist, genre, album art, and lyrics in no time, so that you don't have to do it manually. iTunes recognizes all the changes, which will be reflected in your music library.

Following a quick installation, SongGenie for Mac presents you with a slick interface visually reminiscent of Time Machine's carousel metaphor. Upon launch, the app will scan your music library and rate each song … Read more

Review: Song Sergeant for Mac quickly removes duplicate songs from iTunes

Song Sergeant for Mac finds and removes duplicate songs in your iTunes library and iTunes Media folder, using a robust and highly customizable analyzer. In addition to dealing with duplicates, this app also intelligently selects the appropriate labels in the songs' metadata.

The trial edition of Song Sergeant for Mac can only detect song duplicates, but not fix them. To test the app, we let it search for song duplicates with the default settings, but it did not manage to find all the duplicates we deliberately introduced. Only after we tweaked the app's preferences were we able to use … Read more

Review: Get Songs Off iPod for Mac makes it easy to back up to your computer

Get Songs Off iPod for Mac allows you to transfer music from your iPod to your Mac computer with the click of a button. It's fast, stable, fully functional, and it will save you the hassle of other similar apps.

Get Songs Off iPod for Mac sports a welcoming and functional interface. To begin copying your music between devices, you have to connect your iPod to your computer. Songs populate in the main interface window, and you can select which tracks you would like to back up to your computer. We liked that the artist and song title were … Read more

Review: Play, mix, record, and jam with Disco XT

Disco XT is an audio playback application for Windows. It's not a media player, though it can play, mix, and manage your music collection. It's not a recording tool, though it can record and export high-quality audio; nor is it a DJ console, though with five decks, mixing, effects, sampling, and more, it's ready for both the dance floor and studio. Disco XT is a bit of each, but unlike tools that try to be too many things at once, it succeeds. Disco XT is free to try, though the Demo stops audio playback every 30 minutes … Read more